French bulldog Vs Pug Dog : 7 Cool Characteristics Pros Cons

It is very difficult to decide whether a French bulldog is the best or a pug. Pug Vs French bulldog, both of these two pedigrees, belong to flat-faced dogs. They have wrinkled foreheads and look very cute. Both of them have pleasing personalities that make it difficult to distinguish between a pug and a French bulldog. There are very important differences between these two pugs and bulldogs, like size, health, and other behaviors.

This article will discuss the French bulldog Vs Pug, and the difference between a pug and a French bulldog. Let’s start the article.

French bulldog vs pug
French bulldog Vs Pug


French bulldog Vs Pug

Pug Vs bulldog – French and Pug, are brachycephalic. It means that both of them are short snorts. Pug VS Frenchie – Short snorts are the common thing that both these breeds contain. This is the main reason for the respiratory problems in pugs and bulldogs. This should be kept in mind while buying these two breeds.

Pugs and bulldogs are two different breeds. You should have adequate knowledge and research about the dog while buying or keeping it. If you want to buy these, then read the article, after reading you will be able to distinguish them.


Frenchie Vs Pug – History

Now take a look at their history. The pug breed originated in 700 BC and was found in China. They are very friendly and easily become the companions of humans. In the 16th century, they were brought to Europe.

Are pugs and French bulldogs related – The French bulldog is also known as Frenchie because it originated from England. Because of the industrial revolution in the 19th century, they were brought to France by lace workers. They took their dog along with them.

French Bulldog colors


Pug French Bulldog – Fame

French bulldog and pug both are now very popular in the world. Dog lovers like both of these two pedigrees. There is competition between Pug VS Frenchie. French bulldog VS Pug – AKC stated that the French bulldog is at the 6th position in the United States of America. The French bulldog is the most popular dog in New York and at number 2 in the United Kingdom.

In the United States of America, the French pug stands at the 32nd position. In the United Kingdom, The pug dog is in 4th position.

Now we will compare both the breeds, so we will select which one is the best for us.


Pug Vs French Bulldog Vs Boston Terrier – Body Size And Weight

Pug size comparison – Pug and French Bulldog are best for any house or home, even in small apartments, because of their small size. Pug, a French bulldog, is a small dog. The small-sized breeds are favorable because they are easy to handle. Their lifespan is long as compared to the other large-sized dogs. Both of them can easily become the companion of Humans.

The French bulldog is larger as compared to the pug. Their size is small as compared to the French bulldog. French bulldog Vs Pug weight comparison. The weight of a pug dog is about 14-18 pounds, and the average height of a pug is about 10-14 inches.

The weight of a French bulldog is about 20-30 pounds, and height is about 11-14 inches. But these two are the same height.


Facial Appearance

French bulldog Vs Pug – What is the physical appearance difference between pug and French bulldog? French and pug both look cute. They are friendly and become the companion of humans quickly. The main difference between a pug and a French bulldog is physical appearance. Appearance makes a difference for both of them.

The pug dog has a tail like a pig, a curly tail, and small floppy ears. On the other hand, the Frenchie bulldog has a straight, short tail. It is famous because of its ear shape, which is bat-like. Bat’s ears are upright, large, and triangular.

Pug Vs Frenchie – colors and coat, the skin of pug and Frenchie is loose and wrinkly skin. The coat of the French bulldog is fine, smooth, and short. The pug has a coarse texture. The pug’s body color is black or fawn (Black Mask).

The French bulldog has a variety of shades in colors like brindle, white, and fawn.


French bulldog Vs Pug – Personality Comparison

French Bulldog Vs Pug Vs Boston Terrier – French bulldog and the pug dog both have a great personality. But when we compare these two personalities wise, then the Winner is Pug dog.  Pug is at number one dog personality-wise.

Pug Vs Frenchie – Because of the small size, these two pedigrees require less exercise than large-sized breeds. The pug is an active and more alert dog as compared to the French bulldog. The French bulldog is good for security purposes because it barks loudly than the pug.

Pugs and French bulldogs are very friendly and affectionate dogs. They are very adaptable in the family. It can become a friend. Children, aged people, everyone loves them.


Exercise Comparison For French bulldog VS Pug

French bulldog Vs pug, as we have already discussed, these two breeds are vulnerable to respiratory disorders. Thus Vet recommended that they exercise less of these short size dogs. For maintaining health and weight problems, a sufficient amount of exercise is important.

Pug Vs Frenchie Weather conditionsThey don’t tolerate extreme weather conditions like extreme cold and hot environments. That’s why extreme exercise is discouraged.

Twice Fifteen minutes daily walk is necessary for losing weight and good body posture. Fifteen minutes is the best exercise. You can decrease the exercise duration if the outside weather is very hot.


Pug Vs English Bulldog – Proper Grooming

As we know that cleanliness is the main thing in grooming. If you are a dog lover, you should take extra care of the cleanliness of your pet. Regular brushing is very good for the teeth maintenance of your dog.

French bulldog Vs Pug –The French bulldog shed their coat moderately as compared to the Pug dog. Pugs shed their coats more frequently. So if you want to own the pug, then there will be hairs on your clothes and other things. Your dog needs to clean the wrinkles to save them from infectious diseases.

Cleaning the ear twice a week saves the dogs from infectious ear disorder. Nail trimming is also healthy for your dog.

French bulldog vs pug
French bulldog Vs Pug


French bulldog Vs Pug – Training

French Bulldog Vs pug training behaviors, Frenchie and Pug both are intelligent dogs; they can get the owner’s command easily. They are genius. If you want to train them then they will easily get the things.

Keep in mind; these two are stubborn dogs. But it is easier to train a Frenchie as compared to a pug. For training a pug, you should have enough knowledge about the pug’s behavior.


Life Expectancy comparison between Pug and Bulldog

French bulldog Vs Pug – The life span of Frenchie is about 10-12 years, and the life expectancy of a pug is about twelve to fifteen years. The pug is very vulnerable to health and respiratory problems that is why it has less life expectancy.

Pug Vs Frenchie Lifespan – As we know, the dogs’ life expectancy depends upon the size of the dog.  If the dog is small, then the dog’s life will be longer. If the dog’s size is large, then it will have a shorter life expectancy.


Health Problems French bulldog Vs Pug

Pug Vs Boston terrier – Due to the facial postures, they are vulnerable to get an infection. They are prone to get respiratory issues, so they have a short life cycle compared to other small-sized dog breeds.

In 2015, RVC in London stated that dogs whose faces are flat are susceptible to getting BOAS.

This disease leads to other health problems like overheating, exercising, obesity, suffocation, and snoring. BPOA can also cause fatal disease, which ultimately leads to the death of the dog.

Pug Vs French bulldog Pugs are prone to health problems like luxating patella, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, eye problems, and skin disorders. Pug also becomes the victim of neurological disorders, which is known as encephalitis. In this condition, there is an inflammation of brain tissue that causes pain and seizures and leads to the dog’s death.

French bulldog Puggle mix health problems – IVDD is common in Frenchie pug mix. Because of the uncanny shape, they are vulnerable to get IVVD. This disease can also be due to injury or falling.

One of the main problems is that breeding is difficult in French bulldogs because of the narrow hip. That is why artificial insemination is done in which sperms are injected into the female body to get pregnant. The birth of offspring is also by C-section because of the narrow hip.


French bulldog Vs Pug – Price Comparison

English bulldog Vs French bulldog – The price of the dog depends upon the pedigree you want to buy. The shorter size dogs are usually expensive. If we compare the French bulldog and pug compared to the price, then the French bulldog is expensive.

The price of the French bulldog is 1000-3000$. It depends upon the pedigree of Frenchie. If you want the pure piece of French bulldog pup, then there can be a 10000$ price for each dog.

The pug is less expensive than the French bulldog. You can buy the pug if you have less money. Its price ranges from $600 – $1,500. Same like Frenchie, if you want excellent lineage, then its prices range from 1900-6000$. Frenchie pug for sale price is $600 minimum.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Which is better French bulldog or pug?

Pug VS French bulldog if we compare both of them, it is very difficult to predict the pug and French bulldog mix which is best for us. Both breeds have pros and cons.

Before keeping the pug or French bulldog, keep in mind that these two are brachycephalic breeds. It means that both are susceptible to respiratory problems and a significant impact on their life span. That is the main reason we can’t recommend them if you Want to keep a pet.


Are Pugs Or French Bulldogs Healthier?

Pugs have a high risk of health problems as compared to the French bulldog. Both breeds can get respiratory problems because they have short muzzles. Pug vs Frenchie vs Boston which one is healthy. If they eat a lot, there will be a chance of obesity. They are not adaptable to extreme weather conditions like very hot or cold weather. The French bulldog has a high risk of eye and heart problems.


Are French Bulldogs As Bad As Pugs?

French and pugs both don’t require regular exercise because of the short muzzle. They are vulnerable to respiratory problems as dog owners said that Frenchie is more active, strong, and energetic as compared to the pug.

If we compare both of them stamina-wise, then a French bulldog has higher breathing capacity and stamina than a pug. You can see them lazy most of the time of day.


Are French Bulldogs Similar To Pugs?

If we compare both of them in terms of size, then they are similar. Their body structures are almost the same. They have sturdy, strong, and muscular bodies. The heights of both of these are almost the same.


Final Verdict – French bulldog Vs Pug

The pug belongs to China because its origin was in China. French bulldog belongs to Europe, and it stands as the ranking dog in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

French bulldog vs pug
French bulldog Vs Pug

They are friendly among humans. You can easily train them, but the pug dog is more stubborn than Frenchie. It would help if you had good tips and guidelines to train them.

They belong to the short size dog breed that is why they have a longer lifespan than the larger breed dog. But they are susceptible to getting respiratory diseases because of the short muzzles.

Know the differences between these two dog breeds before choosing the one that you want to pet for a long time. If you choose either of them after reading this article and empowering yourself with knowledge, I will be very happy!

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