Why Is My Husky So Small? 5 Cool Tips To Get Husky Grow Fast

Before you buy a Siberian Husky, you should consider some of the things to consider before buying this dog. These things include things like size, genetic problems, health issues, and Siberian Husky price.

When looking for a Siberian Husky, it’s important to pick out a healthy adult. This makes a lot of sense when you get the Husky price at above average. A Siberian Husky price is determined by how healthy and big they are.

A Siberian Husky is a very healthy breed, but some health issues can occur. You want a dog who’s good for you and your family. Husky health can be seen from the Husky size at every age, starting from newborn.

Knowing the right size for each age will help you determine why is my husky so small when viewed from its size.

Why is my husky so small - husky size weight height
Why is my Husky so small – Husky Size Weight Height


What Is The Average Size Of Husky?

The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized working sled dog. The breed belongs to the Spitz gene family. The average size of a full-grown Husky will be 44 – 60 pounds in weight and 21 – 24 inches in height.

How much is a Husky is highly recognizable by its heavy double-layered double coat, prominent triangular ears, and uniquely marking markings, which makes it different from the same breed that also has short hair.

The average full-grown Husky price is $ 725, and you can get it on registered breeders. You can also research in advance for the full-grown Husky price ranging from $ 600 – $ 1300.

There is a slight difference between the weight and height of a male or female husky. For that, let’s look at the Siberian Husky weight chart according to gender.


Male Husky Growth Chart By Month

How much do Huskies weigh are very much dependent on the type of diet and exercise that he gets. The Siberian Husky price will also be higher if the Husky is healthy and has a good health record.

Let’s take a look at the male Husky growth chart below.

AgeHusky weightHusky height
2 month old husky10-15 lbs10-12 inches
3 month old husky18-23 lbs10-12 inches
4 month old husky22-30 lbs12-15 inches
5 month old husky25-35 lbs12-15 inches
6 month old husky30-40 lbs15-19 inches
10 month old husky40-55 lbs22-24 inches
12 month old husky43-57 lbs22-24 inches

From 8 month old Siberian Husky to fourteen weeks of age, you can start feeding your Husky commercial dog food as long as it contains the right vitamins and minerals that your Husky needs to grow properly.

At this point in their lives, how much is a Husky size are still growing and have not yet reached their adult growth and health.


Female Husky Growth Chart By Month

This stage represents when you should expect to be roughly one hundred percent your female Husky size on the female husky growth chart. why is my husky so small for a female Husky not much different from a male Husky, and still in the same price range.

Let’s take a look at the female Husky growth chart below.

AgeHusky weightHusky height
2 month old husky8-12 lbs10-12 inches
3 month old husky13-20 lbs10-12 inches
4 month old husky18-25 lbs12-15 inches
5 month old husky21-31 lbs12-15 inches
6 month old husky23-33 lbs15-19 inches
10 month old husky32-47 lbs22-24 inches
12 month old husky34-48 lbs22-24 inches

We can see a difference in body weight from female and male husky starting from 2 month old husky puppy. If we look again from the 3 month old husky puppy to the Husky 6 months, the average difference is up to 5 lbs.

The Siberian Husky price with a median of $ 725 is a 1 year old Siberian Husky or considered as a full-grown Husky. We can see 1 year old husky size between 34-57 lbs (both female and male weight range).


Can Huskies Be Small?

Yes, Huskies can be small because there is an issue with their diet. There is no exact size for a Husky because you can change it back by thinking about how much is a Husky enough calorie for each activity.

Why is my Husky so small? How big do Huskies get can be seen from how many calories you provide per day. For standard sizes, it is recommended that you give between 860 and 1,290 calories per day.

The Husky price of registered breeders is high because they are always careful in providing the Husky calories per day to grow up to be healthy and cheerful.

As long as the owner is committed to caring for the animal and making sure it has a safe and comfortable environment to live in, Huskies can be medium-sized and almost large with a healthy life.


When Do Huskies Stop Growing?

You need to understand when do Huskies stop growing because it is not uncommon for your puppy to reach a certain size before deciding that it is time to begin trying to get bigger.

The most common time that this happens is during the first years of life when a dog is still growing inside of its puppy years.

As a general rule, Huskies will stop growing at 12 – 15 months. You can regularly check the Husky size since 3 month old husky size up to 10 month old Siberian Husky or more so that you have a definite reference for how much is a Husky weight and height your Husky meets the standards.

Why is my husky so small - husky size weight height
Why is my Husky so small?


Why Is My Husky So Small?

Your Husky is so small because you have missed several important factors for maintaining the health of your Husky.The important thing that you should consider is the natural way a Husky grows.

You should watch their growth progress since they’re a puppy, and record their size starting at 3 month old husky weight. If your Husky weight record from 3 month old to 6 month old Husky still weighs below the average, then you should take your Husky for consultation with a vet.

Several factors cause your Husky to be so small. You have to know this to anticipate things before they happen to your Husky. Let’s take a look at these factors.


Baby Husky Inheriting Genes From Small Husky Parents

Baby Huskies inheriting genes from their parents is either advantageous or disadvantageous. If your dog inherits advantageous traits, you will be rewarded with a healthy, happy, and beautiful Husky.

If your dog inherits disadvantages, you will get a Husky puppy with a small body, difficult grooming, hip, or knee problems, digging, and destructive behavior.

why is my husky so small will be cheaper if the Husky has a genetic disease. Make sure you get a breeder who is honest about the puppies they sell, so you can also determine how to care for them later.

You can see that your Husky looks small from the offspring of the 4 month old husky puppy.


Bad Husky Diet

If you often don’t pay attention to eating your Husky, it will be a bad diet and make their bodies smaller.

I made the mistake of continuously giving my 4 month old Siberian Husky canned food too often and with a small portion. This makes nutrition unbalanced because dogs also need a raw food diet.

After consulting the vet because my 4 month husky is too small, I was recommended for age-appropriate food. Besides that, I was also given supplements to provide more appetite for my Husky.

After reaching 5 month old husky puppy, the weight and height of my Husky are up to the standards, and I continue to provide healthy food with various recommended variations of vet.

Don’t buy a Husky that has a bad diet, even though the Husky price is much lower because Husky can be exposed to disease, making it difficult for them to grow and requires high maintenance costs.


Too Much Exercise For Husky Puppy

It’s a common misconception that “puppy” exercises are good for your puppy. They can be quite harmful to the young puppies that may be under your care. While it’s true that some types of exercise are good for your puppy, most are detrimental.

Why is my Husky so small? Excessive exercise will cause your dog to be over-sedated, stressed out, and even develop some medical problems. If your dog starts to get stressed, it will reduce their appetite for food, and their body will become smaller.

The Siberian Husky price will indeed be high if the Husky looks cheerful and athletic. But of course, you also shouldn’t see it from the Husky price point of view and the health of the Husky you are going to buy.

Indeed, not all breeders force the Husky puppy to exercise. But if there is and the Husky price is lower because of the puppy’s condition, you can help the puppy by buying it and giving them a break from exercising too much until they are not stressed anymore.


Bad Husky Eating Habit

You should always feed your Husky in a certain place. It should be in a place where it can see what’s going on around it. Supervise your 6 month Husky if it is often out of the house and sniffs something in your yard.

Husky’s bad eating habits will make their bodies smaller because they don’t know what effect they get after eating random things around the yard or park.

Although not many breeders will say that their Husky puppies have bad eating habits, if you look at these when you are buying them, make sure you are getting the Siberian Husky price below average.


Husky Healthy Problems Preventing It To Grow Its Size

A dog owner asked their vet why their 6 month old husky size hasn’t changed since 4 month old. After being research, it turned out that the 6 months Husky puppy had been infected with hookworms from the environment around them.

If your puppy has had a huge worms infestation, then huge calories will be stolen by the worms, and your puppy will look limp because their food has not turned into energy.



There are several Frequently Asked Questions about the Husky size and why is my Husky so small that can help you to solve your Husky development problems. Let’s take a look at some of the questions.

Why Is My Husky Not Growing?

Your husky stops growing can be infected by worms that can interfere with their metabolism. Why is my Husky so small? This is the reason. The hookworm, roundworm, whipworm, and tapeworm are types of worms that often infect Siberian Husky and make their bodies small and seemingly not growing.


How Can I Make My Husky Bigger?

You have to be the leader to get your Husky into proper shape and form. You can provide your Husky with enough calories every day and give them the appropriate training for their age. Starting from walking together to obedience training.

Through proper nutrition, exercise, and a little bit of patience, you can help your male or female Husky weight become larger, healthier, and happier. As your dog matures and becomes fully developed, you will notice that your pet has become much larger.


What Age Is A Husky Full Grown?

Your Husky will be considered full-grown at one year and a half or 18 month year old. You can find a full-grown Husky weighing 44-60 lbs and 21-23 inches tall.

The full-grown Siberian Husky price can be as high as $ 1300 if the Husky has perfect health and family records.


Final Verdict – Why Is My Husky So Small

There are so many factors that need to be considered when you want to buy a Siberian Husky. why is my husky so small is determined by health, size, temperament, and coat color.

Size is one factor that makes the Siberian Husky price more expensive than average because you see the Husky is healthy or not from their weight and height.

If their size is not by the standard of their age, then it is certain that there is one factor from Husky that makes their bodies smaller, such as a bad diet, too much exercise, stress out, and health problems.

Why is my husky so small - husky size weight height
Why is my Husky so small

Why is my Husky so small can be your reference when choosing which puppy is the best because if the price is far above average, you have the right to have high expectations such as their health records and good size for their age.

Many people ask about the “Siberian husky price” or “how much is a husky price?” regardless of certain factors that make a healthy Husky. Seeing how healthy your Husky is from its size can also determine what steps you should take if your Husky is underweight.

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