Why Do Yorkies Sleep So Much? (7 Interesting Facts)

There are various species of dogs, one of them being the Yorkshire Terrier species. Although some dog species are relatively active throughout the day and they don’t sleep much, just taking occasional naps in the daytime, the Yorkshire Terrier is far more different.

This canine breed, apart from having a unique body structure and excessively fur, tends to be overly active when awake and they tend to sleep excessively when they lay down to rest.

Why do Yorkies sleep so much? Adult Yorkies sleep deeply and for relatively long hours when they allow their bodies to rest since they are over active when awake. When healthy, an adult Yorkshire Terrier will normally sleep an average of 13 to 18 hours daily, and that is inclusive of naps which they take during daytime.

Why do yorkies sleep so much
why do Yorkies sleep so much?


Why Do Yorkies Sleep So Much?

Yorkies sleep excessively since they are overly active when awake. It is therefore understandable that they will be greatly exhausted from being up and about for the major part of the day.

Talking of Yorkies sleeping, why is my Yorkie puppy sleeping so much, is my Yorkie puppy sick or just tired? Yorkie puppies require a lot of rest. That said, they will sleep an average of 15 and 20 hours daily in normal circumstances.

This is vital if they are to develop in a healthy way. Furthermore, your Yorkie puppy should be full of energy when she wakes up. If you notice that your Yorkie puppy is always sleepy or weak, especially when she wakes up, this could be an indication of an underlying condition

Lethargy can be an indication of a wide variety of illnesses that can affect your Yorkie puppy. Some of these illnesses include parvovirus, anaemia, fever, congenital heart disease, and malnutrition.


Do Yorkie Puppies Sleep A lot?

Yes, your Yorkie puppy will often sleep a lot. However, there is usually no need for concern when this happens since it is normal. Your Yorkie puppy will usually sleep for an average of 12 to 22 hours per day.

Furthermore, it will take a Yorkie puppy a considerable amount of time to adapt to staying awake more during daytime and then sleeping throughout the night. Considering that Yorkies, whether puppies or adults, generally like to sleep a lot, are Yorkies lazy dogs?

No, despite the fact that Yorkies like to sleep. Yorkies are not lazy and they need regular exercise. Furthermore, Yorkies are extremely affectionate and they fancy cuddling, more so with their owners. This is the reason why you can’t lock a yorkshire terrier out in a kennel like you would a regular dog.

According to what we’ve learned, do Yorkies sleep a lot, and if they do, why do Yorkies sleep so much? Yorkies sleep excessively since they are highly active when awake.


Why Is My Yorkie Sleeping A lot?

Adult Yorkies tend to be highly active when awake and they therefore sleep deeply when they get the opportunity, understandably so, since they are obviously greatly exhausted by the time they enter “slumber mode”.

On the other hand, a healthy yorkshire terrier will normally sleep an average of 13 to 18 hours on a daily basis, naps included. Most Yorkies also like to sleep side by side with their owners.

So, according to this, why do Yorkies sleep so much? Yorkies sleep so much because they are hyperactive when they aren’t asleep. They therefore sleep that much due to the fatigue from hyperactivity.


What Are The Sleep Habits Of The Adult Yorkshire Terrier? 

A healthy adult yorkshire will usually sleep for an average of 13 to 18 hours daily. This is including naps that your Yorkie will usually take. However, certain situations, such as illnesses, can affect your yorkshire’s sleeping patterns.

Talking of your Yorkies sleeping patterns, and talking about the number of hours your Yorkie should sleep, why do Yorkies sleep so much? Contrary to the notion of Yorkies being lazy, Yorkies are actually hyperactive animals which sleep so much when they lay down to rest due to the fact that they are usually worn out from being overly active all day long.

Talking of a Yorkie’s sleep patterns, what about when it comes to your Yorkies sleep patterns and its determining factors, what factors affect your Yorkie sleep patterns? Illness is the main factor that will usually affect your Yorkie.

That said, if you notice your Yorkie is deprived of sleep and she hasn’t been sleeping and eating as usual, this may be an indication that your yorkshire is under the weather.


Why Does My Yorkie Sleep So Close To Me?

Your Yorkie sleeping next to you is usually a sign of affection, friendship, and connection. Your yorkshire is basically saying that he loves you and he feels safe with you.

It’s sort of a progressive bond that began when you and your pet Yorkie met each other for the first time. Your presence reassures your Yorkie that you’re there for him. Talking about being close to a Yorkie, should my Yorkie sleep with me?

Dog owners usually love the idea of snuggling up to their canine companions at night, especially when these canine companions are puppies. That said, a dog is a habitual creature, and it therefore doesn’t take long for your Yorkie to learn that your bed is the most comfortable place to sleep, and that she will feel more comfortable and secure sleeping next to you.

Talking of whether or not your Yorkie should sleep next to its owner, what about when it comes to being held, do Yorkies like to be held? Yes, your Yorkie, being a lover of all things comfortable, will love the idea of being held by its owner.

Furthermore, apart from your Yorkie being a lover of cuddling, your Yorkie will also fancy the idea of snuggling into anything soft and fluffy. When it comes to its owner, your silk coat will usually do for your Yorkie’s petting.

Also, talking of my Yorkie sleeping next to me, what about when it comes to the notion that Yorkies sleep excessively, or better yet, why do Yorkies sleep so much?

In normal circumstances, Yorkies are hyperactive during the time they are awake. This is why  they sleep so much to recover from fatigue which they get from being overly active.


How Do I Get My Yorkie To Sleep At Night?

If you want your Yorkie to sleep soundly at night, you should make her a comfortable place to sleep on, preferably near your bed where she can see you. This will make her feel safe and relaxed and she will therefore sleep soundly. Furthermore, you can also set-up a routine with your Yorkie such as feeding her something light to munch on before you turn off the lights.

Why do yorkies sleep so much
why do Yorkies sleep so much?


Where Do Yorkies Like To Sleep?

Your Yorkie will usually take naps besides you and in your arms, and these little fellas are really good at snuggling. That said, your Yorkie will sleep best when he is sleeping in his own bed undisturbed.

That said , why do Yorkies cry at night? Does it mean that they aren’t comfartable? When your pet Yorkie does this, he is probably bored and needs some attention.

She may also want someone to play with her, or she might just be yearning to get out of her cage to play and run around the yard, notwithstanding the time. Talking of where Yorkies like to sleep, what about when it comes to the reason why Yorkies sleep so much, why do Yorkies sleep so much?

Yorkies sleep excessively due to the fatigue that they acquire from their hyperactivity while up and about. Yorkshires are therefore not lazy dogs as many people tend to believe.

Surprisingly, this dog breed is usually hyperactive whenever they are not asleep and that therefore explains why they sleep so much.


What Are The Sleep Habits Of The Adult Yorkshire Terrier? 

Your Yorkie will usually be fine in his cage for napping purposes during the day. You should therefore pick up your Yorkie and place him back in his cage in case he falls out of it. Furthermore, your Yorkie will be too tired to move around during most days of his early months of life.

Talking of where your Yorkie should sleep, what about when it comes to how much Yorkies sleep, or better said, why do Yorkies sleep so much? Your Yorkie will usually sleep excessively to recover from fatigue.

This is because Yorkies, when awake, are highly active dogs and it is therefore understandable that they will require adequate sleep so as to recover from the fatigue they acquire from hyperactivity. It is therefore safe to say that Yorkies aren’t lazy dogs.


How Many Hours A Day Should A Yorkshire Terrier Sleep?

The average fully grown Yorkie will usually sleep for around 13 hours a day, with some sleeping for up to 18 hours. That said, the extent of sleep can vary from one Yorkie to another.

However, various factors, such as your Yorkie’s age, the state of his health, the exercise he receives, and the environment they live in can influence the amount of sleep your Yorkie gets.

When we talk about the number of hours your Yorkie should sleep, what about your Yorkie sleeping too much, why do Yorkies sleep so much? Though people usually perceive Yorkies to be lazy dogs due to their somewhat over indulgence in sleep, these creatures are actually not lazy, and they normally desire to be let out of their crates to do some exercising.

Furthermore, a Yorkie’s tendency to sleep too much is understandable, considering that Yorkies are overly active animals which get fatigued and will therefore need to rest adequately enough to recover.


Why Is My Yorkie Sleeping All The Time?

A number of illnesses and issues to do with age can be initiated with a change in sleeping patterns. Extra daytime snoozing can also present signs of stress and separation anxiety.

The normal hours your Yorkie should sleep is 12 hours or more, so if you notice your Yorkie sleeping for that long, there’s usually no cause for concern, unless otherwise.

Talking of Yorkies sleeping all the time, why do Yorkies sleep so much in the first place? Contrary to popular belief, your Yorkie will not sleep regularly because she is lazy. She does so due to fatigue.

This is considering that your Yorkie is usually hyperactive during the time she is awake and she therefore needs to rest well enough to recover from the fatigue which she gets from being overly active most of the time.


Final Verdict – Why Do Yorkies Sleep So Much

From what we’ve learned, how best can we answer the question, why do Yorkies sleep so much comprehensively? One thing we can establish is that contrary to popular belief, Yorkies are not lazy dogs. Yorkies love being let out of their crates to exercise and your Yorkie will go to the extent of crying out at night so as to be let out to run and play outdoors.

Why do yorkies sleep so much
why do Yorkies sleep so much?

Your Yorkie can do this no matter what time it is. This actually shows how active Yorkies are. Yorkies are also highly active when they are not asleep hence it is reasonable for them to sleep excessively to recover from fatigue.

Otherwise, Yorkies are a fun type of dog to keep as a pet as they are also friendly and affectionate to their owners. Do make sure to read the full guide to understand Yorkies better.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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