How Much Do Pit Bulls Sleep? (7 Interesting Facts)

Having a pitbull makes us curious about what they do during the day, such as what action they choose when playing, exercising with the owner, or the Pitbull’s sleeping habits. Some owners say their Pitbull sleeps a lot, but others said their Pitbull is active and energetic, even at night.

How much do Pit bulls sleep? Adult Pit bulls have a sleep schedule of 12 to 14 hours daily and an additional 5-6 hours of rest time. While pitbull puppies need 18-20 hours of sleep each day, it makes them have a much longer sleep time.

Pitbulls have more sleeping time than their owners, but in some cases can be a bad sign for their health. Let’s find out in this article.

How much do pit bulls sleep
How Much Do Pit Bulls Sleep?


Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

Many canine owners wonder why dogs sleep more than humans do. They sleep every time their bodies say so, unlike humans who continue to carry out their activities even though their bodies have given signals to rest. Sleep is an essential thing for dogs.

Experts say dogs need lots of sleep to increase their energy and maintain their mood. Dogs will get into a bad mood if they lack sleep.

Large-breed dogs, seniors, and puppies need a lot of sleep because their bodies expend more energy and need time to recover.


How Much Do Pit Bulls Sleep?

Healthy adult Pit bulls have a sleep schedule of between 12-14 hours per day, plus an additional 5-6 hours for relaxing their body and conserving energy.

In contrast to deep sleep, Pit bulls will lie down to rest after they do activities such as walking around or exercising.

Pitbull who often rest will be more relaxed and have happy behaviors. You’ll always see your pitbull in a good mood, indicating enough rest and sleep will make your dog behave better.


Do Pitbulls Sleep A Lot?

It’s normal for pit pitbull to sleep more than their owners. Senior and pitbull puppies sleep more often than adult pitbull, and you can expect 18-20 hours of their day to sleep and rest.

75% of the pitbull’s day is filled with rest or sleep, with 50% of the day sleeping and 25% resting.

How long do Pit bulls sleep? Adult Pit bulls can sleep 12-14 hours plus 5-6 hours resting. The amount of sleep Pit bulls do does not reduce their exercise needs.

The more balanced between rest and exercise, the healthier your pitbull will be.


Why Does My Pitbull Sleep So Much?

Not only Pit bulls but other dog breeds also spend most of their time sleeping. It’s normal for healthy dogs to have 75% of their day sleeping or lying down on the floor.

If the case you’re concerned about is a usual dog’s bedtime, then there’s nothing to worry about.

If you get used to Pit bulls doing a lot of activities with you, then their sleep time can be slightly reduced. But let them rest to relax their muscles. A dog that lacks rest will be in a bad mood.


Do Pitbulls Sleep All Day?

No, Pitbulls only sleep 50% of their day. If you see Pitbulls relaxing in their bed but not sleeping well, then Pitbulls are taking a break.

Puppies and senior Pitbulls slept for most of the day. They need longer sleep because their bodies have to spend extra energy to do any activity.

How much sleep do Pit bulls need? It depends on their age. Senior Pit bulls need 18-20 hours per day of sleep. They get tired and sit or rest more than they have to run around or do activities like younger dogs.


Do Pitbulls Like Sleeping Under Blankets?

There are many reasons why Pitbulls sleep under blankets. The table below are some of the reasons Pitbulls sleep under blankets.

Why Pitbulls Sleeping Under BlanketsExplanation
Feel comfortable and cozyPitbull feels secure underneath their blanket. It will help them to feel protected and cozy.
Manage their anxietyPitbull hides under the blankets to reduce anxiety.
Getting coldPitbull feel warmer in the blanket to stay comfortable on a cold evening.
Follow the owner’s instructionIf you call their name to get into the blanket, the Pitbull will obey and sleep next to you.
Provides a quiet placePitbull needs a quiet and quiet place to sleep or rest. Inside the blanket they will feel more calm and relaxed.


Should My Pitbull Sleep With Me?

Co-sleeping between Pitbull and its owner will add bonding and a sense of security to the pet. If Pitbull already has trust in you, it’s possible if they feel comfortable and want to be close to their owners.

Do not sleep together with your pet if you are allergic to dog dander.

How much do Pit bulls sleep? More than you do. You can accompany Pitbull to sleep, but let them stay asleep when it’s time for you to wake up.


Are Pitbulls Lazy Dogs?

Many consider Pitbull to be lazy dogs because they sleep a lot. Pitbull has more sleep time but can also be energetic. It depends on how their owners invite their Pitbull to exercise and do things together.

Pitbull will choose to sleep if there is nothing to do. If you involve dogs in activities, they will spend more time than sleep.

You can think Pitbull is lazy because they have many hours of sleep, but you can judge Pitbull are active and energetic by how enthusiastic they are in every activity they do.


Pitbull Sleeping Positions

Pitbull has the same sleeping position as dogs in general. They can sleep in a variety of sleeping positions, depending on which makes them comfortable.

The sleeping positions that Pitbull most often uses are the side sleeper, lion’s pose, and on the tummy.

The side sleeper is a dog position that lies on the side with its legs extended. Lion’s pose is a sphinx-like sleeping position with the dog’s head on top of its paws.

While on the tummy is almost the same as the lion’s pose, sleeping on a cold surface to cool their stomach and arms to feel more comfortable.

Why do Pit bulls sleep under the covers? Pit bulls feel more comfortable and warm under covers. Sometimes the room temperature is cooler and Pit bulls want to warm themselves up instead of sleeping in a donut position.

Pitbull can sleep better if their body is warmer, making their sleep quality more optimal.


How Long Do Pit Bulls Live?

Pit bulls live between 8-16 years old. It depends on the Pitbull breed because each breed has a different lifespan.

If you know how long a Pitbull can live but they have a lot of sleep, you’ll find that Pit bulls need more activity time than they need to sleep most of their lives.

How much do Pit bulls sleep? As much as 12-14 hours for healthy adult Pit bulls, and more for seniors or Pitbull puppies.

The time is only time to sleep, still not added with rest time such as taking a nap or resting their body for a while.


How Much Exercise Does A Pitbull Need?

Seeing Pitbull sleeping more at home requires you to invite them to do more activities. Make your Pitbull more energetic by getting 30-45 minutes of exercise every day.

You can take Pitbull for long walks, such as going to the park or around the neighborhood.

Running or walking with a Pitbull will burn your pet’s energy and make them more excited about whatever activity they are doing. Don’t let Pitbull prefer to sleep because they have nothing else to do.

If you have free time at home, you can play together like catch the ball, or do athletic exercises like jumping on a little fence, stretching, or trick training.


How Much Do Baby Pitbulls Sleep?

A growing baby needs a lot of sleep. Just like baby humans will sleep more, but they also learn a lot of things. A baby who is learning new things every day is exhausting.

They need more sleep than an adult Pitbull. If an adult Pitbull has 14 hours of sleep a day, then a baby Pitbull is way above it.

How much do pit bulls sleep
How Much Do Pit Bulls Sleep As Puppies?

A lot of energy that baby Pitbull has to expend when learning in any activity. Ensure baby Pitbull has plenty of time for playtime and exercise and enough time for rest or sleep. All babies have a sleep routine.

If they finish eating, the baby Pitbull will sleep for a while. There are three specific times they sleep, after mealtimes, play times, and additional nap times.


How Much Sleeping Pitbull Puppy Needs?

Pitbull puppies have a sleeping pattern, and their activities are more exhausting than adults. Pitbull puppies can spend 20 hours of sleep.

After they wake up, the puppies will expend all their energy until they feel tired. If the puppy’s energy is well spent, you can see a switch from those who are energetic to sleep or rest mode.

How much do Pitbulls sleep? Normally Pitbull adults can sleep 14 hours with additional time for them to rest. But especially puppies, they have more time because they spend more energy learning new things.

You’ll need to be familiar with Pitbull sleeping patterns to find out how much time they normally sleep. Dogs who have enough sleep will be in a good mood and can spend time with enthusiasm.


How Much Do Pit Bulls Sleep A Day?

You need to distinguish between the time Pitbull rest and the time they sleep. Pitbull after doing exercise or some activities will rest for a while but easily wakes up.

Unlike when the dog is fast asleep, and you have to use extra effort to wake him up.

Healthy Pitbull will sleep 14 hours a day plus a few hours to rest. Don’t worry, because almost every dog breed has more than 12 hours of sleep.

Your pet’s sleep is not directly 14 hours at a time, but sometimes occurs during the day, and makes it look like dogs sleep more than humans. It could be a Pitbull doing activities at night when you are fast asleep.


Should I Let My Pitbull Sleep In Bed With Me?

Make sure your dog doesn’t bite you easily when you try to sleep with them. Dogs that already have a strong bond with their owners will spend a lot of time next to their owners.

Also, check your dog’s health. It’s fine when you take your dog to bed when their body condition is clean, and they are healthy.

But if your dog has behavioral or health issues, you could be affected. Not all canine owners want to co-sleep with their pets.

The owners are more worried about cleaning their dirty blankets because a lot of their pet hair is falling out.


Final Verdict – How Much Do Pit Bulls Sleep

Pitbull is an active and energetic dog. They are often considered lazy dogs because they seem to sleep a lot during the day or night. Healthy Pitbull sleeps between 12-14 hours, with a rest period of 5-6 hours. If Pitbull has a lot of activities and spends a lot of energy, then they can sleep soundly.

How much do pit bulls sleep
How Much Do Pit Bulls Sleep Daily? How Much Do Pit Bulls Sleep In Young Age?

Senior Pitbull and puppies have more sleep between 18-20 hours. They will get tired after completing any activity. For example, puppies will spend a lot of energy when learning new things.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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