Axolotl Hybrid : Are Axolotl Hybrids Real? (7 Cool Facts)

In recent times, there has been great interest in the subject of hybrid axolotls. People want to know whether they exist, what they look like and how they can be gotten. This article answers all those questions.

An axolotl hybrid is the offspring that comes from crossbreeding an axolotl with another species. An example is what we get when we cross an axolotl with a tiger salamander. The hybrids typically have some axolotl features as well as some features of their other parent.

There are people who may show discomfort with these hybrids, out of the desire to maintain the genetic purity of axolotls (which are endangered in the wild).

Axolotl hybrid
Axolotl hybrid


What Is An Axolotl Hybrid?

At the most basic level, a hybrid axolotl is what you get upon crossbreeding an axolotl with any other animal.

Now axolotls are salamanders. Most of what they can crossbreed with are (a few) other salamanders – such as the tiger salamander and the Andersoni salamander.

You can’t, for instance, have an axolotl human hybrid or even an axolotl frog hybrid. That is because an axie won’t viably breed with these.

So most of the hybrids we have are from axolotl parents and other salamander parents.

The axolotl itself is a salamander,  to start with. Thus, the common question on how long does it take for an axolotl to turn into a salamander is moot.

The hybrid ends up with some axolotl features and the features of whatever else its other parent is.


What Does An Axolotl Hybrid Look Like?

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell a hybrid axolotl from a pure one. That is especially the case when they are still young.

Some of the other species that can breed with axies are the tiger and the Andersoni salamanders.

The resultant offspring are usually so similar in looks (when young) that it can be hard to tell which is which.

That often leads to the Andersoni, Axolotl or a hybrid dilemma.

In practical terms though, a hybrid axolotl will have some axolotl features as well as some features from whatever else its parent is.

For instance, if it is an Axolotl / Tiger Salamander Hybrid, it will have some axolotl features and some tiger features.

The tiger salamander axolotl hybrid may have the body structure of a tiger but with the color of an axie.

That is also what you would tend to see in an axolotl Andersoni hybrid.

But it is important to point out that our focus here is on real life hybrids. So, for instance, the likes of axolotl hybrid dream ao3 don’t really come up here.

A real life example of what an axolotl tiger salamander hybrid looks like is that of golden albino axies. These were the result of a hybrid making experiment done in 1964.

Still beyond a certain age, it may be possible to tell the hybrids from the pure axolotls. For one, we know that it is impossible to ever find a fully metamorphosed axolotl.

So if you find one morphing fully, you know that it is either another species or a hybrid.

All in all, what we can say is that a hybrid axolotl has some features from its axolotl parent and some features from its other parent.


Which Are The Common Axolotl Hybrids?

Common hybrid axolotls are those which come from crossing axolotls with tiger salamanders. So the Tiger Salamander / Axolotl Hybrid is quite common.

Another common axolotl hybrid is that which comes from cross axolotl with andersonis.

In official terms, we may refer to that as the Hybrid Ambystoma mexicanum x Ambystoma andersoni.

Axolotl hybrid
Axolotl hybrid

So these are human axolotl hybrid examples: in the sense that it is humans who cross axolotls with these other species, to end up with them.

We still can’t fully rule out the chance of there being, say, tiger salamander vs axolotl hybrids in the wild.

It is also in this context that we often hear mentions of the Jules axolotl.


How Can I Get An Axolotl Hybrid

One way to get an axolotl hybrid may be buying one.

For instance, if you buy a golden albino axie, you know that it has a hybrid origin. In fact, there are people who say that albino axolotls of all sorts have a hybrid origin.

At times, you may find a person offering an axolotl for sale without knowing that it is actually a hybrid.

Another option is that of breeding the hybrids yourself. Do axolotls reproduce sexually? The answer is yes – and this means that growing your own hybrids of them should be easy enough.

But this is something many axolotl lovers may frown upon.

Still, there are many science labs where they breed axolotls. They are of scientific interest because of, among other things, the ever intriguing axolotl regeneration ability.

Most people may be okay with labs breeding the axolotls and their hybrids for research. But many experts say that it is best for individuals to avoid developing the axie hybrids.


Final Verdict – Axolotl Hybrid

An axolotl hybrid is what you get when you cross an axolotl with another animal. That is typically another salamander.

The hybrids will have some axolotl features as well as some features from their other parent.

Axolotl hybrid
Axolotl hybrid – axolotl hybrid animals

While shopping for an axolotl, you need to take care lest you end up falling for a hybrid.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet axolotl a good and comfortable life!

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