Axolotl Price : How Much Does An Axolotl Cost? 7 Cool Facts

Having an axolotl in your aquarium can be new to you, as you will be caring for a salamander that lives entirely in water. There is a lot to learn when you want to take care of an axolotl so they can live a long and happy life. You should know the Axolotl cost because this exotic pet will not be the same as other aquatic pets.

How much does an axolotl cost? Axolotl price depends on how rare the species is. A basic axolotl in good health costs around $30-$75. If you are looking for a rare axolotl like piebald, it will cost $100 or more. Other rare colors and morphs can be more expensive, and these unique variations are only sought after by serious axolotl collectors.

Axolotl price
Axolotl Price – How Much Does An Axolotl Cost

While knowing about the axolotl price range, we also need to know a few things. Let’s read this article to the end.


How Much Do Axolotls Cost?

If you look at axolotl price in a pet store, you can get a price of $30. But if you look for it through an online store, you might spend $100 or more for the common axolotl with the shipping cost and much more for the unique variations.

That Axolotl price is for one axolotl only, not including the needs of the axolotl tank from main needs to decorations.

How much does an axolotl cost? If you have purchased one axolotl, the cost ranges from $100 to $300 for the standard tank and accessories. If you want to fill the tank, you need to set up up to $400. Don’t forget the additional cost for water treatment and food between $40-$60.

Axolotl care is relatively easy because only a few things must be considered, such as water quality and tank mates. Axolotls are aquatic pets that don’t need tank mates so they can live healthier lives. Even if they are alone in a tank, they will not get bored and still enjoy their life.


How Expensive Are Axolotls?

Expensive or not axolotl seen from how rare the color. The lowest Axolotl price is $30, and you can only get white albino, leucistic, or wild-type axolotl. The Axolotl price range between $30 to $75 you can get if you just want to get the common axolotl.

If you’ve been looking for uncommon axolotls like GFP axolotl, Copper, or melanoid, the Axolotl price is above $75 and can be up to $ 100.

While rare or very rare morphs such as piebald, firefly, chimera, enigma, you will not be able to get it for $100. It can be more than $ 200, and some even reach more than $ 1000.

Only certain people want to get rare axolotls because of their uniqueness and very rare genetics. If you are not an axolotl enthusiast, you will not buy an axolotl for over $100.

Because you also have to calculate the axolotl cost from the start of treating until they are big. The cost will continue to grow if you want to practice breeding to increase their population.


How Much Are Axolotls Left In The Wild?

The axolotl population has steadily declined over the last two decades. Currently, it is estimated that only 700-1200 are in the wild. The axolotl is now a common aquatic pet even though it is a critically endangered animal.

If you want to take care of axolotls as pets, you need to contact local authorities whether your state allows you to have axolotls. If you are used to caring for one or more axolotls, you can learn about axolotl breeding.

Breeding axolotls is difficult because adult axolotls can eat eggs or babies, so caring for axolotl eggs until they hatch must be separated from the tank. Ensure how much does an axolotl cost for breeding because you have to prepare a large tank and sufficient food.

If you already understand how much are axolotl in the wild, you can take part in preserving the axolotl population. If you have succeeded in breeding, you can sell it by looking at the axolotl fish price in the pet store that you can use as a reference.


Is An Axolotl A Good Pet?

The axolotl is an interactive aquatic pet that is suitable for you to care for in an aquarium. Maintenance is quite easy if you have met some of the care requirements. They prefer to spend time in the bottom of the tank and have the nickname bottom dwellers.

You can search the pet store and ask axolotl as pets price. If you can get it cheap, you can care for more than one axolotl. But it is advisable not to put more than one axolotl in one tank because they are quite aggressive if they have tank mates.

Axolotl price will be proportional to their suitability as a pet. In addition to their adorable faces, they also don’t need a lot of food, because as adults, they only need to eat every two to three days.

How much does an axolotl cost? Axolotl costs $40-60 to keep the water clean, along with the cost of food per month. Besides that, axolotls can also live in tanks alone, so you don’t have to worry about caring for many aquatic pets in one place.


Where Can I Buy An Axolotl Near Me?

Look for an aquatic pet store near where you live, and ask the Mexican walking fish price and the type you want to choose. If you want to treat the most popular axolotls, you can choose between wild-type or leucistic axolotls. Besides getting it very easily, the price is also low.

The Axolotl price for leucistic and wild-type ranges from $30 to $75 depending on size and age. It is recommended to get axolotls starting from juveniles because care for babies requires an intensive diet and other requirements are more complicated than juvenile or adult axolotls.

The Axolotl price will be higher if you can’t find the type of axolotl you want and must be sent because you will be exposed to shipping costs that are not cheap. Consider whether you want the common axolotl at an affordable price or the uncommon axolotl at an additional cost.


Axolotl Temperament

Axolotls are fun pets if they live alone in a tank. They will not act and will never be bored even though they are always alone in the tank.

It will be a problem if you put the axolotl with other fish or another axolotl because their aggressive nature can come out. Axolotls will be aggressive if they are hungry, overcrowded, or agitated.

If you put young axolotls, goldfish, or small crustaceans, these will become targets for adult axolotls because they will feel like predators and will make their tank mates potential food.

Axolotl price
Axolotl Price – How Much Does An Axolotl Cost

Consider the Axolotl price because if you put a rare young axolotl and place it in a tank with an adult common axolotl, you will lose out if your young axolotl feels intimidated and hurt by an adult one.

The main problem is not the axolotl pet price, but if you put the axolotl with another aquatic pet, you can sometimes neglect to take care of them until the axolotl is aggressive towards others.


Axolotl Cost And Care

When you check axolotl pet for sale, you can get a lower price if you choose young axolotl. The normal Axolotl price for an adult axolotl starts at $30. If you are taking care of an axolotl for the first time, it is recommended that you immediately get an adult axolotl.

For an adult lifestyle, the cost is cheap because they only need to eat every two to three days. The digestive system of axolotls takes a long time to process the food they swallow because the teeth of axolotls are not used for tearing their food, so they swallow everything whole.

If you choose to take care of a baby or juvenile axolotl, the portion they eat is much more even though it is smaller, but it will still be more than it costs to eat them.

To care for an axolotl, you must know in detail about suitable tanks, water quality, water temperature, and other tank requirements such as live plants or suitable substrates.


Axolotl Care Requirements

In addition to the Axolotl price, many things must be considered so that your axolotl is healthy and has a happy life. First is the temperature of the tank. Axolotls can only live at cool temperatures between 16-18°C. Do not exceed 22°C to prevent the axolotl from getting heatstroke.

If you have practiced breeding when hatching axolotl eggs, make sure the tank temperature is at 18-20°C until they hatch perfectly.

Another requirement is water quality. Axolotls are aquatic pets that produce a lot of waste, so you need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the water, humidity, and other things such as ammonia or nitrate levels.

For food, axolotls prefer to be given live foods such as crustaceans, daphnia, or worms. Do not put tank mates in the form of small fish with an exoskeleton or hard spine because they can become a choking hazard for the axolotl and cause impaction.

A suitable tank for one axolotl is a 20-gallon tank so that the axolotl can swim to and fro without getting bored with a small space. In addition to tackling waste production, having a suitable tank will reduce your costs in changing the water for some time.

Although a 10-gallon tank can be used to store one axolotl, if you have adult axolotls, you need to think about the access they need. Don’t forget to give an aquarium lid or floating plant an aquarium cover because axolotls can also jump out of the tank.

Go look for axolotl for sale and choose one of the Axolotl price that is right for you.


Axolotl Colors And Their Price

Axolotl has many colors that you can choose from, ranging from common, uncommon, rare, to very rare.

Even though you can only choose common or uncommon because Axolotl price is also lower, maybe one day you will also be interested in some unique axolotls, and only a few are available in this world.

The table below will explain some axolotl names from color and also their characteristics.

LeucisticShiny gold flecks, translucent white, red gills, black eyes or dark brown eyes.
Golden AlbinoPure white to peach or orange-gold and yellow. light yellow tint and peachy gills. Has yellow, white, or pink eyes.
Wild TypeDark greyish green, pale belly, gold speckles. Has purple gill filaments, golden iris and dark eyes.
White AlbinoPure white, red gills, golden flecks, and pink or white eyes.
Green Fluorescent ProteinLab-modified axolotl with protein that can glow a bright vibrant green when exposed to UV light. The type can be of any type of axolotl.


Final Verdict On Axolotl Price – How Much Does An Axolotl Cost

If you want to take care of an axolotl as a pet, several things must be prepared, such as knowing the price of axolotl at a pet store, what preparations to take care of an axolotl, to what to do so that the axolotl has a healthy and happy life.

Axolotl price
Axolotl Price – How Much Does An Axolotl Cost

The price of the common axolotl ranges from $30-$75 with a health condition, and you can choose such as wild-type, white albino, or leucistic at that price. Take a look at some genome research to get more idea.

The more unique the axolotl, the more expensive it will be and can go up to $100 or more for one axolotl. Not all breeders have rare axolotls, so they are sold at high prices and are only in demand by axolotl enthusiasts.

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