Can Baby Rabbits Drink Almond Milk? (7 Clear Facts)

If you have baby rabbits that are orphaned, it can be tempting to feed them on almond milk. The same applies if you have baby rabbits whose mother has declined to suckle them. But is it proper for baby rabbits to drink almond milk? This article has the answer.

Can baby rabbits drink almond milk? No, baby rabbits shouldn’t drink almond milk. Baby rabbits have sensitive digestive systems, which may not be able to handle almond milk. Drinking almond milk can cause GI stasis in baby rabbits, which can in turn lead to other serious complications.

It is understandable why one would consider giving baby rabbits almond milk. After all, this is lactose-free milk. It is also cholesterol-free milk.

Against that background, one easily finds themselves wondering, is it OK for baby bunnies to drink almond milk? Or, can you give baby bunnies almond milk?

Can baby rabbits drink almond milk
Can Baby Rabbits Drink Almond Milk?

However, as we have said, there are at least two things that make almond milk improper for baby rabbits.

First is the fact that the baby rabbits’ sensitive digestive systems are usually unable to handle almond milk.

And second is the fact that taking almond milk puts baby rabbits at risk of developing stasis. This can then lead to organ failure, which can in turn be fatal.

If you have orphaned or rejected baby rabbits, kitten replacement milk may be a better alternative to almond milk. If you can’t get kitten replacement milk, goat milk may do just as well.


What Is Almond Milk?

Almond milk is a drink that is extracted from almonds.

What the makers of almond milk do is first blend almonds with water. Then they sieve this mixture for the solid components, leaving behind some sort of ‘milk’.

Another approach through which they make almond milk is that of first obtaining almond butter. Then they simply add water to this butter, in order to remain with some sort of milk.


Can Rabbits Drink Almond Milk?

Before turning specifically to baby rabbits, we first need to know whether rabbits generally can drink almond milk.

So, indeed, can rabbits have almond milk? Or, as some other people would put it, can rabbits eat almond milk? The answer is ‘no’.

Rabbits’ digestive systems are extremely sensitive. Thus if you feed them on almond milk, they are almost certainly bound to react badly to it.

That is the main factor that makes almond milk bad for rabbits.

Sometimes, when rabbits are fed on things like almond milk, they develop gastrointestinal stasis. This is a serious condition, in which there is extreme slow-down in their digestive processes.

It can trigger a chain of other complications, including organ failure.

So almond milk is not proper for rabbits at all.


Can Baby Rabbits Drink Almond Milk?

If one has baby rabbits that, for one reason or another, are unable to suckle from their mother, alternative forms of milk have to be sought for them.

This leads one to start wondering, what can I feed baby rabbits that are unable to suckle from their mother? What do baby bunnies eat other than milk? And what milk can baby rabbits drink, other than their mothers’?

Against that background, one can easily find themselves considering giving the baby rabbits almond milk.

This then leads to questions like, can a baby bunny drink almond milk? Can you give a baby bunny almond milk? Or, to put it differently, can you feed baby rabbits almond milk?

So, indeed, can baby rabbits drink almond milk? Is almond milk good for baby bunnies?

The simple answer to all those questions is that baby rabbits shouldn’t have almond milk.

Just like adult rabbits (or even more so), baby rabbits have digestive systems that are extremely sensitive. They are simply unable to handle drinks like almond milk.

Thus feeding a baby rabbit on almond milk amounts to setting it up for a very bad reaction.

Because their digestive systems can’t handle almond milk, when baby bunnies drink it, they run the risk of developing stasis. This is a complete slow down or halting of digestive processes.

Stasis is one of the worst things that a baby rabbit can develop. So to avoid it, you simply shouldn’t give your baby rabbits almond milk.


Can Baby Rabbits Drink Coconut Almond Milk?

Coconut almond milk is a drink that comes about as a result of blending almond milk with coconut cream.

Now, can baby rabbits drink almond milk that is flavored with coconut cream? No. It is not a good idea at all to give a baby rabbit such coconut almond milk.

The baby rabbit’s sensitive digestive system will almost certainly react very badly to coconut almond milk.

In fact, once a baby rabbit has coconut almond milk, its digestive system is likely to slow down (stasis). This is the sort of thing that can easily kill a baby rabbit.

That is because without proper intervention, stasis easily leads to organ failure.

Thus coconut almond milk is not an ideal drink to give to your baby rabbit.

Can baby rabbits drink almond milk
Can Baby Rabbits Drink Almond Milk Daily?


Can Baby Rabbits Drink Chocolate Almond Milk?

Baby rabbits should never drink chocolate almond milk.

The chocolate in this drink is, by itself, toxic to rabbits. Thus when a baby rabbit drinks this sort of milk, it can easily die, due to the toxic nature of chocolate (for rabbits).

The almond milk is also not good for baby rabbits – even without the chocolate component. It usually affects their sensitive digestive systems in a rather bad way.

When you add the chocolate component to the equation, it becomes even worse.

Thus one of the worst things you can do to your baby rabbit is giving it chocolate almond milk.


Can Baby Rabbits Drink Evaporated Almond Milk?

Baby rabbits shouldn’t drink evaporated almond milk.

A baby rabbit has a digestive system that can only be described as ‘sensitive’. It therefore won’t react nicely to something as novel as evaporated almond milk.

A baby rabbit that happens to drink evaporated almond milk may be at risk of having gastrointestinal stasis. This is a risky, potentially fatal condition, in which digestion slows down.

Thus however badly baby rabbits may be in need of milk, evaporated almond milk is not good for them.


Why Can’t Baby Rabbits Drink Almond Milk?

Upon being told that they shouldn’t feed their baby rabbits on almond milk, many people seek to know ‘why’.

More specifically, they ask, is almond milk poisonous to baby rabbits? Or just why is not proper to give baby rabbits almond milk?

The true position is that plain almond milk is not exactly poisonous to rabbits. It is certainly not the sort of thing that a baby rabbit will instantly drop dead upon drinking.

However, almond milk is something that baby rabbits’ notoriously sensitive stomachs can’t handle. It is the sort of drink that easily leads to gastrointestinal stasis in baby rabbits.

That is the main reason as to why baby rabbits shouldn’t drink almond milk.

But there are still cases in which almond milk can actually turn out to be poisonous to baby rabbits.

Suppose, for instance, it happens to be flavored with things like chocolate. In that case then the almond milk can be outright toxic to baby rabbits. This is on account of the chocolate component.


What Milk Can Baby Rabbits Drink?

So far, we have established that almond milk is not proper for baby rabbits. And that baby rabbits shouldn’t drink almond milk.

The question that then comes up is on what the better alternatives are. What drinks can baby rabbits have, if almond milk is out of question?

One suitable alternative is kitten replacer milk. This is a product you can easily procure from any well stocked pet supplies store: online and locally.

Through kitten replacement milk, you can keep your orphaned or rejected baby rabbits going, until they can eat solid foods.

Another suitable alternative is that of goat milk. Thus if kitten replacement milk is not available to you, you can use goat milk in its place.

Goat milk is a drink that baby kittens’ digestive systems are able to handle. It is also a product that can supply baby bunnies with the nutrients they need for the first few weeks of their lives.

Thus if you have orphaned or otherwise abandoned baby rabbits, goat milk can keep them going.

You just need to be sure that it is genuine goat milk: not cow milk disguised as ‘goat milk’.


Final Verdict – Can Baby Rabbits Drink Almond Milk

Baby rabbits shouldn’t drink almond milk.

Almond milk is a drink that can be rather too harsh on baby rabbits’ typically sensitive digestive systems. Thus there can easily be a very bad reaction in case a baby rabbit drinks almond milk.

Can baby rabbits drink almond milk
Can Baby Rabbits Drink Almond Milk Safely?

Worse still, drinking almond milk can lead to gastrointestinal  stasis in baby rabbits. This is a slowdown or outright halt in digestive processes, which can in turn trigger organ failures.

Such organ failures often prove fatal. Alternatively, they can require very costly treatment, after which the rabbit may still have a rather low quality of life.

Rather than giving baby rabbits almond milk, a much better idea would be to give them kitten replacer milk. If kitten replacer milk isn’t available, another viable alternative is that of goat milk.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet rabbit a good and comfortable life!

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