How To Tell How Old A Baby Rabbit Is? 5 Cool Newborn Baby Bunny Age Stages

Are you searching, How to tell how old a baby rabbit is? Size, weight, and height tell us the information about the age of the bunny. There are many breeds of rabbits that are known as domestic rabbits. Cottontail rabbits are the breed that you will not find in the homes that are wild breed. They attain the maximum size and reach maturity in six weeks.

This article will discuss How to tell how old a baby rabbit is and the baby rabbit age chart. Let’s discuss the age of rabbits in detail.

How to tell how old a baby rabbit is
How To Tell How Old A Baby Rabbit Is

How to Tell How Old Baby Rabbits is?

The size and weight of the rabbit tell us how old my baby bunny is? By knowing the information from the rabbit age size chart, we can quickly see the lifespan or predict the age of rabbits. The newborn baby bunny age chart provides us detailed information about the bunny.

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Cottontail Rabbit Age

How to Tell How Old a Baby Rabbit Is? We can easily predict the age of cottontail rabbits by observing a few of their behavior. You can see the cottontail alone because their mother leaves them alone in the daytime and returns tonight for feeding. That is why they can live independently. This is a natural adaptation of this rabbit.

Now the question is how to tell how old a wild baby rabbit is? The following step is critical to know if you want to know how old my rabbit is?

  • The effortless step: observe your rabbit’s behavior then you will be able to predict the baby bunny size.
  • The weight of the rabbit also tells us the age of the rabbit. If the weight of rabbits ranges from 1-1.4 ounces, it tells us that it is a newborn baby. The weight between 3-5 ounces tells us that the rabbit has an age of about 15 to 20 days
  • How to tell how old a baby rabbit is? From rabbit fur, we also get the age of the rabbit. As we know, the newborn rabbit has no coat. The entire jacket is completed in almost two weeks.
  • By checking the rabbit’s ears, we can predict the age of rabbits. If the age of the rabbit is less than seven days, then their ears are closed. At the age of 9 to 13 days, their ears will naturally erect.
  • At the time of birth, the eyes of rabbits are not open. Their eyes will open when they’re 5-7 days old. How to tell how old a baby rabbit is? by checking the eyes whether it is open or not.
  • The noise makes the adult rabbits jump. If you make a noise and your rabbits start jumping, it tells us that he is about 21 days old. If he doesn’t jump, then he will age less than 21 days. Hence, a 3-week old cottontail rabbit jumps when you make a noise.

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How to Tell How Old a Wild Bunny Is?

The wild baby bunny age chart can tell us the age of the wild bunny. The prediction of the age of wild rabbits is difficult as compared to the cottontail rabbits.

The period of rabbits depends upon sex and health.  The female of wild rabbits has many litter seasons per year.

Here we will discuss how you can tell how old a baby bunny is. Almost 3-6 babies are present in a litter of wild rabbits females. The babies of wild bunnies reach maturity at the age of 125 days. Babies of wild rabbits wean at the age of 15 and independent when they are 28 years old.

  • How to tell how old a baby rabbit is? The newborn rabbit’s eyes are closed, and there is no fur at the time of birth. Their ears are not erect at that time. 2 weeks are required to cover the body with fur. And seven days are required for opening your eyes.
  • The digital scale can also tell us the age of the rabbit. For preparing the plate, if you don’t have a tray, then on the top, place the basket to keep the rabbit in that place.
  • Switch on the button.  Make sure the tray or the berry basket is in place for calibration. There will be blinking on the readout.
  • Put the rabbit in a basket or tray and then note the weight on the readout. How to tell how old a baby rabbit is? The newborn baby’s weight is about 1-1.4 oz. The weaned has about 4 oz. Weight. The rabbit that is newly independent his weight is between 4.5-5.5 oz. The adult female or female weight is about 28-43 oz. Keep in mind that the weight of the male is less than the female rabbits.
  • Measure the wild rabbits from hind fee to toe with tape. The wildlife baby’s size is about 21-32 millimeters, and the fully grown rabbit’s size is about 95 millimeters.


Newborn Baby Bunny Age Art

By seeing the Baby rabbit growth chart, we can answer the question How to tell rabbit age? The five things are the keys to determining rabbits’ age, whether it is wild or domestic. These five things are physical features, size, length, and weight.

This thing can vary according to the type of breed. For example, the weight of the Flemish is about 14 to 20 pounds, whereas the weight of dwarf rabbits has about 2 pounds. The wild baby bunny age chart tells us the age of rabbits.

  • New Born Baby: weight is about 1 oz. Eyes are closed, and ears are not erect.
  • 5-10 Days Old: rabbit will open eyes, and the size of the baby is that it can adjust in your palm.
  • 2-3 weeks old: They start eating alfalfa hay.
  • 4-5 weeks old: They attain the size of 5-7 inches. Their size is larger than the softball
  • Six months old: The average weight is about 2-3 pounds.

In this way, we can quickly get the answer to How to tell the age of a baby bunny by seeing the information from the baby chart.

How to tell how old a baby rabbit is
How To Tell How Old A Baby Rabbit Is


Difference between Baby and Adult Rabbits

There are many differences between adult and baby rabbits. How to tell how old a baby rabbit is? Behavior, appearance, and diet can also tell us the age of rabbits.


By observing the behavior of your rabbits, you can indicate whether it is a baby or an adult. How to tell how old a baby rabbit is? The adult rabbits show mating behavior when they come around the female rabbits. Adult rabbits are more active as compared to young rabbits.

Older rabbits enjoy more sleep than young rabbits. They are less reactive towards the things which are around them. Older rabbits show less interest in the environment.

Overall Appearance

The overall appearance can also tell us the age of rabbits, whether it is adult or newborn. How to tell how old a baby rabbit is? If the rabbits are still enlarging their size, then they are young. If they stop growing their size, then they become old.

How to tell how old a baby rabbit is? The adult rabbits have a shiny and glossy coat. They have shiny and bright eyes. Adult rabbits show more physical power; they are very active and can move fluently. On the other hand, the old rabbit’s coat is very dull. Their vision and hearing are not very good.

What to Feed a Wild Baby Rabbit?

When the bunnies start opening their eyes, then it requires the feed for normal body functioning. First of all, make them familiar by giving them alfalfa pellets and hay. There are many types of hay-like oat hay, alfalfa, and timothy.

You can also give them veggies like dandelion greens, Italian parsley, and carrot tops. Dandelion greens are very much crucial for wild baby rabbits. How to tell how old a bunny is? If the baby starts eating the hay, then its age is about seven days.

How to Tell How Old a Rabbit Is

We can determine the approximate age by knowing the weight and size of your rabbits. The behavior of physical features can also tell us the age of rabbits. How to tell how old a rabbit is?  The most important thing from which we can determine the age of the rabbit is diet.

How to tell how old a baby bunny is? The rabbits don’t eat the grass, hay, and pellets at an early age when they reach seven weeks; then, they start eating hay and pellets.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Do Baby Rabbits Are Born Blind and Deaf?

The female rabbit gives birth to their young ones in the wrench that is separate from others because other rabbits can easily harm them. That is why they make a different wrench to give birth.

How to tell how old a baby bunny is? Deafness and blindness can also provide information about the age of rabbits. At the time of birth, the babies of rabbits feel very difficult to move. They can hardly move. They stay in the wrench for almost 5 to 7 days in the twist, and females feed them. At that time, they are dead and blind. The deafness and blindness are due to the closing of eyes and erection of ears.

Do You Touch Baby Rabbits?

You might hear that the carrying of animal babies by humans is discouraged. The female can easily smell the scent of humans, and carrying a baby bunny makes the mother confused. This is not true.

The mothers of rabbits have no problem when you carry the babies of rabbits. The domestic rabbits are not feeling confused because of this. You should take care of the babies if they are alone.

Their cage should be clean, friendly, and warm. If they have a filled belly, it means that the mother feeds them.

Can We Convert One Human Year Into A Rabbit Year?

There is no way to count the rabbit’s years in human age. Many standards are made by the vet from which we can determine the rabbit’s age in human years.  From the table, you can calculate the rabbit’s years in human years.

Years of Humans

76 Years

68 Years

60 Years

52 Years

44 Years

36 Years

28 Years

20 Years

Years of Rabbits

8 Years

7 Years

6 Years

5 Years

4 Years

3 Years

2 Years

1 Year


What Was The Age of Oldest Rabbit?

The oldest rabbit is about 18 years of age. Its name was George. In 1944, it was born. The owner of George said that George was about 18 years old at the time of death. But the vet stated that George is 14 years old.

In 2019, the rabbit whose age was about 19 and named Mick then set the world record.

Final Verdict on How to Tell How Old a Baby Rabbit Is

How to tell how old a baby bunny is? There are five things from which you can quickly get the age of rabbits. These five things are size, weight, diet, physical features, and length. There are also five age classes that you can put them in their baby stages.

How to tell how old a baby rabbit is
How To Tell How Old A Baby Rabbit Is

The most appropriate and easy way to get the age of rabbits is the diet they eat. Another good way to know their age is by observing their behavior.

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