Can Axolotl Eat Shrimp? (7 Interesting Facts)

The axolotl is an aquatic pet that eats meat-based foods. Their primary diet is mollusks, smaller insects, and smaller fish which are easy to swallow and digest. If you want to provide other variations of food, how about shrimp?

Can axolotl eat shrimp? Yes, shrimp is one of the axolotl’s favorite foods. But there are many shrimp types that you should know about, and which ones are suitable for your axolotl. You can put alive shrimp in the tank or as dead prey.

Find out the right portion for your axolotl, how to serve it, and what types of shrimp you can give, by reading this article.

Can axolotl eat shrimp
Can axolotl eat shrimp?


Can Axolotl Eat Shrimp?

Axolotl can eat shrimp because the taste is nice, and it is one of the foods of choice. Shrimp has the protein content needed by axolotls and is valuable for its growth. If axolotls are fed shrimp regularly, they will become healthier and rockier each day.

Ensure you have quality sources to get shrimp. Giving shrimp with poor quality will also affect the health of the axolotl. Try to bring a small size if you are giving shrimp to the axolotl for the first time. Once the axolotl knows the taste, you can give it a slightly larger size.

If the axolotl refuses to swallow the shrimp, do not give it again for the next few days. Space the axolotl at each feeding time to avoid overfeeding.


How Much Shrimp Can You Feed Axolotls?

It depends on the age of your axolotl. If you have young axolotls, you will need to provide food daily. For adult axolotls, you only need to give 2-3 times per week.

Can axolotl eat shrimp? Yes, the axolotl can. Give the shrimp until they reject it. If the first time you give shrimp your axolotl refuses, maybe they are still full or they are under stress.

Shrimp size is determined from the axolotl size. Baby or juvenile axolotls only need brine shrimp. Provide several shrimp per meal. Give them to stop eating. If you are afraid that axolotls are bored with the same menu, give them worms or insects for a variety of flavors.


How Often To Feed Shrimp To Axolotls?

You can give brine shrimp to baby axolotls almost every day. Feed them as much as they want, but clean up immediately if there is any uneaten food. Leftover food will raise the ammonia level and make water quality worse.

If axolotls are in dirty water, they can be susceptible to ammonia poisoning or other severe conditions.

Axolotls who are stressed due to poor water conditions will refuse any food. The best thing to do is to maintain the water condition with an ammonia level at 0ppm.

Can axolotl eat shrimp? An axolotl can be given shrimp after hatching to adulthood. Give all kinds of shrimp by adjusting the size. Axolotls do not have teeth to chew or tear the meat apart. Give a size that is enough for one swallow to facilitate the digestive system.


Do Axolotls Get Impaction From Shrimp?

It depends on how big crustaceans you give the axolotl. Axolotls can only grasp their prey and swallow it as a whole. If the shrimp are bigger than their body, they can get stuck and cause constipation.

Look at the axolotl’s behavior after constipation. If axolotl becomes unresponsive or floating, immediately consult a vet. Exposing the axolotl to constipation can lead to death.

Some pet owners who are not used to giving axolotl shrimp can’t figure out how many portions are good to avoid constipation. You can cut it into small pieces and never provide the shrimp whole.

Can axolotl eat shrimp? Feeding axolotls to shrimp is one of the right choices because shrimp have the protein they need. The right size of food will help the axolotl in getting its food and health needs.


Can Axolotl Eat Dry shrimp?

Dried shrimp are not as good as live or dead shrimp because they have no nutritional value. Do not give dried shrimp as a staple, but use it only as a supplement.

Consider your move when you want to give dried shrimp because axolotls can only grasp and swallow their prey. If the food is eaten too hard, it can overload their digestive system or cause constipation.

Can axolotl eat shrimp? Yes, and you should give live or dead shrimp. Dried shrimp is not suitable for axolotl because the nutritional value is not as good as live shrimp.


Can Axolotls Eat Live Shrimp?

Babies or juveniles can eat brine shrimp swimming around, or feed them raw. As long as the size of the shrimp is smaller than the axolotl and easy to swallow, it will not be a problem for the axolotl to eat it.

Axolotls will continue to eat shrimp until they have had enough. Entice them to eat by giving one shrimp. If they are still swimming to and from looking for food, give them more shrimp until full.

Can axolotl eat shrimp? The way axolotls eat shrimp is to swallow them directly. If the shrimp are too large, the axolotl will be challenging to process, and the possibility of choking or constipation is also high.


Can Axolotl Eat Frozen Shrimp?

Only adult axolotls can eat frozen brine shrimp because they are small and easy to swallow. If adult axolotls get frozen shrimp in large sizes, they will find it difficult to swallow and process it in the stomach.

While it’s not a big deal if you’re feeding frozen shrimp, every owner needs to think about the safety of the axolotl in swallowing food. Calculate the nutrition and portion of the food you feed the axolotl.

Can axolotl eat shrimp? Give it in small sizes or small pieces if you want to give them frozen. If you carelessly feed hard food in large sizes, it can put your axolotl in poor condition.


Can Axolotls Eat Freeze Dried Shrimp?

If ordinary dried shrimp are known for their less nutritional value, then giving frozen dried shrimp will also have the same result. Giving shrimp raw or cooked is better than frozen dried form.

The nutritional value given to axolotls must be considered for their health and protein needs. Even though the axolotl wants to eat frozen dried shrimp, if the food provided does not bring benefits, it will be in vain if you give it in large quantities.

Can axolotl eat shrimp? A frozen dried shrimp can be swallowed by axolotl for its small size, although its nutritional value is not as good as raw or cooked form.

Can axolotl eat shrimp
Can axolotl eat shrimp?


Can Axolotls Eat Red Cherry Shrimp?

Some pet owners consider red cherry shrimp to be a bit pricey, and it is not advisable to overfeed the axolotl, even if they like the taste. Cherry shrimp are a portion of suitable food for axolotls and can become their favorite food if given several times.

If you put live red cherry shrimp, the axolotl will immediately come and eat it. They can endlessly eat red shrimp because they love the texture and taste. Avoid overfeeding to prevent your axolotl from constipation.

Can axolotl eat shrimp? Certain types of shrimp can be enjoyed by axolotls in large quantities. After that, the axolotl can take a break from not eating for up to a week. But giving too much shrimp can also risk causing constipation or overfeeding.


Can Baby Axolotls Eat Shrimp?

Baby axolotls can eat brine shrimp. Ensure that the shrimp size can be swallowed once, without causing the axolotl trouble. Baby axolotls have a more frequent feeding schedule than juveniles. You can give three to five times a meal with the same portion.

A baby axolotl’s eating schedule that many will help their growth process to the fullest. You can give brine shrimp as the main menu until you can introduce other types of food with a larger size.

Can axolotl eat shrimp? Baby to juvenile axolotl can only eat shrimp with a smaller size. Providing food sizes that are appropriate to their body size will ensure the axolotl spends the maximum amount of shrimp.


Do Axolotls Eat Shrimp In The Wild?

Axolotls can eat worms, insects, brine shrimp, and tadpoles in the wild. If the axolotl can find some of these types of food in the wild, they will not hesitate to grasp and eat them.

As the axolotl population in the wild decreases, you will see axolotls eating shrimp less often unless they are in captivity. The axolotl has been included in the critically endangered animal category because many of its habitats have been polluted.

If in their habitat there are more tadpoles or worms, then they prioritize eating what they can find. Axolotls don’t look for any particular type of food and prefer to get what they can find.

Can axolotl eat shrimp? In the wild, axolotls can eat less often because they have to look for food while swimming around.


What Are The Health Benefits Of Eating Shrimp?

Shrimp has many benefits for axolotls. Because the axolotl is a carnivore that requires a source of protein, shrimp is suitable as a regular axolotl food. Shrimp is an excellent vitamin D, vitamin B12, phosphorus, and selenium source.

Can axolotl eat shrimp? Yes. Shrimp have minerals that are good for the axolotl’s body, such as iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, and manganese. Axolotls will be happy if given several types of shrimp because they taste good.

Brine shrimp are an excellent choice for baby axolotls and juveniles. If the axolotl is an adult, you can give shrimp a larger size. Adult axolotl does not need shrimp every day. You can feed an adult axolotl only two to three times a week, every other day.

Axolotl will not get bored eating shrimp because it tastes good and is easy to swallow. If you are afraid that the axolotl will get bored with the same menu, you can give a variety of other foods such as insects or worms.


How To Prevent Axolotls From Over Eating Shrimp?

Each food given to the axolotl should be measured in portions and how often it is for each week. The axolotl’s feeding time will decrease as it matures, but it will get bigger. The table below is a few things to pay attention to, to avoid your axolotl from overeating shrimp.

How to avoidExplanation
Remember the axolotl feeding scheduleAdult axolotls will eat every two to three times per week. If the axolotl refuses to eat, they still have processed food in the digestive system.
Shrimp sizeA size that is too large makes the axolotl suffer from constipation or difficulty swallowing.
Stop feeding after seeing the axolotl having difficulty swallowingAxolotls will start to slow down in swallowing food if they start getting enough of their food. Sometimes they will spit out their food when it is full.


Final Verdict – Can Axolotl Eat Shrimp

Shrimp is one of the favorite foods of axolotls from hatchlings to adults. Axolotls will eat shrimp by grasping and swallowing them. Shrimp has important protein values needed by axolotls for growth and health.

Several types of shrimp that can be given to axolotls are baby or adult brine shrimp, ghost shrimp, and regular shrimp. You can serve shrimp in raw, cooked, or live form.

Can axolotl eat shrimp
Can axolotl eat shrimp? Can axolotl eat shrimp live? Can axolotl eat shrimp frozen?

Do not give shrimp with large sizes or when the axolotl is still in the process of processing food in its stomach. If forced, the axolotl can develop constipation which can lead to death.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet axolotl a good and comfortable life!

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