Do Turtles Make Noise? 5 Unique Sounds Turtles Make

Turtles are one of the unique reptiles with 356 species worldwide. Many choose to treat turtles as pets by placing them in an aquarium. Because of its long life expectancy, the turtle can be your loyal companion to accompany your days. Turtles are quiet pets, unlike cats or dogs, which make a lot of noise every day.

Do turtles make noise? Noises on turtles indicate their current behavior. Many owners don’t know that turtle make sounds. Research using sound and noise technology proves that turtles make the quiet and very low frequency of sounds. Although turtles do not have vocal cords, they can produce sounds from the lungs by expelling the air.

Check this article to the end if you are curious about how the noise is made by turtles or how turtles make a sound.

Do turtles make noise
Do turtles make noise?


Do Turtles Make Sounds?

Yes, turtles can make sounds. Researchers found that turtles vocalize when they have social interactions and produce many sounds and varied sounds. We may not be able to hear turtles clearly, because they are quiet animals. We never even realized that turtles could emit any sounds.


Do Turtles Make Noise?

One interesting fact is that turtles have started to make noise when they hatch to help their way out of the egg. In general, turtles emit noise to communicate with other turtles.

We might not notice the noise made by turtles. It is because they are the only ones who understand what kind of sound and what it means.

What noise does a turtle make? The noises found by the researcher were clucks, chirps, meows, and clucks.


How Does A Turtle Sound?

Turtles will make a different sound from other animals that have vocal cords. They will air squeezing through the throat and produce sounds like croaks, grunts, moans, honks, or hisses. You can only hear the sound of the turtle if you are in a quiet room and get closer to the turtle.

Do turtles make any noise? Yes, because turtles will make noise in all their activities when they meet other turtles. Turtles will make noises more often when they reproduce.


Do Turtles Make Noises At Night?

If the room where you put the turtle is quieter at night, you can hear what sounds the turtle makes that you have never heard before during the daytime. But there is no definite information on whether the turtle makes a unique sound in the night.

If someone asks ‘do turtles make noises at night,’ you can answer it with a general answer. Turtles can make sounds but don’t make specific sounds to distinguish morning or night.

Do turtles make noise? Check their aquarium if you have more than one turtle. They will interact with others and produce sounds to communicate their intentions.


What Sound Does A Turtle Make?

A usual sound you may hear is a hissing sound, as all turtles can do it. The low sound does not appear loud, so you have to be observant to listen to the low-frequency sound. Turtles make noise when they communicate with other turtles. Despite the sound produced, they are still quiet.

Do aquatic turtles make noise? Researchers still don’t know if the turtle can produce sound underwater. But turtles can still listen to low to mid-frequency sounds underwater.


What Does A Turtle Sound Like?

Many types of turtle noises that you can know. The bigger the turtle, the more clearly you can hear their voices. The turtle will make more noise during the mating process. Their voices will sound cute, like a baby whining with a high pitch sound.

Do pet turtles make noise? Pet turtles can produce sound even when they live alone in a tank. Try to pet them or feed them when they are hungry to find out how do turtles make noise.


Why Do Turtles Make Noises?

Turtles are the same as other creatures. It will produce sounds according to the activities they do. The various kinds of turtle sounds make people study them in detail. The table below are some turtle sounds according to their temperament.

Turtle SoundsExplanation
Hissing soundFeel threatened
Breathe heavilyExpress negative feelings
Cry soundsMating process
ChirpingRespiratory illness

The table above has shown some facts for people who ask ‘does turtles make noise’ and what possible sounds can arise.


What Sound Does A Sea Turtle Make?

Some people have researched sea turtles. They can produce high-pitched sounds like whining or cluck. The way they make sound is by squeezing air through the lungs. Many people ask about ‘do turtles make noise’ because as long as they are pets, only occasionally can the owners hear the turtle’s voice.

Do box turtles make noise? Box turtles often make a hissing sound when they feel something is scary to them. If you pick them up from the water, they will make heavy breathing sounds.


What Noise Does A Sea Turtle Make?

Sea turtles will vocalize during the hatchling process to synchronize the way they come out of the egg. Another activity that makes sea turtle noises is the mating process. They will make a squeaking sound that sometimes sounds loud.

Do painted turtles make noise? Painted turtles will emit a hissing sound when they are disturbed by something. If you want to pet them, but the turtle feels uncomfortable, they will hiss at you.

Do turtles make noise
Do turtles make noise? Do turtles make noise when excited? Do turtles make noise for mating call?


Do Snapping Turtles Make Noise?

The snapping turtle is a large turtle species. You can hear their voice clearly when they snap or hiss. The snapping turtle noises will sound like a snake when hissing, although not for a long time. The turtle will hiss when they feel aware of their surroundings and warn their predators.

Sometimes snapping turtles will growl and whistle which can be categorized as turtle weird noise. It would be a little strange for people who listen to snapping turtles to growl because they are quiet animals.

Do turtles make noise? You can hear their voices if the turtle feels threatened by something. Their hissing sound is not loud, but you can hear it now and then.


Do Red Eared Sliders Make Sounds?

Red-eared sliders are tiny turtles and are popular as pets. Do red-eared slider turtles make noise? Yes, just like any turtle species will emit noise or sound. It depends on what activities they are doing. Although their bodies are not as big as snapping turtles, you can still hear their baby-like voices.

Do snapping turtles make noise? Snapping turtles often emit a hissing sound to warn their predators. Another sound produced by snapping turtles is the snap, as the name gives it.


Do Red Eared Sliders Make Noise?

I’ve seen a Youtube video with a red-eared slider suffering from respiratory illness. They sound like whining with a high-pitched sound. If it can be interpreted, maybe they are asking for help.

You don’t have to wait for the red-eared slider to get sick to hear the sound. They can make noises, when near other turtles or when you give them food.

As a child, red-eared sliders can produce baby turtle sounds like squeaking. Do sea turtles make noise? Yes, they do. Red-eared sliders include sea turtles that are proven to make a sound.


Why Is My Turtle Making Noises?

Turtles making noise is not something to worry about. You can be a little worried if turtles make noises when they’re scared of something. When they feel threatened or angry, the turtle will emit a hissing sound to warn everything that makes them scared.

Listen to the turtles’ sounds as they mate. You will hear the turtle’s funny sound like crying and happy when they are already excited when reproducing. His voice was loud and sounded like whining in a sexy way.


Why Do Turtles Make Crying Noises?

If the turtle makes a strange sound a little loudly, we will surely be worried about the condition of our turtle. Turtles make sounds like crying as they blow the air out of their lungs.

When the air collects too much, it will create room between the head and neck. Turtles will move their head quickly and emit a crying-like sound.

Do baby turtles make noise? We will expect the baby turtle to make a crying sound. But baby turtles make the same sound as adult turtles, only they have a higher pitch like a squeak.


Do Turtles Make Noise When They Mate?

Turtles will make some sound when they mate. First, they will emit a hissing sound when they retract to their shell. During the mating process, they will make sounds like honk or grunting noises.

Why do turtles make noise when mating? In addition to making a clicking sound due to ramming their shell, the male turtle will make a squeaking sound several times. Turtle communicates with its mating partner by making a specific sound.

Watching turtles mating is fun because you can see how turtles produce sounds that they don’t do during other activities.

So, do turtles make noises when they mate? Yes, they do. Let’s just say the turtle is enjoying the mating process. Do not intervene when turtles are mating until they are done with their business.


Do Turtles Make A Chirping Noise?

You can hear turtles chirping noise when bored and want to get your attention. My red-eared sliders will chirp while in the tank, and they will go silent after I lift them out of the tank. I allowed him to play outside the tank until they calmed down.


Do Turtles Make Squeaking Noises?

Squeaking noise is a sound often produced by turtles during the mating process. Sometimes you’ll hear them out loud like they’re expressing something really fun.

If your turtle is eating and you hear a squeaking sound, pay attention to their condition. Maybe the turtles have a hard time swallowing food, and they are trying to get the food stuck in their throat.

Turtles can’t chew food because they lack teeth. Almost all the food will be swallowed directly. If the food swallowed is too large, it will hurt them and make a squeaking sound.


Do African SideNeck Turtles Make Noise?

The African side-neck turtle is a silent species. They will only sound in the same species. This species includes shy animals that will not make any sound even though it is not comfortable with you. Try to put another turtle in the same tank and see how they react when communicating with others.

The hissing sound is the most common sound shown by turtles. Try to pet them or offer them a favorite treat. If the African Side neck turtle makes a sound, they are interested in something you have to offer.


Final Verdict – Do Turtles Make Noise

Turtles often emit low-frequency sounds for communication with other turtles. Sometimes you can hear turtles sound clearly when they are angry, stressed, feeling threatened, mating, or wanting attention.

Do turtles make noise
Do turtles make noise? Do turtles make noise in the wild? Do turtles make noise in captivity?

Some of the sounds that are often produced by turtles are squeaking, hissing, clacking, and growling. The larger the size of your turtle, the more often you will hear their voices while on the move.

You can hear the turtle’s voice more clearly when it’s nighttime. A quiet room will make the turtle’s voice sound louder than during the day. If you put more than one turtle in the same tank, you can often hear them communicating while mating or playing with each other.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet turtle a good and comfortable life!

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