Fully Grown Axolotl : How Big Is A Full Grown Axolotl?

Petting exotic animals is a trend that everyone is following. One of the most famous exotic pets is surely axolotl but many people don’t know much about them and may ask about their requirements and their growth potential. One of the most common questions owners ask is how much do Axolotls grow in their lives. 

A fully grown axolotl can vary from each axolotl. Some may grow up to 18 inches while some may not grow more than 8 inches. It depends on the environment and food they get. So owners should make sure that they provide the best of everything to their pets.

Fully grown axolotl
Fully grown axolotl


How Big Is A Full Grown Axolotl?

There is no specific number of the fully grown axolotl. Axolotls are very sensitive animals and their environment will influence a lot. Environment affects the growth of an axolotl, many owners have seen axolotl grow as long as 18 inches.

Even though axolotls grow physically but according to science, they never grow because axolotls are considered neotenous. This means axolotls don’t enter their adult phase.


How Big Can Axolotls Grow?

How big do Axolotls grow? The growth of axolotls varies from every axolotl. Some may grow up to 6 inches while others may grow up to 18 inches. On average axolotl grow up to 8-12 inches.


When Are Axolotls Fully Grown?

When and how big do axolotls get? Scientifically, axolotls don’t develop to the adult phase in their lives because they are neotenous. Even though the owner doesn’t get a fully grown axolotl but their physical body enlarges and an axolotl will be grown fully by fifteen months.


How To Tell How Old An Axolotl Is?

An owner can’t judge the age of an axolotl by looking at it. Sometimes axolotls may not grow enough according to their age. However, on average, a 5-month-old axolotl would be as long as 4-5 inches.


How Long Does It Take For An Axolotl To Grow To Full Size?

At what age is an axolotl fully grown? Axolotls are fully grown at the age of fifteen months. On average axolotl full size is between 7-10 inches. However, some people have even seen 18 inches long axolotls. The growth of axolotls is largely affected by their environment and the food they eat.


How Big Is A Fully Grown Axolotl?

A full-grown axolotl can be somewhere between 7-10 inches sometimes growth of axolotl can reach up to 15 inches and even more. To ensure that the axolotl grows to its fullest potential, the owner should provide all necessities required by axolotls.


How Long Until An Axolotl Is Fully Grown?

How fast do Axolotls grow? It can take up to 15-18 months for an axolotl to grow to its full potential. Even though they become sexually active by the first 6 months of their lives but they physically grow into a fully grown golden axolotl in 15 to 18 months.

Certainly, the food and environment will affect a lot on how fast an axolotl will grow. So owners should provide the best of everything to make their pet thrive. Furthermore, females will take slightly more time to grow than males.


How Long Does It Take For An Axolotl To Be Fully Grown?

Time varies from individual axolotls. Some may grow fully in a year, while some may take even 2 years. It all depends on the living conditions and food consumption of axolotl. To make sure that the axolotl grows fully and completely in less time, owners should provide good living conditions for their pets.

Fully grown axolotl
Fully grown axolotl



Do Axolotls Grow To The Size Of Their Tank?

Yes, it is believed that axolotls grow according to their tank size but there is no solid study that may support it. Even if axolotls grow according to their tank or not, still the owner should provide a large tank that has enough space for axolotls to move around and explore.


Is It Hard To Keep An Axolotl?

Yes, it is a complicated and hectic task to pet axolotls. Axolotls require dedicated time from owners together with proper maintenance of their tank, living conditions, food, water, temperature. If an owner isn’t willing to commit to providing efficient care to their pet, they should not adopt an axolotl.


How Much Does It Cost To Keep An Axolotl?

When an owner wants to buy an axolotl, they should expect to pay $200-$300 for the axolotl, tank, filters, temperature, gravel, and other required tools. The cost can even go up. There is no average to how much would be monthly expenses of an axolotl. However, an owner can estimate by understanding the price of food, sudden change of any equipment, hours consumed in cleaning and maintaining the tank, adding structures and toys etc.


How Much Space Does A Axolotl Need?

To pet a single axolotl, the owner requires at least a 10-gallon water tank. It is a very essential requirement that can’t be avoided. Furthermore, when buying a tank another thing an owner should keep in mind is to buy a tank that has high walls and a closed lid to prevent axolotl from jumping out of the tank.


What Are The Growth Stages Of An Axolotl?

The axolotl sports a flat, rounded head, two small lidless eyes, and a large, wide mouth. On each side float three external gills that allow it to breathe (those of fish are internal). Their coloring (more or less bright) can indicate their state of excitement.

The elongated body of the axolotl has four legs with fingers that facilitate its movement at the bottom of the water. A small fin starts from the base of the head and runs along its back. The amphibian measures between 15 and 33 cm in adulthood and its weight vary between 60 and 110 grams.

At one centimeter, the baby axolotl feeds on brine shrimp. At 2cm, his legs begin to develop and he can start eating bloodworms and daphnia. At 3cm, the colors are more and more apparent.

At 5cm, they are juveniles or subadults that can eat pellets, small pieces of fish and thus pieces of earthworms. At 10cm the axolotl becomes an adult, it takes between 3 and 5 months to reach this size. It lives on average ten years.


Best Way To Get An Axolotl To Grow

If it is possible to raise an axolotl in captivity, respect for certain conditions is essential to keep it in good health.

The ideal temperature is between 17 and 21°C, i.e. an ambient temperature that does not require the installation of a heating system. Care must be taken to place the aquarium in a room that is not subject to large variations in degrees (be careful in the summer season). In any case, the water should never exceed 22°;

For the dimensions, it is necessary to count a minimum width of the aquarium of 80cm. As axolotls live at the bottom of the water, it is not necessary to have a great depth (but a minimum of 40cm). The species being gregarious, the presence of a congener will require a larger aquarium (120cm). If it’s even bigger, the amphibians won’t mind!


Final Verdict- Fully Grown Axolotl

A Fully grown axolotl can vary from 8-to 15 inches. Sometimes they can grow as long as 18 inches and sometimes they may not grow more than 6 inches. It is different for each axolotl. Environment and food affect their growth a lot.

Fully grown axolotl
Fully grown axolotl – fully grown axolotl in the wild – fully grown axolotl in captivity

So, owners should make sure that they provide the best requirements for their pets.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet axolotl a good and comfortable life!

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