Best Pellet Food For Axolotl

Many people have axolotls as aquatic pets in their aquariums. In addition to paying attention to temperature, tank mates, and water quality, paying attention to the food given to axolotls is the main thing in maintaining the health and condition of axolotls. If they have reached a certain age, the axolotl can eat pellet food to replace live food or dead prey.

What is the best pellet food for Axolotl? Choosing pellets should not be arbitrary. There are many pellets out there that are not specially made for axolotls with low quality and low nutrients. Choosing the best pellet food for axolotl will ensure maximum axolotl growth.

To find out the types of pellets and how much you can give to axolotls, let’s read this article to the end.

Best pellet food for axolotl
Best pellet food for axolotl


How Many Pellets Can You Feed Axolotls?

Before you give a pellet to an axolotl, you should know how the axolotl eats and how much they need. Axolotls do not have strong teeth for tearing the meal apart or chewing. Axolotls will grasp their prey and swallow it as a whole.

If you want to give an axolotl pellet food, ensure you bring a soft pellet that makes it easier for the axolotl to grasp and swallow. Because axolotls like to be at the bottom of the tank, you can quickly sink pellets to entice them to eat soft pellets.

Young axolotls are more interested in moving live foods. If you want to try giving pellets to young axolotls, try to bring them once and drop them right in front of the axolotls. If they directly approach it, the axolotl can think that the pellet is live food.

You can adjust how many pellets are given at each meal by looking at their desire to eat. Give until the axolotl does not want to eat the pellets that you have dropped. The best pellet food for axolotl is a pellet that is eaten many times by axolotl, and there is sufficient protein value for axolotl growth.


How Often To Feed Pellets To Axolotls?

Pellets are only good when you give them after the axolotl reaches juvenile. Hatchlings and baby axolotls need worms and brine shrimp for their growth. After their sense increases as a juvenile, you can start giving pellets.

The table below shows how much you need to feed the best pellet food for axolotl based on the size and age.

State of lifeSizeFrequency
Juvenile3-5 inch1x per day
Subadult6-8 inchEvery other day
AdultOver 8 inchEvery 2-3 days

Choosing the best food for axolotls will help them go get a healthy life. Excellent food quality will ensure the axolotl grows to its full potential. Do not give pellets before your axolotl has a sense of being given dead prey.

Young axolotls are picky eaters and only eat what moves. Best pellet food for axolotl will only work after axolotl reaches juvenile.

You can check the axolotl’s state of life by its size. Young juveniles have entered between the ages of 3 months. Give pellets when the axolotl is 4 months old or 5 months when it enters the late juvenile state.


How Many Pellets To Feed Axolotl?

You can give axolotl pellets by looking at the last time they ate and according to their age. Adult axolotls will only eat for two to three days. If you give an earthworm to an axolotl, they will process it for one to two days.

Give axolotl sinking pellets two to three per day. If the axolotl looks like it still wants to eat, add one or two more. If you give the best pellet food for the axolotl, it will be full easily, and there will be no digestive problems.

You need to pay attention to the number of best pellet food for axolotl you give every day. Do not give the same amount. Sometimes axolotls only eat two grains. Other times axolotl can eat up to 6.

This condition is determined by how hungry the axolotl is, the condition of the water, and how you feed it. Pellets freshly put in the water will look much better than the old ones. If the food takes too long to absorb water, it can cause gastrointestinal problems to the axolotl.


Can Axolotls Eat Shrimp Pellets?

Axolotl love shrimp pellets, just as they love every type of shrimp you give them. When you give axolotl a brine shrimp from baby to juvenile, the axolotl will not be surprised when you give shrimp pellets.

The axolotl may be wondering which flavors they have ever encountered, but with a different shape. Shrimp is one of the best pellet food for axolotl. Shrimp is axolotl’s favorite food with the protein content needed to keep them healthy.

Axolotl will never get bored with all kinds of shrimp that you give. Maybe the axolotl can refuse when you give frozen dried shrimp, but not when you give the shrimp pellets. Many types of shrimp pellets are soft and the right size for the axolotl to swallow in one go.


Can Baby Axolotls Eat Pellets?

Baby axolotls will only eat sinking pellets when they see you drop them in front of them, and they consider it as a portion of live food. Young axolotls are more interested in moving worms or brine shrimp because their senses are still not very sharp for anything they can do. 

When they enter the juvenile state, their sense of dead prey or pellets has begun to develop. Some pet owners will start introducing foods when the axolotl is 3-5 months old.

It is possible if you give baby axolotls the best pellet food for axolotl if they want to come over and eat them. Don’t force baby axolotls to eat pellets without them having that desire themselves.

Forcing the axolotl to eat larger pellets will cause constipation or choking. The axolotl cannot chew its food and can only swallow it as a whole.

Try to find axolotl food for sale with ingredients that axolotls like, such as crustaceans or worms. Look for some references to get pellets with good quality and good taste.


What Type Of Pellets Do Axolotls Eat?

There are three types of pellets that pet owners often use for their axolotls, which are salmon pellets, shrimp pellets, and other pellets. Salmon and shrimp are pellets that are favored by axolotls in terms of taste and have many benefits for axolotl’s health.

Choosing the best pellet food for axolotl is necessary to give axolotls their best life expectancy. Providing a clean environment is not enough if it is not balanced with healthy food. For example, invert aquatics soft pellets for axolotls are soft and moist pellets that are suitable for young axolotls.

Best pellet food for axolotl
Best pellet food for axolotl

Many owners have used Invert aquatic soft pellets with a high protein content of 45% and sink easily. Bringing sink pellets will make it easier for the axolotl to reach its food. The taste of this pellet is one of the pellets favored by axolotls.


What Pellets Are Best For Axolotls?

Finding the best pellet food for axolotl must be compared from nutritional value, size, and quality. For example, salmon pellets and shrimp pellets are categorized as the two best pellets for axolotls because axolotls like the taste and provide appropriate nutrition value for axolotl needs.

Hikari Tropical sinking carnivore pellets are one of the best pellets, with high digestible protein levels up to 47%. The carotene content of this pellet will entice your axolotl to eat. It became the choice of many owners for their axolotls and fish.

Seeking the best pellet must also be seen from how your axolotl eats it. If the axolotl looks interested in the food you are given, and there are no side effects, then your choice for the pellet is correct.

Even though you have chosen one of the best, but your axolotl is not interested in eating it, you have to look for the problem of whether the pellet you have given is wrong or other requirements such as water quality or the condition of a sick axolotl.


What Is The Best Food For Axolotls?

The best pellet food for axolotl must be seen from the nutritional value, size per serving, and other supporting ingredients. There are some pellets of low quality that can produce ammonia more quickly if allowed to sink in water. Or some pellets do not have much nutritional value.

Axolotls are messy eaters. You need to ensure that the pellets given are enough for one swallow and don’t leave any residue in the tank. If the pellet is left in the tank, it will contribute to raising the ammonia level.

The good pellet will not disintegrate in water and stays in the same shape until the axolotl eats it. Feeding your axolotl with the best quality can be an example that not only in the Minecraft game you can provide the axolotl with the best food.

What to feed axolotl Minecraft? Find tropical fish in ocean biomes. Use a bucket of tropical fish and give as a whole instead of giving per piece of tropical fish.


Are Pellets Good For Axolotls?

There will be many choices of pellets for axolotls with various benefits offered. Pellet foods are good for axolotls when they reach juveniles, although some pet owners have started pelletting baby axolotls.

Finding the best pellet food for axolotl will be good to ensure the axolotl’s growth. Sinking pellets are the best option, as axolotls are often under the tank rather than food left to float on top of the tank.

Find the pellet that can absorb the water easily and sink without having to disintegrate and pollute the aquarium. Solid pellets will make it easier for the axolotl to grasp and swallow it.

If your axolotl is still used to live foods, it will take time to learn the axolotl until they can sense when you drop pellets into the tank.

Why are pellets suitable for juveniles? Some foods are designed in sizes that can be too large for baby axolotls. If you want to give the best pellet but the baby axolotl still can’t eat it, you can break it into flakes.


7 Best Pellet Food For Axolotl

If you are still confused about what pellets are suitable for your axolotl, below are some of the best pellet food for axolotls that have been used by many pet owners.

  • Hikari Tropical sinking carnivore pellets
  • Invert aquatic soft pellets
  • Aquatic foods salmon pellets
  • ABF gourmet axolotl soft food pellets
  • Zoo med aquatic new food
  • API tropical pellets
  • Aqueon Pro carnivore formula

Some of the options above you can find references and products at the local pet store near you. Before looking for pellets, focus on the age and size of your axolotl. If you feel that the axolotl is able to eat pellets, then you are ready to go.


Final Verdict – Best Pellet Food For Axolotl

Axolotls can eat pellets when they enter the juvenile state between 3-5 months. Although there are some pet owners who give pellets from baby axolotls, they must break the pellets into small pieces and give it slowly.

Sinking pellets are the best option, as the axolotl spends most of its time at the bottom of the tank. Juvenile axolotl can already feel dead prey or pellets because of her sharp senses. Do not force your axolotl to eat pellets until the time comes.

Best pellet food for axolotl
Best pellet food for axolotl

Choose the best pellet food from high protein content, not easy to disintegrate when sinking into the water, and your axolotl likes to eat it. Choosing the best pellet food takes some experience with Axolotl care. Make sure to check if their gills are turning white or if they are getting any other infection.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet axolotl a good and comfortable life!

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