Is Blue Brindle Pitbull Rare? (9 Cool Characteristics)

If you are considering acquiring a blue brindle Pit Bull, you may have an interest in knowing its defining features, its care needs and how you can go about acquiring it. There are also those who may want to get facts about these dogs out of pure curiosity. In this article, you will find comprehensive information on the blue brindle Pit Bulls.

We may describe the blue brindle Pitbull as a dog whose coat color is blue, and which also happens to have the brindle (tiger stripe) pattern. The dog may be an American Pit Bull Terrier, an American Staffordshire Terrier, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier or any other Pitbull-type canine.

So it is firstly a Pitbull-type dog. Secondly, it has a blue coat. And thirdly, on the blue coat, there is the brindle (tiger stripe) pattern.

The term blue brindle Pit Bull is really a description of a dog’s appearance. Blue brindle Pitbulls are similar to the rest of Pitbulls in all other aspects – except appearance.

Blue brindle pitbull
Blue brindle Pitbull

In terms of appearance, the blue brindle Pit Bulls happen to have blue coat color. And on those blue coats, they happen to have the brindle pattern: which is essentially the tiger stripe pattern.

That is why some people may opt to refer to it as the blue tiger stripe Pitbull. We also have those who may refer to it as a blue and brindle Pitbull.


What Does Blue Brindle Mean?

Before proceeding any further with a discussion on the blue brindle Pit Bull, it is essential for us to find out what the term ‘blue brindle’ means first.

Now in the context of dog appearance descriptions, ‘blue brindle’ simply means a brindle pattern appearing on a blue coat.

Therefore in blue brindle Pitbulls, we find blue coats, on which there are brindle patterns.

Brindle itself means a pattern similar to that which constitutes tiger stripes.

Thus a blue brindle dog of any type needs to have two qualifications. Firstly, it needs to have a blue coat. And secondly, it needs to have brindle (tiger stripe) pattern on that blue coat.

Some people may misspell it as ‘blue brindel‘. But it is actually ‘blue brindle’.


What Exactly Is A Blue Brindle Pitbull?

A blue brindle Pit bull is a dog whose coat color is blue, on which there happens to be a brindle pattern, and which happens to be a Pitbull-type dog.

A Pitbull-type dog is one with a bulky muscular body build, typically with a square head. It can, for instance, be an American Pit Bull Terrier. There are people who believe that the American Pit Bull Terrier is the only ‘true Pitbull’.

But, according to another viewpoint, an American Staffordshire Terrier, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and perhaps even an American Bully may be referred to as a ‘Pitbull’.

All in all, if we are to refer to a dog as a blue brindle Pit Bull, it needs to meet some three qualifications.

Firstly, it needs to be a Pitbull-type dog.

Secondly, it needs to have a blue coat.

And thirdly, it needs to have a brindle pattern on that coat.

Of course, in the brindle blue Pitbull, you won’t find the blue color tone we normally see in the skies. What you will typically find is a special shade of gray – gunmetal gray – which, on close examination, almost looks ‘blue’.

You only need to take a close look at pictures of blue brindle Pitbulls, to understand how appealing this color and pattern is.

The base blue color alongside the two colors that make up the tiger stripes constitute a three color (tri color) pattern. Consequently, some people may refer to this as a blue tri brindle Pitbull.

But strictly speaking, it would take the presence of another color like white, to make it a true tri color Pitbull. That, for instance, is what you find in a white blue brindle Pitbull.


What Does A Blue Brindle Pitbull Look Like?

The blue brindle Pitbull appearance is easy to describe.

The first thing you find in the blue pit brindle dog is a coat whose color is blue.

But you need to understand that while describing a Pitbull brindle blue doesn’t mean sky blue. It refers to a special shade of gray.

So the coat has that ‘blue’ color.

The second thing you find in the blue brindle Pit Bull is of course the brindle pattern. This is a pattern similar to the one we find in tigers, but usually in a more subtle fashion.

On top of the blue coat with brindle pattern, you may find other characteristics. Closer examination may reveal that the dog is actually a blue fawn brindle Pitbull.

Thus even a fawn blue brindle Pitbull dog would qualify, under this scheme.

It can even be a merle brindle Pitbull. So you find that the blue dominant color has patches of a dilute and solid color, against which the brindle pattern is set.

What about the nose color? Often what you find is a blue nose brindle Pitbull. The brindle blue nose Pitbull is quite common. Therefore it is a blue coat bluenose brindle pattern dog.

Actually, it would seem that when a dog has a blue coat with brindle pattern, it always ends up with a blue nose.

This is why another name for it may be brindle blue nose Pit Bull.

Ultimately, if you find someone offering blue nose brindle Pitbull puppies for sale, it is safe to assume that their coat color would be blue as well.

But then again, it is important to appreciate that a blue nose brindle Pitbull puppy may change in appearance as it grows.


Blue Brindle Pit Bull Size

The size to which a blue brindle Pit Bull grows will depend on its actual breed.

Much also depends on whether it is a pocket or xl blue brindle Pitbull.

Remember, we said that any Pitbull-type dog that has a blue coat with brindle pattern qualifies here.

Suppose, for instance, the dog is an American Pit Bull Terrier.

In that case, the full grown blue brindle Pitbull height may be as short as 17 inches and as tall as 21 inches.

Usually, you find a blue nose brindle Pitbull female being smaller than a male.

Rarely would a blue brindle Pitbull female be larger than a male – supposing they are both full grown.

What about the weight? Supposing it is an American Pit Bull Terrier, the Pitbull blue brindle dog can weigh as little as 30 pounds and as much as 60 pounds.

That, of course, is not for a blue brindle puppy. Rather, it would be for a full grown American blue brindle Pitbull adult dog.


Blue Brindle Pitbull History

In historical terms, it would seem that these blue brindle Pit Bulls were originally bred for fighting purposes.

They are largely descendants of the British Bull and Terrier dogs.

The Pitbulls seem to have made their way into the USA in the 19th century. Eventually used for dog fighting sports, they eventually found other uses.

Over time, distinct blue brindle Pitbull bloodlines arose, and with them, the various blue brindle Pitbull names.

For instance, with regard to the blue brindle Pitbull Terrier, there is the Razor Edge bloodline. Thus, it may be possible to get a Razor Edge blue brindle Pitbull dog.

Today, we have people who rear the blue Pitbull brindle dogs simply as family pets or for show purposes.


Blue Brindle Pitbull Personality And Temperament

Although it often looks like a very fierce dog, the Pitbull – including the blue brindle Pit Bull – is usually a rather friendly dog.

Unless there is a socialization problem, the Pitbull will rarely show aggression to humans.

But it can be strong-willed, and therefore needs obedience training right from a very young age.

In fact, the moment you acquire a blue brindle Pitbull puppy, the first thing you should start thinking of is obedience training.

Initially bred as a fighting dog, any Pitbull can be somewhat mean to other dogs. But with proper socialization, it is possible to overcome this.

Because it has great zest for life, the Pitbull – blue brindle or otherwise – requires lots of physical and mental activity. Otherwise boredom and sometimes destructiveness may set in.

All in all though, the Pitbull blue brindle or otherwise is a lively dog.


Blue Brindle Pitbull Training Needs

Right from a very young age, blue and brindle Pitbull puppies (just like all Pitbulls) need to be put through proper obedience training.

Another aspect of training that is critical is where you socialize the dog to be less aggressive to other dogs.

These are key things, when it comes to training a blue brindle bully puppy.

You can get a professional trainer to do the Pitbull training for you. Or you can undertake the Pitbull training on DIY basis, if you are really competent at it.

Either way, the focus is on how to make a blue brindle Pitbull behave appropriately all times.

This (training) aspect of blue brindle Pitbull care can be quite challenging.


Blue Brindle Pitbull Exercise Needs

The blue brindle Pit Bull, like any other Pitbull, requires lots of exercise to remain healthy and happy.

Organize for at least a full hour of exercise each day.

Incorporate walking, covering at least a few miles each day.

Blue brindle pitbull
Blue brindle Pitbull


Blue Brindle Pitbull Grooming Needs

There are four key grooming needs to pay attention to, when caring for a blue brindle Pit bull. These apply for any other Pitbull for that matter.

The first aspect is that of brushing the hair: at least once or twice per week.

Second is the aspect of trimming the dog’s nails, as need arises.

Third is the aspect of brushing the dog’s teeth, as per a regular schedule.

And fourth is the aspect of cleaning the dog’s ears, again as per a regular schedule.


Blue Brindle Pitbull Health Issues

It is essential to take your blue brindle Pit Bull for regular veterinary checkups.

You will also need to organize for regular vaccinations.

Like most other Pitbulls, these dogs are prone to skin allergies.

Hip dysplasia is also common in Pitbulls, as are the whole array of congenital heart issues.

Worth of special note for these types of dogs is color dilution alopecia. You need to be on the lookout for it, and if it develops, consult your vet for symptoms management.


How To Acquire A Blue Brindle Pit Bull?

Arguably the easiest way to get hold of a blue brindle Pit Bull may be to just buy it from a reputable breeder.

You can just go online, and start with a search for blue brindle Pitbull puppies for sale near me.

That way, you may find someone with blue brindle Pitbull bully puppies near where you are.

Is a blue brindle Pitbull rare? The answer is ‘yes’ – to some extent. In fact, if you research on what’s the rarest Pitbull color, blue often comes up.

Thus it may not be so easy to find a blue nose brindle pit puppy on sale sometimes.

But if you put enough effort in the search, you may eventually find a blue brindle Pitbull for sale somewhere.

At worst, you may find a reverse blue brindle Pitbull that is on offer for sale.

Remember, different breeders may opt to use different terms while tagging their puppies for sale.

For instance, you may find an offer for blue nose brindle Pitbull for sale. Then on examination, it turns out to be a blue coat brindle pattern Pitbull.

Ultimately, when you find an ideal blue brindle Pit Bull on sale, you can get in touch with the breeder.

Then take a good look at the dog. If it seems to be alright, you can proceed with the rest of the blue brindle Pitbull adoption process.

Sometimes, the blue brindle Pitbull price that the breeders charge may be far above what you can afford.

In that case, the only other option available to you may be that of adopting any abandoned blue brindle Pit Bulls you may find in shelters.


How Much Does A Blue Brindle Pit Bull Cost?

If you happen to find someone offering a blue brindle Pitbull puppy for sale, one challenge you may encounter is that of raising the required price for it.

How much is a blue brindle Pitbull worth? It can often range between $2,000 and 5,000. That is because it is a Pitbull, and Pitbulls are not cheap.

You shouldn’t expect a blue nose brindle Pitbull price to be similar to that for a ‘regular’ dog. It can be even dearer if, say, it is a blue eyed brindle Pitbull.

All in all, if you are venturing out seeking, say, a blue nose blue brindle Pitbull to buy, you need to have an adequate budget.

Even from the least of breeders, it may prove hard to find a blue brindle Pit bull going for less than $500 under any circumstances.

But you need to understand that on account of its exquisite appearance, the blue brindle Pit bull ultimately justifies its cost.


Final Verdict – Blue Brindle Pitbull

The blue brindle Pit Bull is simply a dog that happens to have a blue coat, with brindle (tiger-stripe) patterns, and which also happens to be of Pitbull type.

Blue brindle pitbull
Blue brindle Pitbull

Thus the blue brindle Pit Bull is a regular Pitbull in all other respects, except appearance. With regard to appearance, what sets it apart is the blue coat, with a brindle pattern.

 The blue brindle Pit Bull is relatively rare and thus often expensive.

You may purchase a blue brindle Pit Bull from a breeder or consider adopting from a shelter (if you happen to find one there).

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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