Gotti Pitbull : 9 Interesting Characteristics Of Gotti Pit Bulls

In recent years, there has been lots of interest in Gotti Pitbulls. Within this article, you will find comprehensive information on Gotti Pitbulls: from their appearance/defining features to their history, care needs and how one can go about acquiring the Gotti Pitbulls.

In the Gotti Pitbull, you get a dog that has the sturdy build and tough demeanor associated with Pitbulls, but with a much more pleasant and affectionate personality than a typical Pitbull.  

The Gotti Pit Bull has a very high loyalty rating, and will do almost anything to please its owner.

And whereas the Pit Bull Gotti dog has a mean demeanor, it is actually one of the most affectionate dogs.

On account of its appearance, and the fact that it is a Pitbull, there are people who will refer to the Pit Bull Gotti dog as the ‘Gotti bully’ or simply the ‘Gotti dog’.

The key thing to know about the Gotti Pitbulls is that they are simply American Pitbull terriers, but from a specific bloodline. That is the Gotti bloodline.

So what these bully Gotti Pitbulls have in common is that they share a bloodline.

Gotti pitbull
Gotti Pitbull

Therefore the whole thing is similar to how you have gator Pitbulls, which come from the gator bloodline. (Though there are folks who argue that there is no actual ‘gator bloodline’).  

Anyway you find that while both Gotti and Gator Pitbulls are American Pitbull Terriers, what differentiates them is the bloodlines they come from.

Still, if you happen to get hold of pics of Gotti Pitbulls, and compare them with those of other types of Pitbulls, you will notice that the Gotti Pitbulls have certain unique features.

The Pit Bull Gotti dogs are mostly larger than other Pitbulls, but nicer personality-wise.


What Is A Gotti Pitbull?

The best definition for the Pit Bull Gotti dog is where we define it as an American Pitbull terrier, from the Gotti bloodline.

It is a dog in which you find the classic mean demeanor associated with Pitbulls, minus the viciousness that Pitbulls often come with.

For many years, people had yearned for a Pitbull that looks tough (and hence can, say, scare intruders), but which is still a nice dog that a family can live with.

It is in the Pit Bull Gotti dogs that we find this combination.

Normally, a Pit Bull Gotti dog will tend to be bigger than a Pitbull from other bloodlines. Normally, a full grown Gotti Pitbull towers over other Pitbulls. This is especially so for the King Gotti Pitbull and the Xl Gotti Pitbull.

Because it is essentially an American Pitbull Terrier variety, there are also those who may refer to it as the American Gotti Pitbull or simply the American Bully Gotti.

There is really nothing like a Gotti dog breed. You shouldn’t go out looking for a Gotti breed dog. The Gotti Pitbull breed is actually American Pitbull terrier.

Every full blooded Gotti Pitbull is actually an American Pitbull terrier. It only happens to come from a specific bloodline: the Gotti bloodline.

There are other Pitbull bloodlines, like the Razor Edge bloodline, the (supposed) Gator bloodline and so on.

It is interbreeding with those others that may give rise to the likes of the Razor Gotti Pitbull (Razor Edge Gotti Pitbull), the Gotti Gator Pitbull and so on.

For instance, if you breed a Gotti bloodline Pitbull with a Gator Pitbull, you may get a Gator Gotti Pitbull. Or you breed a razor edge with a Gotti bloodline Pitbull, to get a Pitbull Gotti Razor Edge dog.


Gotti Pitbull History

Gottiline Pitbulls came into existence quite recently.

It so happened, in the late 1990s, that an American breeder by the name Richard Barajas got hold of a dog that came to be known as the ‘Notorious Juan Gotty’.

This dog, an American Pitbull Terrier, had certain outstanding qualities. Therefore Richard Barajas decided to develop a unique Pitbull bloodline from this dog. That is what came to be known as the Gottiline Pitbull.

The Pitbull Gotti Line grew quickly. The dogs from the Gotti Pitbull bloodline spread all over the US and eventually to other countries as well.

It got to a point where, upon being asked, what’s the best bloodline for a Pitbull, many people would name the Gotti Line without hesitating.

The Gotti Pitbull bloodlines also developed in the era of the Internet and social media, and this helped further in their fast spread.

Today, in certain circles, it is considered to be rather prestigious to own an authentic Gottiline Pitbull bloodline dog.

Demand for Gotti Bloodline Pitbull puppies has grown to a point where it seems to surpass supply most of the time.

Thus, in certain places, it can be hard to get a Gotti Bloodline Pit Bull on demand.

All in all, it was Richard Barajas’ deliberate effort, in the 1990s, that gave us the Gotti bully bloodline. Of course, since then, other breeders have gotten into the breeding of Gottiline pits.

But the bloodline owes a lot to the efforts of Richard Barajas, in the 1990s.

The key thing to remember is that the Gotti is simply a bloodline. So it is similar to how, upon asking, what is a Razor Edge Pitbull, you would be told that it is an American Terrier Pitbull bloodline. Gotti bullies belong to a bloodline, in a similar manner.


Gotti Pitbull Appearance

In a discussion on the Pit Bull Gotti dog, one question that is bound to come up is this: what does a Gotti Pitbull look like?

And the answer is that a Pit Bull Gotti dog always has a broad head. Very notable on it is the broad jawline it has.

The eyes in Pit Bull Gotti dogs are always round. These eyes may be in any color, except blue.

Coat colors in Pit Bull Gotti dogs range from white to black, gray, fawn and brown as well as blue.

Blue is a particularly common color in this bloodline. There are even those who refer to it as the blue Pitbull Gotti bloodline.

Thus chances of getting a blue Gotti Pitbull are quite high. Here, we are not talking about a blue nose Pitbull Gotti.

What is in question is a Pit Bull Gotti dog whose coat is actually blue. And yes, a blue nose Gotti Pitbull is also there. Therefore if you want a Gotti blue nose Pitbull, you can still get it.

In fact, the Pitbull blue nose Gotti dog is quite common. It is not uncommon to hear someone making reference to the blue nose Gotti bloodline. The blue nose may be easier to find than, say, the Gotti red nose Pitbull.

Still, with some effort, you can get a red nose Gotti Pitbull, if that is what you prefer in a Gotti bully Pitbull.

One may also interbreed a Gotti Pitbull with a razor edge Pitbull, giving rise to a blue Gotti Razor Edge Pitbull.

All in all, in Gotti pit pics, the most outstanding feature is usually the broad head, with a particularly broad jawline. The round eyes in the blue Gotti pit (or indeed any other Gotti Pitbull) are also notable.


How Big Do Gotti Pitbulls Get?

A Pit Bull Gotti dog can go up to 150 pounds in weight. That would make it heavier than many people!

There is also the pocket Gotti Pitbull, which can still pull in an impressive 70 lbs in weight.

Thus if you had an interest in knowing the Gotti Pitbull weight, then it is in that range. Even the Gotti Razor Edge Pitbull weight would typically be around that range.

A Gotti Pitbull puppy may be born small, but by the time it is one year old, it grows to an impressive size.

Height-wise, the Pit Bull Gotti dog should typically be above 21 inches. So it is a big, brawny dog, by all standards.

Even when you happen to get a Gotti Pitbull mixed with Razor Edge, it will still usually be quite impressive, size-wise.

This above average size becomes a factor when, for instance, designing a Gotti bloodline Pitbull house. For obvious reasons, Gotti Pitbull kennels are usually bigger than average.

Gotti pitbull
Gotti Pitbull


Gotti Pitbull Personality And Temperament

In terms of demeanor, we have seen that the Pit Bull Gotti dogs look like very mean dogs. But in terms of temperament, they are actually very gentle dogs.

The Gotti Pitbulls are the sorts of dogs that will normally only attack under intense provocation.

Gotti Pit Bulls can get along with other pets, and even with young children. But due to their big size and heavy weight, they may accidentally trample on smaller pets and kids while playing: hence the need for supervision.

Loyalty is one of the key defining features of the Gotti Pitbulls. They tend to be intensely loyal, and will go to any lengths to please their masters.

Gotti Pitbulls, like all other American Pitbull terriers, are dogs of high intelligence.

If you do Gotti Pitbull training right, this is a dog that is capable of amazing feats.

Their intense love for their human masters does predispose Gotti Pitbulls to separation anxiety though.

Gotti Pitbulls are very laidback dogs. Therefore for a Gotti Pitbull exercise can be a challenge: as these are the sorts of dogs that may prefer to spend much of their time lazing around on the couch.

Nonetheless for a Gotti Pitbull exercise is critical, and without it, the dog may develop behavioral and health challenges.

You may therefore find yourself having to coax your Pit Bull Gotti dog off the couch, for a walk or some other sort of exercise.


Gotti Pitbull Grooming Needs

One potentially challenging aspect of Gotti Pitbull care is that of grooming.

The nails on these dogs may grow rather fast, hence the need for regular and frequent trimming.

Thankfully, Pit Bull Gotti dogs don’t shed too much. Therefore twice a week hair brushing may suffice.

For good dental health, you may need to incorporate regular teeth brushing into your Gotti Pit bull care routine.


Gotti Pitbull Dietary Needs

As noted earlier, the Pit Bull Gotti dog is rather brawny. Therefore it needs a diet that is rich in protein, if it is to thrive.

The Gotti bulldog typically requires 2 to 3 cups of food per day.

Gotti puppies need more protein, to fuel their growth. Food with 22% protein may be what Gotti Pitbull puppies need, if they are to grow optimally.

Even if yours are Gotti Razor Edge Pitbull puppies, that is still roughly how much protein you should aim to give them.

On the whole, food needs for the Razor Edge Gotti Pitbull puppies may not be very different from those for the pure Gotti puppies.

For adult Gotti Pit Bulls, the food needs to have some 18% protein, if they are to thrive.

Strive to give your Gotti Pit Bulls adequate food. But avoid overfeeding, in order to deter problems like obesity.


Gotti Pitbull Health Issues

One health issue that tends to torment Gotti Pit Bulls as they get older is that of hip dysplasia.

We also see that Gotti Pit Bulls are very prone to congenital heart problems.

Because their coat is relatively short, these dogs may be prone to skin problems. Those include allergies that affect the skin, as well as the condition we refer to as mange.

Gotti Pit bulls, being American Terrier Pitbulls, are also quite prone to thyroid problems.

Their kneecaps also tend to dislocate quite easily.

A health checkup may be necessary just after you complete the Gotti Pitbull adoption process. In fact, there are those who undertake the health checkup in the course of the adoption process itself.


Gotti Pitbull Lifespan

In terms of life expectancy, a Pit Bull Gotti dog may do between 12 and 14 years – with proper care.

That is of course assuming the Gotti Pit Bull doesn’t suffer an accident or some other unforeseeable problem that shortens its life.

The 12 to 14 years lifespan is really just an average. It is not a guarantee that every Pit Bull Gotti dog will actually reach 12 to 14 years.

It is just that, going by the normal trends, it is reasonable to expect a Gotti Pit Bull to live for 12 to 14 years, with good care.


How To Acquire A Gotti Pitbull?

You can acquire a Gotti Pit Bull by buying it from a breeder, or by rehoming one from a dog rescue shelter.

You need to start by checking whether there are breeders offering Pit Bull Gotti dogs for sale near you.

For instance, if you are in Tucson Arizona, you can undertake an online search for ‘Gotti Pitbull for sale Tucson Az’.

Or if you are in Addison Illinois, you can similarly undertake a search for Gotti Pitbull puppies for sale in Addison Illinois.

Unfortunately, if you can’t find a breeder with Pit Bull Gotti dogs near you, you will have to extend the search further.

There are times when you may have to compromise. For instance, you may set out in search of an all white Gotti Pitbull. Then it proves impossible to get: forcing you to settle for a black Gotti Pitbull.

Or you may set out in search of blue Gotti puppies (purely from the Gotti bloodline). Then you come to learn that there are no blue Pitbull Gotti puppies available for sale at that point.

You therefore have to settle for blue Gotti Razor Edge Pitbull puppies. That is if all you can find are blue Gotti Razor Edge Pitbull puppies for sale at that point.

There is also a case where you may set out seeking King Gotti Pit bull puppies for sale. And you are lucky to find them on sale. But then, the Gotti Pitbull price being charged for them turns out to be above your budget.

That may force you to compromise for something else. For instance, in this case, you may find that the blue Gotti Pitbull price is what is within your reach. So you forego the king Gotti puppies, for the ordinary blue Gotti puppies.


How Much Do Gotti Pitbulls Cost?

Gotti Pitbulls generally don’t come cheap.

In most places, if you do find a Gotti Pitbull puppy for sale, the price will normally be above $1,000. That can go up to $5,000 in some places.

Some ‘special’ types of Gotti Pit bulls may cost more than others.

For instance, if you research on how much does a Razor Edge Gotti Pitbull cost, the figure will tend to be quite high. The basis for that higher Gotti Razor Edge Pitbull price is easy to understand.

After all, to get the Razor Edge Gotti Pitbull, one has to breed a Pit Bull Gotti dog with a Razor Edge Pitbull. Both are hard to obtain, and getting them to breed takes time. So it makes sense that the resultant offspring would be quite costly.

Ultimately, Gotti Pit bulls tend to be quite costly – if nothing else, on account of their rarity and prestige value.


Final Verdict – Gotti Pitbull

Gotti Pit bulls are American Terrier Pitbull dogs that come from the Gotti bloodline.

These are dogs with the tough looks associated with Pitbulls, minus the meanness for which Pitbulls are sometimes infamous.

Gotti pitbull
Gotti Pit bull

Gotti Pit Bulls normally have broad heads, with rather big and well defined jawlines.

These are intelligent, laidback and extremely loyal dogs. Their extreme love for their owners makes them particularly prone to separation anxiety. But that can be overcome.

Because they are rare, and they come with a prestige tag, Gotti Pit Bulls can be somewhat expensive. But they are unique dogs, with lots of qualities to justify their prices.

You can buy a Gotti Pit Bull from a breeder. Or you can rehome a Gotti Pit Bull from a dog rescue shelter, if you happen to find one there.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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