Constipated Axolotl Not Pooping : (7 Menacing Reasons)

Have you ever encountered a condition where your Axolotl floated and was not interested in the food you were given? Especially if the condition is more than one day, of course, you are worried about the condition of your Axolotl. If you encounter this, there is a possibility that you have a constipated Axie problem.

Is your constipated Axolotl not pooping? Axolotls may develop constipation when there is a block-up from the food they eat, or they eat gravel. Rocks of large size are swallowed directly by the Axolotl and enter their digestive system, causing constipation. Although it is possible to come out directly as poop, it can also lead to death. You need to do prevention so that this does not happen.

Let’s learn about axolotls who experience constipation and what factors can predispose them to it.

Constipated axolotl not pooping
constipated Axolotl not pooping


How Long Does It Take For An Axolotl To Poop?

For adult axolotls, they will process the food they ingest for a day or so, you only need to feed them every two to three days. It takes about a day before they produce waste. If you coincidentally watch as they do that, it won’t take long to get the solid poop out.

If you feed axolotls more often than normal, then they can also produce more waste. Axolotls are known as aquatic pets that produce a lot of waste, so you can expect axolotls to poop a day or two after they eat.

If you have a constipated Axolotl, they will have a hard time removing the poop and take longer to remove until it runs out. Do not give any more food to axolotls in this condition to not further disturb their digestive system.

There are several problems faced by axolotl owners when Axolotl feeds on substrates such as gravel. This can cause something more severe than constipation because the gravel can block the poop from exiting and can lead the Axolotl to death.

Replacing the substrate with fine sand will prevent that from happening. If the Axolotl ate sand, nothing would happen because it is smooth and very small.


How Often Should Your Axolotl Poop?

You can determine how often the Axolotl poops from how much food you give it, how much volume it gives, water temperature, water quality, and their health status.

For example, axolotls do not want to eat if the tank temperature is not right because they are stressed. If the water is dirty due to too much waste, the Axolotl will also have less appetite.

If you give food too often or overfeed your Axolotl, you may also encounter a constipated axolotl. The constipated Axolotl will tend to float as it tries to expel the poop with difficulty. Feeding too large a volume of food can be difficult for axolotls because they don’t have teeth that can grind what they eat.

Axolotl teeth are not used for tearing food apart but only grasp and swallow it immediately. If the food is too big, this could be the main reason why they are constipated. If you find an axolotl that doesn’t want to eat, of course, you have to find the point of the problem.


How Do You Pick Up Axolotl Poop?

You can pick up the solid axolotl poop by using a turkey baster. Immediately grab any poop seen in the tank because the Axolotl is a silly creature that will eat anything that moves.

If the solid poop accidentally moves due to the water current and when they see it, there’s a good chance the Axolotl will eat it.

Check the tank the day after being fed to see if the Axolotl has pooped. Twenty minutes after giving the food, strain the uneaten poop so that no bubbles or water can make a constipated axolotl.


What Does An Axolotl Poop Look Like?

The color and shape of the axolotl poop is like goatskin with a brown color and almost like liquid. If you try to poke it, it will burst. Because it is easy to disintegrate, this is why axolotl tanks must always be kept clean.

You can’t pick up an axolotl poop with your bare hands. Use a turkey baster as soon as you see it in the tank. A lot of waste in the tank can increase ammonia levels which are dangerous for the health of the Axolotl.

If you encounter a constipated Axolotl, always check every time if your Axolotl starts to poop because solid poops can come out larger or more fluid than usual.

Move the axolotls temporarily to clear the tank if that happens, and put them in the quarantine tub until they recover.


What Does Baby Axolotl Poop Look Like?

Babies’ poo has the possibility of spreading into the sand. If you see brown color scattered around the substrate, it is poop from a baby axolotl.

A safe way to check the cleanliness of the water is to change the water once a week. If the axolotl tank does not have a water filter, change 20% of the water daily.

Baby axolotls have a larger feeding schedule than adult axolotls but with smaller portions. If given too much food, you will make a constipated Axolotl. Baby axolotls will take longer to heal if constipated because their bodies are still adapting and developing.


Do Axolotls Produce A Lot Of Waste?

Yes, Axolotl creates a lot of waste, and you need to have a water filter. There will be ammonia in every waste produced by Axolotl. If too much is in the tank and the water is not replaced, the Axolotl can be poisoned.

Pay attention if you have a constipated Axolotl because they can produce more waste than usual because of the food that accumulates in their stomach.

Water quality includes requirements that must be met to be healthy such as water cleanliness, pH level, and ammonia or nitrate level.


My Axolotl Hasn’t Pooped In 2 Days – Should I Be Worried?

If the axolotls aren’t pooping for two days, you don’t have to worry if they’re adults. Adult axolotls only need to eat every two to three days because their digestive system, which processes food, takes time to break down food and produce poop.

If your Axolotl is healthy and the quality of the tank or water is adequate, the Axolotl can produce waste the day after being fed. If the Axolotl doesn’t poop for longer than two days, you may have a constipated Axolotl problem.

Stop feeding the Axolotl and leave the Axolotl in the tank or give the tank a slightly cooler temperature than normal so that they can recover faster from the constipated problem.


Does Axolotl Get Constipated Easily?

If you feed axolotls too often, then that is the main cause of a constipated axolotl. Baby axolotls and juveniles need two to three meals per day. Meanwhile, sub-adults only need one time per other day.

For adults, you can only give two to three times a day. If more frequent, the Axolotl will still eat but cause constipation. Feeding axolotls must be appropriate for their portion and body size to fit the required diet.

If you’ve noticed a constipated problem, reduce their feeding time and space them out until the axolotl poops. Give it a day or two after that until the axolotls recover and their appetite returns.


Constipated Axolotl Not Pooping Symptoms

If you see an axolotl swollen belly or bloat, they may have constipation. There are several things to know why they can be constipated.

Constipated axolotl not pooping
constipated Axolotl not pooping

Below are some of the symptoms that can be seen when your Axolotl is constipated.

FloatingIf the axolotl eats too much and air accidentally enters the axolotl’s body, they will float.
Abdominal swellingStop passing stool so that the belly is too full.
Refusing to eatAxolotls don’t want to eat even if they are given live foods because their stomachs are full.
InactivityThe axolotl’s movement slows down and doesn’t really respond to anything in the tank.


Axolotl Won’t Eat Because Of Constipation

If the Axolotl is not well, they will refuse any food even if it is their favorite. Constipation can cause abdominal swelling and make it difficult for the Axolotl to move.

In addition, if the constipated Axolotl due to eating too much, the Axolotl will lose appetite until their digestive system is smooth. Let the axolotls stand still or do some fridging to pass the blockage in their stomach.

Do not feed them first for some time until their activities return to normal. Reduce the portion of food and pay attention to their behavior after the constipation problem is over.


What To Do With Bloated Axolotl?

If you see an axolotl belly up, it could be because they have too much air in when they eat, or you may have a constipated axolotl situation.

You can do fridging on the Axolotl, and usually, the Axolotl can fit its stool after a few hours of being there. Do the fridging until the axolotl condition recovers, and do not feed until they show signs that they are hungry.

After the gas or stool can come out, the Axolotl will return to its normal activities. Do not let the Axolotl feel constipation again shortly. Always check the portion of food you give and make sure the Axolotl is always at the right temperature.


Foods That Can Make Axolotl Constipated

There is no certain type of food that causes constipated Axolotl. Axolotl owners just have to know how many portions are appropriate according to their body size and age because Axolotl cannot chew food with its teeth and swallow it whole.

All types of axolotl food, such as daphnia, worms, crustaceans, can cause Axolotl to be constipated if given in large portions or too often, resulting in overfeeding.

If you put tank mates such as fish with exoskeletons or hard spines, and the axolotls are aggressive towards them to the point of eating them, there is a chance that the axolotls will get impaction. Although constipation does not occur, it is still dangerous for the Axolotl’s health.

The main cause of constipation is only the portion of food that is too frequent or too large.


What Should I Do When Axolotl Poop Stuck?

You can transfer the axolotls to cold dechlorinated water and let them sit for a few hours. A lower temperature than the axolotl tank temperature will speed up the healing process of the constipated Axolotl problem.

If you can’t solve the problem, take the Axolotl to the vet for advice on the constipation problem. There is a possibility that they will give axolotl laxative to speed up the healing process.

I’ve seen an axolotl with a swollen belly from eating too much. I was fridging for three hours until the Axolotl passed their stool. After that, I returned it to the tank and did not give food until two days later to make sure the condition of the Axolotl was stable first.


Final Verdict On Constipated Axolotl Not Pooping

It is the responsibility of the axolotl owners to be aware of the problems facing Axolotl so that the Axolotl has a long life as your aquatic pet.

Constipated axolotl not pooping
constipated Axolotl not pooping

Constipation is a problem that can be considered serious because if it is too severe, it can cause death. Although there is still a high chance that the Axolotl will recover from constipation, preventing it from happening is also a cure.

Constipation can be caused by Axolotl eating too often or eating food that is larger than its size. This can be a problem because the axolotls will have difficulty passing their poop out of the body, and you may find the axolotl with a swollen belly.

You can fridge the axolotls and don’t feed them until they heal. Always monitor their diet and arrange a food menu that must be adjusted to their age and body size for constipated Axolotl.

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