Blackheads On Dog Nipples : 3 Clear Ways To Get Rid Of Blackheads

Many dog owners complain about why there are blackheads on dog nipples? Blackhead is very common in many individuals. You can see dogs. Also, it can be in both genders of dogs. A black spot on the dog may also be due to the flea dirt.

Are blackheads on dog nipples common? Blackheads on dog nipples can be seen in both females and males, and it is normal in both genders. Females have black spots on their skin or nipples. Blackheads can be due to acne problems. It will be removed without any treatment. Black dots on a dog’s skin can be due to debris.

Blackheads on dog nipples
blackheads on dog nipples

In this article, we will discuss what causes a female dog’s nipple to swell, why there are blackheads on dog nipples, how to get rid of dog blackheads, and many other things related to these. Let’s dive into the details of blackheads on dog nipples.


Do Dogs Get Blackheads On Nipples?

Yes, dogs do get blackheads on nipples. It is a normal thing in females and males. You need not worry about blackheads on the skin and nipples of dogs. It will naturally remove without any treatment. Like humans, when we have blackheads, then they will be removed naturally.

There can also be a dark spot that is due to the production of sebum. When there is an accumulation of debris and dirt, that area looks like a black and brown appearance. This type of spot is hard when you touch. These will not be removed even with a wet cloth. It looks very similar to a blackhead. In this case, you need to give proper treatment to remove this debris spot from dogs’ skin.


Why Does My Dog Have Blackheads On Her Nipples?

Blackheads that are on the skin of dogs can be due to multiple reasons. Dark spots can also be due to many other reasons like dead skin, sweat, bacteria, dirt, and oil, etc. When there is an accumulation of dirt on the skin of dogs, then it is also similar to blackheads. Black spots on the dog belly may be due to the blackhead.

Blackhead disappears with any treatment. Frequent bathing can also remove dark spots that are on the nipple of dogs.  You should not use any shampoo or other chemicals to remove blackheads from the dog’s skin. There is different body metabolism as compared to dogs. So, we cannot use human shampoo for dogs. It may cause allergies in dogs.

Many reasons are there behind blackheads on dog nipples. It may be due to debris that is present on paws. When they lick their nipples, then it looks like a blackhead. Dogs that have acne problems can also get blackheads on their nipples. The dog that is feeding their young ones may also have a black spot on their nipples. It is best practice to wash the nipples of dogs after feeding.

If the nipples of dogs are inverted, then there may be blackheads on dog nipples. In this case, the recessed area accumulates extra sweat, oil, and other things. The gathering of all these things results in the dark spots on dogs’ nipples. You should give them a bath to avoid this type of condition.


What Causes A Female Dog’s Nipple To Turn Black?

Many things are there that are causing the color of nipples to turn blue. Many people are there that don’t pay attention to the nipples of dogs. It would be best if you observed or checked your dog thoroughly to save your dog from getting serious issues. When the color of nipples changes, then it tells us that there is some problem in dogs. It can be due to stress, hormones, irritation, and cancer also.


Following are the reasons that are worth considering if you want to know the causes behind the discoloration of nipples.

Female Hormone At Play

The main reason that is causing the color change in nipples is female hormones level. When there is overproduction of sexual hormones in dogs, this results in the discoloration of the nipples of dogs. It is mostly seen in non-spayed dogs. If the female dog is not spayed and there is a change in nipple color, then it may be due to the pregnancy.

Many other symptoms like abdominal distention, weight gain, and mammary gland enlargement also tell us about the pregnancy of dogs. All of these changes are after forty days of gestation.


Nursing Stress

If dogs have whelped, then dogs frequently gnawing and suckling may result in local irritation. When dogs scratch the nipple with nails, there is a change in the color of the nipples. Scratching may result in the entry of bacteria into the skin. It would help if you trimmed the nails of dogs to save them from bacterial infection. Dogs may get different health issues. You need to consult with your vet in case of any sickness.

When a dog is under stress, there are hormonal changes in dogs which ultimately result in the discoloration of the nipple. Nipple color changes into black color.


Local Irritation

When there is an allergy problem in dogs, then it results in the black color of nipples. Dog nipples have scabs. You can consult with your vet to remove this issue. Many other parts also have changed in color. Many dogs are there that want to rub their body on a rug or carpet.

Friction may result in a change in skin color and become irritated. Scratching and excessive licking may also result in black nipples. It would be best if you allowed them to sit on soft clean where there are fewer chances of friction.



Breast cancer is also the main reason for black color nipples. You will see the nodular firm mass that has black color. It may be due to the tumor. When there are dead cells inside the body, then it looks like black and bluish skin. As a result skin of the nipples appears as black swollen, and they will emit local discharge.

It can also be in male dogs. You should consult with your vet as early as possible. It is because cancer may spread in all bodies. It can be fatal if left unchecked.


What Causes A Spayed Female Dog’s Nipple To Turn Black?

When there is any problem with the mammary glands of dogs, then it results in the color of the black or purple nipple. It is mostly seen in spayed females or males. When the tissue or cell dies inside, then there is less blood supply in them. Due to poor oxygenation, the color nipples look like black color. Dogs may also get different issues like vomiting, lethargy, appetite loss, fever, etc.


Can Dogs Get Blackheads On Their Nipples?

Yes, dogs can get blackheads on their nipples. It can be found in both genders. It needs no treatment and will be removed naturally. If the black spots on dogs nipples are due to the gathering of dirt, you should remove this debris spot with frequent bathing. Some spots cannot be removed by wet cloth.

Blackheads on dog nipples
blackheads on dog nipples


Can I Pop My Dogs Blackheads On Nipples?

No, you cannot pop up the blackheads on dog nipples. Blackheads on dog nipples can be removed by consultation with your vet. If you pop up the blackhead, it results in inflammation or infection on the nipples of dogs, resulting in many serious health issues. Squeezing lesions increases the chance of infection.


How To Prevent Blackheads On Dog Nipples In The Future?

You should know the cause that is behind the blackheads on dog nipples. If the blackhead is due to an acne problem, you can consult with your vet to treat the acne problem. Black spots on dogs nipples may be due to the accumulation of dirt. You need bathing to remove this type of spot.

You can use the pinhead to remove the ticks from the skin of dogs. When there is sticking of ticks on the skin of dogs, then it also looks like a blackhead. You can also use shampoo for the removal of ticks and fleas from the skin of dogs.

In this way, you will not see a black spot in the future. The sticking of ticks on the nipples can also look like a blackhead. Don’t rupture the blackhead on the nipple. It may result in inflammation and other serious issues on sensitive organs.


How Do You Get Rid Of Blackheads On A Dog’s Nipples?

For the removal or treatment of black spots, you need to know the cause of blackheads. Flea dirt is also the reason for black spots on dogs nipples. You can also consult with your dermatologist to remove the blackhead or other skin-related issues.

Here is the detail of the causes of blackheads and how to get rid of these problems.


Remove Blackheads

As we know, blackheads are the reason for the discoloration of nipples. It is recommended by the vet that you should not pinch or pick the blackhead from the skin of dogs. It is a very painful procedure for rupturing a blackhead. It may also cause infection of that place, inflammation, and skin irritation.

If the blackhead is ruptured, then there may be chances of bacterial infection there. You can use antibiotics if dogs have bacterial infections. You can treat the blackhead with follicle flushing shampoos, anti-seborrheic, etc. both of these contain sulfur and salicylic acid. In this way, you can remove the blackheads from the nipples of dogs.


Take Out Flea Dirt

When fleas pop on the skin of dogs, then it results in the black spot, and it is just similar to blackheads. You can use a tick collar when dogs are at the age of about eight months. Bathing and grooming with water, shampoo, and soap are very effective for removing debris from fleas.

You can also eradicate this problem by removing the cause that is behind it. When there are no fleas on the skin, there will be no diet, and you will need no treatment. You can consult with your vet for the treatment of fleas. The vet will prescribe the treatment according to the size, health, and age of your dogs.

Many methods are there, like oral treatment, collars, and ointment. If you want to remove the fleas, you have to use the flea products on dogs’ skin continuously. Methods of treatment for fleas may vary because of the nature of the breed and age of dogs. You can check and buy many products in local stores for removing fleas from dogs.


Professional Help

You can also consult with your vet or pet dermatologist. This is the most effective way of treatment, and that is vet consultation. Issues like endocrine diseases, mammary tumors, and skin diseases need vet consultancy. The vet will diagnose the cause of the problem then prescribe the medication accordingly after seeing the complete medical history. If black spots on dogs’ nipples are due to fleas or dirt, then you need to know the best shampoo for your dogs.


Final Verdict – Blackheads On Dog Nipples – Black Spots On Dogs Nipples

Blackheads on nipples can be due to multiple reasons. It can be due to an acne problem. When ticks stick on the skin of dogs, then it also looks like a blackhead. You can use anti-ticks shampoo to remove them. Flea debris is also a reason for black spots on the nipples of dogs.

Blackheads on dog nipples
blackheads on dog nipples

Sometimes the color of nipples changes because of hormonal imbalance, nursing stress, local irritation, and cancer. You should consult with your vet.

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