Why Does My Husky Hide? 4 Best Ways To Solve It

Why does my Husky hide its face under me? A couple of reasons. Your dog might be expressing fear and anxiety but finding comfort from you. Ready? Below is a cool article on why does my husky hide?

By head burying, your husky may be trying to rub its face against you when experiencing a skin irritation. Another case, it is possibly a propensity after noticing its conduct gets rewarded.

But that is not all about this, we would like to see you around as we get you more informed about ‘why does my husky hide?’

Why does my husky hide
why does my husky hide


Why Does My Husky Hide Food?

To keep it for future use. It is an instinctive natural way to save its food should it become hungry later on, that is often seen as a wild way in spite of the fact that it’s a smart way, isn’t it? Just curious, is your siberian husky hiding bones or is your siberian husky hiding as a result of one of the 6 reasons below?


Why Does My Dog Husky Hide Under The Bed?

Your husky is finding the place comfortable for taking a catnap. As a den animal, it is interested in a dark environment which makes it feel safe naturally. It also does like the condition, such as heat – maybe from your carpet and the balmy atmosphere.

Apart from your husky hiding under bed, you might be interested to find out why it is hiding under the tables or couches in your home.

Why does my husky hide? In which manner; is your husky hiding with kiss, is your husky hiding face or is your husky hiding paws? All these have different meanings which you will have learnt here in less than 10 minutes.


Why Does My Husky Hide His Head Behind Me?

This way, it is telling you that its warmth for you is flooding and you are its boon companion. It is also so pleased with you for always being there for it by feeding, raising and befriending it. Your husky trusts you and feels great having you.


Why My Husky Hides?

You know what, you are your husky’s car of joy. So why does my husky hide when it is supposed to be joyous with me? You now need to find what is wrong with your husky.

After you have found out, we have solutions for you too.


Get to know the 6 most common reasons for your husky’s behavior.


Dog Depression

Your dog does not want to eat, it is not aggressive as usual and feels lethargic, all of this. That shows your husky feels depressed and you need to figure out how to keep your buddy both emotionally and mentally healthy.

The depression can be caused by a couple of reasons starting from change in environments, boredom, fear and even Seasonal  Affective Disorders (SADs).

One quick thing to note, if you have just secured your husky, it might feel depressed at first because it is not used to your social company. Understand that it is normal and try to be more close to your husky by comforting it.


Injured Husky

When in pain, huskies are antisocial. It is an adaptive habitude which they had long before they were even domesticated.

In this way, they tend to keep away from predators or more harm because they are weaker and can not defend themselves.


Husky Illness

It is just automatic that keeping safe when sick is your husky’s priority.

This is not always the case of why does my husky hide, maybe its legs are hurt and can no longer walk. You need to figure out concisely before concluding why does my husky hide, I mean there might be a countless number or reasons.


Tired Husky

Your husky lays on its crate when taking its naps, but you found your husky hiding in ice machine. That is not a big issue.

If your husky is tired, it can lay where it is not supposed to since the nap is unexpected. Sometimes it might fall asleep in secret places leaving you searching for it the whole day.

Looking at the sleeping posture, it is easy to know if your puppy is tired or sick. 


Emotional Or Aggressive Husky

While huskies are naturally friendly, few cases of aggressiveness have been reported. When provoked, your Siberian husky will lash out and bite the other dog, it means you should train your husky,as young as it is, to mingle with other dogs if you have them.

Should your husky be emotional after acquiring it, means that it had been mistreated by its previous owner. Your emotional way of treating it might also have affected it and also, it could be experiencing some pain.


Mistreatment Of Dog

At all costs, keep away from mistreating your husky. By mistreating it, it feels insecure and might end up being severely shy. That is when you start to notice an unusual behavior of why does my husky hide.

A mistreated dog can take long to recover, and even if it does, it might not trust you again. So before you wonder why does my husky hide, pay attention to its behavior.

Why does my husky hide
why does my husky hide


How To Solve Husky Hiding Problem?

To be as clear as possible, the main reason your husky ignores you is lack of practice. Your husky might not have gone through the right training, that is why it is showing lack of attention.

All is not lost, take some time and read some simple husky remedies you can apply.

However, if you find that your dog has exceeded your calmness, it is a good idea to hire an experienced dogs specialist to have it trained.


Ensure Proper Exercise For Your Husky

Start by looking into your husky’s cause of its lack of concentration. Say your husky randomly gets over-excited and no longer listens to you when it sees another person appear.

Teach it to be disciplined, not with words but actions, for example, teach it to sit down for a while as you make it set its eyes on you completely.


More Fun Play And Exercise With Husky

Be fun whenever you are with it. Play hide and seek, play tug of war, teach it new skills, play with him in the garden and command you husky while you walk it on the leash.

Praise it when it does something pleasing but discourage it with an abash verbal sound every time it fails, for example, a loud ‘STOP’.

A husky falls in love easily with a playful owner, gently show it to your palm but quickly pull your hand off before it catches it. You will notice it gets excited as it learns your hand movements.


Don’t Reward Sadness And Reward Happy Dog

Encourage your dog with incentives every time it is around you and follows your commands. It will learn to behave nicely so that it can get rewarded.

Should you have accidentally taught it the wrong way by offering rewards, you can undo that by ignoring it once it starts the weird behaviour.


Consult With A Vet

Down in the dumps, your husky’s problem might be beyond your ken, say a ruptured eardrum. You can still help your husky with a vet’s help.


Final Verdict – Why Does My Husky Hide

Your husky is not your whole life but makes your life whole. If you treat your dog well and are ready to comfort it often, you will never be troubled with why does my husky hide.

Why does my husky hide
why does my husky hide

Always note that, the closer you are to it, the more you will learn from it and the stronger the bond so you will never misinterpret its behaviors.

And, one final thing, remember to always watch where your husky goes before concluding your furry friend is hiding, when it was feloniously stolen.

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