Fox Red Labrador Retriever : 25 Cool Facts, Pictures

Lately, there has been a lot of interest in fox red Labrador Retriever dogs. In this article, you will find comprehensive information about the fox red Labrador Retriever dogs – including their origin, their appearance, their temperament, their care needs and how to acquire them.

The fox red Labrador Retriever has a coat color akin to that of a red fox. Officially though, it is simply classified as a darker shade of the traditional yellow Labrador Retriever coat color. It is a highly energetic, intelligent and friendly dog.

Some people will refer to it as the fox red lab or red fox lab. There are even those who may combine the words, and hence refer to it as the foxred Labrador or simply foxred lab. Redfox Labrador or simply redfox lab are other common references to this dog. But they all refer to the same entity.

Fox red is one of the rarer Labrador Retriever colors. For that reason, fox red Labs are highly valued. Fox red Lab puppies are not always very easy to come by.

But as interest in fox red Labradors grows, more and more breeders are turning their attention to them.

Being highly energetic dogs, red fox Labs require lots of exercise. The red fox Labrador also happens to have a double coat, which translates to considerable grooming demands.

Besides the considerable exercise and grooming demands, the red fox Labrador Retriever is otherwise a dog that is easy to care for.

Fox red labrador retriever
Fox Red Labrador Retriever Breed Review

It is a dog that is easy to socialize, and is fun to be around.

On account of their exquisite appearances, fox red Labrador Retriever gifts have become quite popular. That is where, for instance, you find that someone opts to gift a (pet-loving) friend or a relative with a fox red Labrador puppy.


Do Fox Red Labrador Retrievers Actually Exist?

Perhaps the best place to start this discussion on the red fox Labradors is by first finding out whether they actually exist. This is because there seems to be some controversy on this issue.

So indeed, do fox red Labrador Retrievers really exist? The answer is ‘yes’. There are Labrador Retriever dogs whose coat color is exactly like that of the red fox. For that reason, we can assert that Labrador fox red dogs really do exist.

Granted, the various kennel clubs have refused to acknowledge ‘fox red’ as an official Labrador Retriever color. According to them, what we refer to as ‘fox red’ color in Labrador Retrievers is simply a darker shade of the traditional Labrador Retriever yellow color.

Therefore if you go through the various kennel clubs’ registers, you may not find fox red Labrador Retriever listings. But this doesn’t mean that fox red Labrador Retrievers don’t exist. They do and they are very exquisite.

Perhaps the lack of recognition for red fox Lab dogs by kennel clubs is due to the fact that, for many years, the fox red Labs were deemed to be ‘undesirable’ in pageantry. A fox red Lab pup was often culled while young. People certainly didn’t take them to dog shows.

‎Red fox Lab color genetics don’t help either: as indeed, the genes that bring about the ‘red fox’ color in these dogs are also (largely) the ones responsible for bringing about the traditional yellow color.

Therefore in official dog kennel club circles, what we view as fox red Labrador Retriever color is regarded as simply ‘a darker shade of the traditional yellow color’.

What we know in reality though is that Labrador Retriever dogs whose coat color is fox red actually exist. And they are gorgeous.


Where Did Fox Red Retrievers Come From?

Like all other Labrador Retriever dogs, fox red Labrador Retrievers originate from Newfoundland.

Their ancestors are the St. John’s Water Dogs and British hunting dogs. Therefore what happened was that the St. John’s Water Dogs and the British hunting dogs were crossed, over a long period of time, to give rise to the Labrador Retrievers.

Therefore the answer to the are fox red Labs English question is partially ‘yes’.

As for the red fox colored Labrador Retriever, it simply comes about as a result of color genes. So in that regard, it is not different from the golden fox Labrador or any other.

Nonetheless, this fox red color is quite rare. Indeed, if you research on what is the most rare Lab color, this may be among those that are mentioned.

The default color for the Labrador Retriever is black. But when there happens to be two ‘e’ color genes (in the ‘ee’ formation), you get a yellow Labrador Retriever.

Then, thanks to pigmentation (through what we refer to as pheomelanin), the yellow Labrador Retriever acquires a darker shade. That is how we end up with the fox red lab retriever.

That interplay of genetic factors is what makes a Labrador Retriever fox red.

Looking at fox red Labrador pictures closely, you realize that these dogs are essentially a darker shade of the traditional yellow color. But they do really look like red foxes, in terms of coat color.

One may actually mistake a fox red Labrador Retriever for a red Foxhound Lab. But, to reiterate, the foxred Labrador is simply a darker shade of the traditional yellow Labrador Retriever color.


Is A Fox Red Lab A Purebred?

While discussing the origins of the fox red Labrador Retriever, one question that tends to come up is as to whether the fox red Lab is a purebred.

The truth of the matter is that the fox red Lab is a purebred Labrador Retriever. It may look different from what we have come to expect a purebred Labrador Retriever to look like. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is purebred.

Of course, on account of its appearance, there have been suggestions that the fox red Lab is a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the Hungarian Vizsla dog. But where is the evidence for that?

The people who make the allegation that the fox red Lab is a cross between the Lab Retriever and the Vizsla dogs don’t proffer any evidence to support their assertions. They just make wild claims about the lab fox mix theory.

Some go as far as giving their fox red Labrador Retriever names that suggest a Hungarian Vizsla heritage!

True, red fox Labrador puppies may look in many ways like Vizsla puppies. And that is the case for both the American fox red Lab and the English fox red Lab.

But the fact remains that the fox red Labs are really just a darker shade of the traditional yellow Labrador Retriever color.

Therefore in a Labrador Retriever red fox color is just coincidental. All in all, the fox red Lab is a purebred.


Red Fox Lab ‎Appearance

What distinguishes the fox red Labrador Retriever in terms of appearance is of course its fox red coat. This is to say that it has a coat that is akin to that of a red fox.

In all other regards, the red fox Labrador Retriever looks like any other Lab retriever. But in terms of coat color, it is a very dark shade of yellow. So it looks like the coat you see on a red fox.

With regard to red fox Lab height, we are looking at an average of 22 to 22.5 inches for males. That works out to around 56 to 57 centimeters height, for a male fox red Labrador Retriever.

For a female fox red Lab, the height is on average at 21.5 to 22 inches. That works out to 54 to 56 inches height, for a female fox red Labrador.

Turning to ‎red fox Lab weight, we are looking at an average of 65 to 80 pounds for a male. That translates to between 29 and 36 kilos: and this of course is for a fully grown red fox Labrador Retriever male.

For females, the average weight is in the 55 to 70 pounds range. That translates to between 25 and 32 kilos, and that is for a full grown fox red Labrador that is female.

So that is the answer to the how big do red fox Labs get question.

Of course, some red fox Labs may grow to be bigger than average. But when you refer to the red fox Lab growth chart, these are the figures you get.

Red fox Lab puppies are quite small at birth. But with proper care, the red fox Lab puppy makes fast strides in growth, to achieve those figures at maturity.


‎Red Fox Lab Temperament

The red fox Lab is a gentle, friendly and highly energetic dog.

This is the sort of dog that wants to spend as much time as possible with its human companions.

It is generally not a mean dog – unless there was a problem with its socialization.

The red fox Lab is certainly not the sort of dog that is likely to harass kids or other smaller animals in the household.

It is precisely this fox red Labrador temperament that makes it so ideal as a household pet.

The only aspect of the fox red Labrador Retriever temperament you may find somewhat troublesome is its noisier nature.

On the whole though, your fox red Lab will go to great lengths to please you. You need to remember that this is a dog that was bred to help in fishing and hunting for ducks in water. So it has a very strong loyalty instinct.

Generally, you find that red fox Lab affection for its owners is outstanding.

The highly energetic nature of the red fox lab means that it can be extremely playful. This is something you see in fox red Labrador Retriever puppies and adult dogs as well. It can at times start getting on your nerves…

Ultimately, in order to get the best of your red fox lab’s temperament, it is important to undertake proper training and socialization.


Red Fox Lab Intelligence

The red fox Lab, like all other Labrador Retrievers, is a highly intelligent dog.

There are three ways in which you can get evidence for the red fox Lab’s intelligence. First is by looking at its trainability. You find that this is a dog that is capable of being trained to do quite complex things.

You need to remember that historically, these were dogs bred for the purpose of fishing and hunting ducks. Those are highly complex tasks. And these dogs are up to them. That shows how high their intelligence is.

The second way in which you can get evidence for the red fox lab’s intelligence is by looking at the wide array of tasks it is deployed to. This is a dog that sometimes even serves as a guide dog. That is evidence for its high intelligence.

The third way in which you can get evidence for the red fox lab’s intelligence is by giving it an objective dog IQ test. Chances are that it will ace with ease.

Whether yours is a fox red English Lab or fox red American Labrador, its intelligence is likely to be high. And the beautiful thing about these Labrador Retrievers is the fact that they are not shy to show off their intelligence.

Of course, there are things that can stifle a dog’s intelligence. If, for instance, you adopt a fox red Lab puppy, and fail to feed it well, stimulate it mentally and so on, it may not achieve its full mental potential.

Fox red Labrador puppies (and adults as well) require proper care, if they are to manifest their full mental potential.


Red Fox Lab Trainability

The fox red Labrador Retriever is a highly trainable dog.

It has good trainability, both for basic things (such as toilet training) and for more complex things (such as tricks).

On account of their loyal nature, these red fox Labs tend to take very well to obedience training.

Of course, to get the best results, you need to start training your fox red Lab pups early in their lives. Generally for a puppy red fox Lab training tends to be more effective. (It is more effective than for an older dog).

On another note, red fox Labs puppies tend to respond better to training that is based on positive reinforcement.

For a puppy fox red Lab training is unlikely to be very effective if it is based on punishments and negative reinforcement.

Further still, for a puppy fox red Labrador training is likely to be more effective if it is consistent.

It helps if you start your red fox Lab pups training with a clear understanding of the learning objectives you want to achieve. Then develop a solid training plan, based on positive reinforcement, for the achievement of those learning objectives.

All in all, the fox red red Labrador Retriever is a dog with good trainability.

Moreover, the red fox Lab retriever has good ability to retain what it is trained to do. You can therefore be quite sure that it won’t embarrass you with gaffes, if you train it properly.

Then again, if yours is red fox Lab mix (as opposed to a purebred fox red Lab), then trainability may be different.


Fox Red Labrador Retriever Exercise Needs

The fox red Lab is a highly energetic dog. That is something we took note of while discussing the fox red Lab temperament. Therefore it needs lots of exercise, if at all it is to thrive.

Most experts will recommend at least an hour of exercise daily for the red Labrador Retriever.

If it doesn’t get proper exercise, the fox red working Labrador may experience lots of boredom. It may also start getting destructive around the home, as it seeks an outlet for the excess energy.

That applies even for the so-called British red fox Lab dogs. Some people may assume that because the English red fox Lab was traditionally bred for shows, then it doesn’t need much exercise.

But nothing could be further from the truth. The red fox English Lab needs just as much exercise as the red fox American Labrador. And that is at least one full hour of exercise per day.

Of course, when it comes to exercising the dog, you need to start gradually. You surely can’t subject a very young red fox Labrador puppy to a full hour of exercise. Fox red Labradors puppies need lots of exercise, but not too much of it.

Of all the red fox Labrador Retriever facts, it is this one (that it needs a full hour of exercise per day) that most people are likely to find inconvenient. Yet it is one you can’t ignore, if you have opted for a foxy Labrador as a pet.

Fox red labrador retriever
Fox Red Labrador Retriever Breed Review


Fox Red Labrador Retriever Grooming Needs

The red fox Labrador Retriever has some considerable grooming needs.

It is worth understanding that this is one of those dogs that have double coats. And usually, having a double coat translates into major grooming challenges for a dog.

Do fox red Labradors shed? The answer is yes. And they shed heavily. That applies for both American red fox Labrador dogs and fox red English Labrador dogs.

Therefore during the season when your red fox pointing Lab sheds heavily, you may need to be undertaking daily brushing.

Off the season when your red fox Lab sheds heavily, once or twice per week brushing may suffice.

These would also be largely the applicable guidelines, even if yours was a red fox Labradoodle.

Other grooming aspects, such as clipping nails, brushing teeth and so on still apply for every red fox yellow Lab.

But in exchange for the heavy grooming that is necessary for fox red pointing Labs, you do in exchange get a very exquisite dog. You just need to go through images of fox red Labradors that are properly groomed to see how nice they look.

Still, while taking up a fox red yellow Lab as a pet, you need to be ready to spend some time and money on its grooming.

There may be additional grooming requirements if, for instance, you have taken up a fox red British Lab for show/pageantry purposes.

But even if yours is an American red fox Lab that you use for hunting, you would still need to carry out some grooming on it.


Fox Red Labrador Retriever Feeding Needs

If you want your fox red Labs to thrive, you need to feed them adequately.

The general guideline, as per most experts, is to give your res fox Lab dog around 3 cups of dog food per day.

What you feed the fox red Labs may be commercial dog food. Or it may be dog food that you prepare at home. You just need to ensure that it has all the nutrients that the dog needs.

You need to remember that feeding needs may be different, in line with the dogs’ ages. For instance, if yours are fox red English Lab puppies, their feeding needs may be rather different from those of adult English Labs.

Further, you need to beware of the fact that these dogs apparently lack the mechanism for sensing satiety. Therefore they will continue to eat and eat, as long as there is food before them.

That means it is up to you to know when the dog has had enough food. Then withdraw the food from the dog. Otherwise the dog may continually overfeed, leading to problems like obesity.

While figuring out what it will cost to keep the fox red Lab dog, it is important to pay attention to the food cost. So the question to ask yourself will for instance be, how much is a red fox Labrador puppy food budget?

All in all though, it is important to understand that the fact that they have fox red coats doesn’t mean that the fox red Labs have any special dietary needs. Their dietary needs are in line with those for all other Labrador Retrievers.


Fox Red Labrador Health Issues

Fox red Labs don’t have any special health issues. The health challenges that all other Labrador Retriever dogs struggle with are the same ones that fox red Labs struggle with.

One area where these dogs may sometimes have issues (as they age) is that of eyesight. This is due to retinal atrophy, which typically worsens with age.

Another area where these dogs sometimes have issues is that of hip dysplasia. Again, this is a problem that tends to get worse with time.

Without proper control for their diet, these fox red Labradors may end up with obesity. That can in turn trigger a whole host of other problems.

All in all though, fox red Labrador dogs usually enjoy good health. They are strong, highly energetic dogs, and that helps a great deal.

But then again, how healthy your dog will be depends on how well you take care of it.

It also depends on how healthy its parents were. That is why reputable fox red Labrador breeders go to great lengths to ensure that they only breed the healthiest stock.

Puppies coming from healthy fox red Labrador Retriever stud dogs are likely to have fewer health issues themselves.

Upon acquiring any yellow red fox Labrador, it is important to take it to a vet for a checkup. That is because the different yellow fox red Labrador puppies may have individual health issues that are unique to them.

Generally though, fox red Lab retrievers don’t tend to have major health issues.


Fox Red Labrador Retriever Life Expectancy

People who are considering taking up fox red Labs tend to have one very essential question: how long do red fox Labs live?

So the objective there is in understanding the dogs’ life expectancies.

As it turns out, fox red Labrador life expectancy is mostly in the 10 to 12 years.

That is in line with the general life expectancy for all Labrador Retriever dogs.

According to authorities like the AKC fox red Lab life expectancy should be in that range.

Of course, if yours is not a purebred lab, then the life expectancy figure may be different. For instance, if yours is a Fox Hound Lab mix, the life expectancy figure may be different.

The same would apply if, for instance, it was a fox red Lab Golden Retriever mix.

But if, for instance, you take up some English fox red Lab puppies today, you can reasonably expect them to live for 10 to 12 years.

Then again, how long your fox red yellow Labrador Retriever lives depends on how well you take care of it.

Much also depends on the health status of the dog’s parents. This is why fox red Lab breeders take great care to only breed the healthiest dogs.

Even with the best care though, unforeseen factors such as accidents can kill a dog much earlier.

What we can say with confidence is that a fox red Labrador Retriever that gets proper care can easily live up to 10 to 12 years.


What Is The Difference Between The English Fox Red Labrador Retriever And The American Red Fox Labrador Retriever?

On the whole, English fox red Labs tend to have shorter legs. The American red fox Labs tend to have longer legs.

Further, whereas the English fox red Labs have thicker necks, the American red fox Labs tend to have thinner necks.

The forehead in the English fox red Labs will be broader, yet it is narrower in the American red fox Labs.

The tail in an English red fox Lab will usually be thicker, whereas it is thinner in the American red fox Lab.

And generally speaking, the American red fox Lab will tend to be more agile than the English red fox Lab.

It is worth mentioning that the Americans mostly kept the red fox Labs for duck hunting and fishing purposes.

The English on the other hand, kept Labs (mostly of other colors, not fox red) for show purposes.

Since the fox red color is not very highly favored in the dog show world, there was less proliferation of red fox Labs in the English world.

Indeed, the few fox red Labrador Retriever puppies for sale UK breeders offer are probably offspring of parents who were lucky survivors of the ruthless culling which used to take place there.

That is the reality with all fox red English Labs.

In fact, historically there have been relatively few English fox red Lab puppies for sale.

The fox red English Labrador Retriever has historically been a rarity.

These English red fox Labs are also quite different in appearance. You just need to compare them with, say, the fox red Labs Virginia breeders offer for sale. Or compare them with the fox red lab puppies Alabama breeders offer for sale.

You notice some subtle yet hard to ignore differences.


How Can I Get A Fox Red Labrador Retriever?

There are two key ways in which you can get a fox red Labrador Retriever.

The first approach is where you purchase the fox red Labrador Retriever from breeders who breed them on commercial basis.

And the second approach is where you adopt them from shelters and rescue centers that keep them on charitable basis.

Of course, if you know someone whose dog gave birth to fox red Labrador Retriever puppies, you can request them to give you one of the puppies. They may, especially if they don’t know what to do with the fox red yellow Lab puppies.

If you opt for the first approach, you may need to start by searching for fox red Labrador breeders near me.

You just need to know that it may not always be easy to find red fox Labrador puppies for sale. It can be particularly challenging if, for instance, you are seeking red fox English lab puppies specifically.

As noted earlier, for the English Labrador fox red is a rather rare color.

Sometimes, you may even have to seek AKC fox red Lab puppies for sale guidance.

At times, fox red Labrador Retriever adoption may be the easier option.

The red fox Lab price that commercial breeders charge may be out of reach for some people. Actually, that may apply for both the red fox Lab and chocolate Lab.

While at it, you may wonder, do fox red Labradors get darker with age? And you find that the answer is ‘yes’. Therefore the puppy color may not necessarily be indicative of the color that the dog will be in adulthood.

Therefore if you are getting your puppy from a fox red Labrador rescue charity or from a breeder, this is worth knowing.


How Much Does A Fox Red Labrador Retriever Cost?

If you are considering getting a fox red Lab, one of the questions you will likely have is on its cost.

So, indeed, how much is a red fox Lab worth? The answer is that the fox red Labrador price varies from place to place.

Generally though, we tend to find the fox red Labrador Retriever price being around $1,000.

Therefore if you had the how much is a fox red Labrador question, that is the general answer.

The price may go higher if, for instance, you specifically want a golden fox red Labrador.

(Fox red lab gifts are valued precisely because these dogs don’t usually come cheap).

The fox red English Labrador puppies are especially rare, hence costly. For instance, the fox red Dudley Labrador can be quite expensive.

Yet answering the how much do red fox Labs cost question is hard, because there are so many factors at play.

The cost of red fox Labrador puppies in one place may turn out to be just a half or even a quarter of what it costs elsewhere.

But when you compare the fox red Lab vs Golden Retriever prices, you tend to find that the fox red Labs are quite costly.

It is also worth understanding that there are very few specialized breeders for fox red Labs.

For instance, most of the fox red Labrador Retriever breeders Ontario residents buy puppies from may be breeders who specialize in other dog breeds.

Even when you check most of the fox red Lab puppies for sale California residents have to buy, you find that they may be from breeders who specialize in other dog breeds.

So they only get the fox red Labs once in a while – and sell them for premium prices.

Fox red labrador retriever
Fox Red Labrador Retriever Breed Review


Final Verdict – Fox Red Labrador Retriever

The fox red Lab dogs have coats whose color is akin to that of red foxes. Officially though, this is regarded as just a darker shade of the traditional Labrador Retriever yellow color. Fox red Labrador Retrievers are quite rare.

The fox red Labs – just like all other Labrador Retrievers – tend to be highly energetic yet gentle and sociable dogs. They are also highly intelligent and hence easily trainable.

With good care, a fox red Labrador Retriever may live for between 10 and 12 years.

You can get a fox red Lab from a commercial breeder, or from a dog shelter/rescue center.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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