Axolotl Plants : 11 Best Plants For Axolotl Tank – Planted Axolotl Tank Benefits

Having exotic pets such as an axolotl must provide proper care and a comfortable place to live to feel like living in their natural habitat. One way to imitate the axolotl’s original habitation is with a planted axolotl tank and a suitable substrate.

There are many types of Axolotl plants that you can choose to put in the tank so that the tank’s atmosphere becomes more beautiful, and your axolotl can be entertained even if they are alone in the tank.

These are the 11 best Axolotl plants for your planted Axolotl tank

  • Elodea
  • Hornwort
  • Anubias
  • Java Fern
  • Pothos
  • Duck Weed
  • Water Lily
  • Amazon Frogbits
  • Water Lettuce
  • Moss Ball Turning Brown : 5 Clear Next Steps” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Marimo Moss Ball
  • Java Moss

Are you curious about why these plants are suitable for placing in an axolotl tank? Let’s read this article to the end.

Axolotl plants
Axolotl Plants – Planted Axolotl Tank – Best Plants For Axolotl Tank


Can Axolotl Have Live Plants?

Axolotl tanks are considered necessary to have axolotl live plants. Not many live plants can live with temperatures that must adjust to cool temperatures and sufficient light, so choosing the right Axolotl plants is important.

Choosing the wrong live plants for axolotl tank will cause the plant to decay, producing ammonia. If your axolotl is exposed to ammonia, there is a possibility that your axolotl is poisoned.

In addition to plants, the axolotl plant substrate must also be adjusted so that it does not eat the substrate and is dangerous for their digestive system.

The substrate can be a choking hazard if that is too large or also cause an impaction that can lead to fatal conditions for your axolotl.


Do Axolotls Like Plants?

Even though axolotls prefer rocks and caves, axolotls still appreciate the existence of axolotl tank plants. You can also decorate Axolotl plants to place around their caves.

Placing plants around caves can make great axolotl hiding places if your axolotl wants to rest or feels threatened by something.

There are many options that you can use to put plants in the tank. One type of plant, such as floating plants for axolotls, can be a good sight for the axolotls that live in it and for us.


Will Axolotls Eat Plants?

The axolotl will eat anything that moves and lives. Therefore, axolotls can eat other axolotls, live foods such as crustaceans, insects, worms, or plants. This can be a lesson for you not to put poisonous Axolotl plants.

Axolotl substrate can also be eaten by them because axolotls prefer to spend their time at the bottom of the tank. When they move down, the substrate will move for a short time, and the axolotl can eat the moving substrate.

Although it is not dangerous for axolotls to eat plants or safe substrates, your axolotls can get constipated or produce weird-looking feces from the plants they eat because axolotls are carnivores.

You can avoid this by giving the axolotl appropriate feeding times. If your axolotls are well-fed, then they will not eat plants or substrates carelessly.


Can Axolotls Have Plastic Plants?

Axolotl appreciates both live and plastic plants. Many find it difficult to put live plants in an axolotl tank because a planted axolotl tank must get enough light and must withstand cool temperatures.

Axolotl fake plants also have bright colors like the real thing, so the axolotl won’t understand the difference between the two. In addition, plastic plants are also hard structures, so the axolotl cannot eat them.

Axolotl habitat plants only as decorations for tanks look natural, and axolotls can be more comfortable being in tanks.

You need to design the place of Axolotl plants so that it looks like it blends in with the rocks and caves so that the axolotl has a place to play and swim around the tank. In addition, the plants can help female axolotls to provide a place to lay their eggs.


What Kind Of Plants Are Good For Axolotls?

The good plants for axolotl tank are plants that don’t need to be placed on a substrate, stick to driftwood and don’t need too much light. Look for axolotl plants for sale because they are directly devoted to low temperatures and easy maintenance.

Axolotl plants are also suitable for floating types, but you have to make sure the water in the tank doesn’t get dirty quickly because axolotl produces a lot of waste, so that the tank’s condition can get dirty faster if you choose the wrong plants.


11 Best Plants For Axolotl Tank

If you are confused about what Axolotl plants are suitable for the aquarium, first determine if you want to use live plants or axolotl fake plants. If you choose live plants, below are some of the best plants for axolotl tanks.

Recommended plantExplanation
ElodeaWater weed that can grow in every environment. Can live in low light and cool water.
HornwortStrongest plants in cold water and grow very fast.
AnubiasRubbery plants with the most variety should not be planted on substrate.
Java FernAttractive plant with minimal care. Great background option.
PothosGreat choice for purifying the water. Floating plants for axolotls, cannot be submerged in water.
Duck WeedCreate a shaded environment on the tank, great for purifying the water, placing it on the water surface.
Water LilyLarge and broad leaves for blocking light, water purifiers, can produce flowers.
Amazon FrogbitsEasy to maintain and must be dry. Good for blocking lights.
Water LettuceFloating plants, easy to take care of, can produce a maze of roots to make the tank interesting.
Java MossGrow in wooden branches or rocks, easiest to grow, small and thin leaves.
Marimo Moss BallBizarre plant with beautiful looks. Don’t require a lot of light.

Choosing plants for axolotl tank can be likened to your desire to design a tank with beautiful looks. Make sure floating plants or inside the tank are not easy to make the water tank dirty quickly.


Do Axolotl Like Grass?

You can put any aquarium plants axolotl, including grass. If you feel that the substrate is boring, you can put grass at the bottom of the tank to enhance its appearance.

Grass includes Axolotl plants and can also be used as a substrate substitute. Make sure you choose grass that can live in cool temperatures and doesn’t need much light to stay alive.

If you have continued to put planted axolotl tanks planted on the substrate, you need to consider replacing it with grass.

Axolotl plants
Axolotl Plants – Planted Axolotl Tank – Best Plants For Axolotl Tank


Can You Put Fake Plants In An Axolotl Tank?

There is no problem between Axolotl and plastic plants because axolotl can enjoy it with tanks with live plants or fake plants. You can tell the difference between planted axolotl tank and fake plants, which one is better for a tank.

You should not put the whole tank with fake plants, but give variations so that it looks like the natural habitat of the axolotl. Axolotl plants have many benefits, such as a water purifier, preventing the axolotl from jumping from the tank, and beautifying the tank’s appearance.

If you only put fake plants at the bottom of the tank, you still need floating plants to cover the tank from direct sunlight and as an aquarium cover so that the axolotl remains protected in the tank.


Is Bamboo Safe For Axolotls?

It depends on what bamboo you put in the tank. If you include lucky bamboo, it will be very useful for the tank because it can pull nitrates to help the plant grow.

Lucky bamboo is a good axolotl plant because it serves to remove nitrate in the tank. You can also put other Axolotl plants as a variety of plants in the tank, so you have various types of live plants in the tank.

You can find lucky bamboo at Axolotl plants for sale because it has many benefits. In addition, lucky bamboo does not rot inside the tank or cause poison such as ammonia.


Do Axolotl Carpet Plants Is Necessary?

It depends on your choice. If you choose to put axolotl aquarium plants, then carpet plants are considered less suitable because not all Axolotl plants can grow if they are on carpet plants.

It’s okay for axolotls if given carpet plants, but can plants other than floating plants live at the bottom of the tank?

If you already have a planted axolotl tank attached to wooden branches or floating plants with the roots in the water, then it’s not a problem if you put carpet plants in the tank.

Carpet plants are not considered necessary, as it goes back to the choice of the axolotl owner. Some owners prefer to put sand as a great substrate, and some still put rocks so that some live plants can live on it. Some only use fake plants for the whole tank.


What If Axolotl Eating Plants Accidentally?

While it’s not uncommon for axolotls to eat plants, axolotls can eat that because they eat anything that moves. Axolotls also can’t bite or chop anything they eat, so there’s less chance of eating axolotl plants if the leaves are strong and don’t come off the stem easily.

Since their digestive system cannot process plants properly, there is a chance that your axolotl will produce stool that is not as common as their normal diet in terms of color and shape.

Choosing plants for axolotl is also important because it prevents the axolotl from eating plants that can be fatal. If you are careless in choosing Axolotl plants, you can choose plants that are toxic to axolotls and can be fatal.


What Is The Benefit Adding Live Plants In Axolotl Tank?

There are several benefits if you put Axolotl plants in a tank. Make sure you have axolotl-friendly plants to be easy to care for and provide several benefits at once.

First, certain plants can absorb nitrates which can keep the water level clean. Then some plants are good for aquarium cover, can withstand cool temperatures, and don’t need much light to keep the plants alive.

Adding living plants also adds to the appeal of axolotls, like being in the wild, because axolotls prefer to live alone without tank mates, and the presence of live plants can also be their entertainment while in the tank.


Things That Need To Add For The Axolotl Tank Beside Plants

Besides Axolotl plants, you also need to consider placing substrates, rocks, caves, water filters, and water coolers. Some of these things include tank requirements so that the axolotl can feel at home and stay healthy.

Try to put substrates that are safe for axolotls so that even if axolotls accidentally eat substrates, they will not choke because the substrate is too big to swallow.

Caves need axolotls to hide or where they rest. Axolotls can use piles of rocks for laying eggs or adding to tank decorations.

Meanwhile, the water filter and water cooler are to maintain the tank’s temperature and keep the water quality clean.


Final Verdict On Axolotl Plants

Making the axolotl’s home resemble the nature they live in will make the axolotl more comfortable and live healthier during captivity.

Axolotl plants
Axolotl Plants – Planted Axolotl Tank – Best Plants For Axolotl Tank

Choosing plants for axolotl tanks is not arbitrary because these plants must withstand cool temperatures, do not need a lot of light, and have other benefits.

Choose plants with easy maintenance and profit if placed in tanks. For example, some plants can function as a water purifier. Besides that, they can remove nitrates in the tank.

If you can distinguish between several friendly axolotl plants, then you are contributing to the health of your axolotl as if you were living where they came from.

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