Can Axolotls Eat Nightcrawlers? (7 Interesting Facts)

Axolotls are a type of salamander that have been used as pets in the United States and Mexico since the late 1950s. They are native to Mexico, where they can be found in rivers and lakes. In parts of Texas, they are also found in ponds and rivers.

Talking of axolotls and their characteristics, what about when it comes to the axolotl eating nightcrawlers.

Can axolotls eat nightcrawlers? Given that axolotls are widely known to feed on worms and insect larvae in the wild, nightcrawlers are generally safe for your axolotls to eat.

Can axolotls eat nightcrawlers
Can Axolotls Eat Nightcrawlers?


Can Axolotls Eat Nightcrawlers?

Well, when it comes to the question, can axolotls eat nightcrawlers, the answer is although axolotls can eat nightcrawlers, they can be harmful to them in large amounts. Nightcrawler is an invertebrate that has been known to cause kidney failure and even death in amphibians.

While there are no known cases of axolotls dying from eating nightcrawlers, they can still cause health issues if they eat too much of it. The best way to prevent this is by making sure your axolotl has access to other food sources and that you keep their tank clean so there aren’t any gnats or other insects breeding in it.

Talking of whether axolotls can eat nightcrawlers, what about when it comes infant axolotls, can baby axolotls eat nightcrawlers? Yes baby axolotls can eat worms. If you have a lot of nightcrawlers, you can give your baby axolotls as a treat once in awhile.

However keep in mind that your axolotl’s digestive system isn’t fully developed yet and it will be really difficult for them to digest them all.


How Much Nightcrawlers Can You Feed Axolotls? 

Although nightcrawlers are a good food for axolotls, especially if they are young and small, they should not be fed too much of them.

Nonetheless, if an axolotl is over six inches long (about 15 cm) it is wise to give it a different type of food.

If an axolotl is given a lot of nightcrawlers and other foods that contain high levels of protein (such as shrimp), then the risk of developing a fatal condition called rhabdomyolysis can occur.

Rhabdomyolysis occurs when muscle cells are damaged and break down into pieces which release large amounts of protein into the bloodstream. This results in kidney failure and death due to respiratory failure.

Talking of the amount of nightcrawlers axolotls can eat, can axolotls eat nightcrawlers in the first place? Although nightcrawlers are a convenient, high quality food source, they aren’t best suited for our pets.

Hypoallergenic and safe to eat, nightcrawlers may be an excellent food source for axolotls.

However, this food should not be considered an all-purpose feed as it is not quite energy dense enough to sustain healthy growth in animals that spend more time at rest than active.


How Often To Feed Nightcrawlers To Axolotls?

Nightcrawlers are usually a staple in the axolotl diet. You can therefore feed your axolotl nightcrawlers, more so since they’re an excellent source of protein and vitamins.

That said, the amount of nightcrawlers you feed your axolotls depends on the size of your tank and your axolotl’s appetite. If you have a small tank, you may only need to feed your axolotl a couple times per week.

However, if you have a large tank, you may want to feed it every day. It all depends on how much food your axolotl needs to maintain its health and size.

Talking of the number of times axolotls can safely eat nightcrawlers, do axolotls get impaction from nightcrawlers? Yes, axolotls can get impaction from nightcrawlers. The best way to treat an impaction is to get it out by hand. 

If you can’t do that, then you need to make sure that the animal is not too heavy for the tank.

If you have a smaller tank and your axolotl is getting large then you may want to move them into a larger tank (or two). Axolotls can tolerate heavier loads than other animals in their tanks.

However, if they are too heavy for the tank then they will die in a few weeks if left untreated.


Can Axolotl Eat Dry Nightcrawlers?

Although axolotls can eat dry nightcrawlers, they should not be fed frequently. Dry nightcrawler growths contain high levels of nitrates and phosphates, which are toxic to axolotls. Axolotls are opportunistic feeders that feed on much more than just worms.

The main things to keep an eye on for your axolotl when feeding are nitrites and phosphates. These can be found in food as well, such as crustaceans (such as shrimp, crabs and lobster), fish flakes, mussels, meat (lean meat such as beef heart), squid or octopus tentacles are all suitable sources of protein.

Talking of whether axolotls can safely eat dry nightcrawlers, what about when it comes to axolotls eating nightcrawlers in their original form, or rather,  can axolotls eat nightcrawlers?

Can axolotls eat nightcrawlers
Can Axolotls Eat Nightcrawlers Everyday?


Can Axolotls Eat Live Nightcrawlers?

Some species of axolotls eat live nightcrawlers and some species don’t. The most commonly eaten food is adult brine shrimp, although some axolotl breeders use mealworm larvae as a food source.

Nightcrawlers are not recommended as a primary source of food because they have high levels of nitrates, which can cause damage to their kidneys if consumed in large quantities.

Talking about whether axolotls can eat live nightcrawlers, what about eating nightcrawlers in general, or better yet, can axolotls eat nightcrawlers whether dead or alive? Yes, axolotls can eat nightcrawlers. You can find them in your local pet store and they are quite easy to keep as long as you have the right tank.

However, ensure you do not mix them with live food, since it is against the rules. Furthermore, you should feed nightcrawlers to your axolotl moderately since too much can cause digestive as well as other health issues to your Axolotl.


Can Axolotl Eat Frozen Nightcrawlers?

Axolotls are carnivorous and when no additional food source is present, if they are small (less than 1 inch) they will eat the flesh of other animals.

It is thus not recommended that any live axolotl be fed frozen nightcrawlers or any other meat substitute. Some people have tried feeding them frozen bloodworms.

However, it appears that this is a bad idea as they can die from this.

Talking of whether it is safe for axolotls to eat frozen nightcrawlers, what about when it comes to freeze dried axolotls, or rather, can axolotls eat freeze dried nightcrawlers? Although axolotls do not eat freeze-dried nightcrawlers, they do enjoy freeze-dried crickets.

Freeze dried crickets are nutritious and serve as a good source of protein and calcium. In addition, the freeze drying process turns them into an extremely hard food for axolotls that can be chewed on for a long time.


Do Axolotls Eat Nightcrawlers In The Wild?

Not all axolotls eat nightcrawlers. In fact, they’re only known to be partial scavengers and omnivores as adults. Their predatory tendencies largely consist of consuming invertebrates or algae.

Axolotls are able to feed on a wide range of food items in their native habitat, which is in the wild. These include freshwater shrimp and other fish, snails, frogs, insects, and small vertebrates when they enter the wild transition.


What Are The Health Risks Of Eating Nightcrawlers?

The first potential risk is a mild upset stomach. While this probably won’t make you ill, it’s not as pleasant as raw cheese. The second is if the nightcrawlers are dead and so aren’t alive anymore.

Moreover, many nightcrawlers contain a bacteria known as Clostridium perfabres that can lead to an infection in humans. Again, it probably won’t kill you but has been known to make some people sick with symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting.


How To Prevent Axolotls From Eating Nightcrawlers Excessively?

Axolotls are naturally carnivorous and love to eat nightcrawlers. To prevent them from eating excessive amounts of nightcrawlers, it is advised to put up a few rock rocks around the tank. This will keep it out at night and reduce the chance of an attack.

It also helps if you provide a couple of twigs that act as landmarks so your axolotl knows where their food is hidden in the rocks.


Final Verdict – Can Axolotls Eat Nightcrawlers

In conclusion, how best can we address the can axolotls eat nightcrawlers question? If you have a qualified axolotl expert and know what you’re doing, then you can safely feed your axolotl nightcrawlers.

Can axolotls eat nightcrawlers
Can Axolotls Eat Nightcrawlers Daily?

Nightcrawlers are one of the preferred foods for axolotl adults and hatchlings. However, an adult axolotl needs to be very infrequently fed with such small amounts.

Smaller doses will do more harm than good to your animal if you don’t know what you’re doing. You also need to make sure they’re not overfed; too much is just as dangerous as very little in some aspects of digestion.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet axolotl a good and comfortable life!

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