Do Axolotls Eat Fish? 9 Interesting Axie Eating Fish Facts

One question that people who keep axolotls tend to pose is on whether the Axies can eat fish. This question tends to arise when the axolotl owner is trying to identify the best things to feed the Axie with. In this article, we will be exploring the matter of whether axolotls can eat fish, and if so, which specific types of fish are suitable for them.

Do axolotls eat fish? The answer, as it turns out, is yes. Fish, especially the smaller ones, are suitable food for axolotls. As a matter of fact, many people who keep axolotls go to great lengths to procure fish for them. Axies seem to enjoy feeding on the fish.

Thus, an axolotl will feed on fish: as long as the fish are small, slow and not capable of defending themselves in a fierce manner.

Do axolotls eat fish
Do axolotls eat fish?


Do Axolotls Eat Fish?

Axolotls have the ability to feed on fish. And feeding on fish is something they seem to enjoy. As a matter of fact, if you keep axolotls, you need to consider having fish as part of their regular diet. That is because the fish will provide the proteins that your axolotls need to thrive. But you also have to be careful, lest the fish you feed your axolotls with end up introducing diseases and parasites to them.

The most important thing, when it comes to feeding your axolotls with fish, it is to ensure that the fish you provide are small enough. Feeding your axolotl with fish that are too big could end up causing impaction. It is important to remember that axolotls eat by swallowing their food whole (not by taking bites). Therefore anything that is too big can cause them problems.

Further, it is important to ensure that the fish you feed your axolotl are clean. This is particularly important if you opt for an axolotl feeder fish diet. Many people opt for that sort of axolotl feeder fish diet because of the ease with which feeder fish can be obtained. And in principle, there is nothing wrong with an axolotl feeder fish diet. But what you need to know, with regard to an axolotl feeder fish diet is that the feeder fish may have nasty diseases and parasites.

Thus, the best way to implement an axolotl feeder fish diet is by using home bred feeder fish. That is as opposed to using feeder fish that you buy from a store and which are likely to come with all manner of parasites and diseases.


Do Baby Axolotls Eat Fish?

A good number of people who pose the question on axolotls eating fish turn out to be individuals with newly hatched axies. They therefore want to know whether it is okay to feed the young axolotls with fish.

So, do axolotls eat fish when they are in the earliest stages of their lives? The answer is that fish may not be the most ideal food for baby axolotls. That is because even the smaller fish may nonetheless be too big for the baby axolotls’ digestive systems.

Therefore if you feed your baby axolotl with fish, you will be running the risk of causing impaction.

Furthermore, the baby axolotl may not show interest in feeding on fish. That is because baby axolotls prefer to feed on live things that are moving. Thus if you present them with dead fish (which obviously can’t move), they may not show much interest in them.

On the other hand, if you introduce live fish to the place where you are keeping the baby axolotls, it is the fish that may end up eating the baby axolotls!

Better alternatives to fish (for baby axolotls) would be things like earthworms, bloodworms and daphnia.


Do Axolotls Eat Fish In The Wild?

Many of the people who pose the do axolotls eat fish question tend to have concerns on whether it is natural for axies to eat fish. So they express interest in knowing whether axolotls eat fish in the wild (which would then mean that eating fish is natural for them). So, do axolotls eat fish in the wild? The answer is yes. Fish are among the staple foods for axolotls in the wild.

But the fish that are eaten by axolotls in the wild always have to meet several qualifications. First of all, they always have to be small fish. Secondly, they have to be fish that move relatively slowly. And thirdly, they always have to be fish that don’t fight too fiercely.


Does Axolotl Eat Live Fish?

Another important dimension to the do axolotls eat fish question is on whether or not they eat live fish (or they restrict themselves to dead fish). So, do axolotls eat fish that is alive? The answer is yes. Axolotls enjoy catching and eating live fish.

That is as long as the fish is small enough for the axolotl to eat. It also needs to be slow enough for the axolotl to actually catch it.


Does Axolotl Eat Frozen Fish?

Often, the person who poses the do axolotls eat fish question will be someone who is considering buying frozen fish for their axies. Therefore they want to know whether frozen fish is okay for the axolotls.

So, do axolotls eat fish that is frozen? The answer is yes. Axolotls can eat fish that is frozen. But it is still best to first unthaw the fish, before feeding your axolotl with it.


Does Axolotl Eat Dry Fish?

Yet another key dimension to the do axolotls eat fish question is on whether they can eat dry fish. So, do axolotls eat fish that has undergone a drying process? The answer is that ideally they shouldn’t.

The problem with this type of fish is it may expand (in the axolotl’s tummy) once eaten. The end result may be nasty impaction, which can even cause the axolotl’s death.


Does Axolotl Eat Freeze Dried Fish?

Freeze dried fish may not be the best food for an axolotl. That is because, once eaten, it may expand in the axolotl’s tummy, causing all manner of complications.


What Kind Of Fish Does Axolotl Eat?

Having answered the do axolotls eat fish question, we can now turn to the specific types of fish that axies can eat. As it turns out, mollies are among the types of fish that axolotls enjoy eating a great deal. Other types of fish that are ideal for axies are the likes of guppies.

They may also eat goldfish, though there is always the risk of them ending up catching diseases and/or parasites from them.


What Kind Of Fish Can You Keep With Axolotls?

Minnows are capable of coexisting with axolotls. You can also keep guppies with axolotls, though the axies will of course keep on feeding on them every once in a while. Generally, the fish you keep with axolotls need to be of a type that won’t want to feed on the Axies.

Do axolotls eat fish
Do axolotls eat fish


Can Axolotls Eat Salmon?

Axolotls are capable of eating salmon, but only in small amounts, and ideally only once in a while. As we said while answering the do axolotls eat fish question, Axies can only eat fish that fit into their mouths.

Thus, you may need to chop the salmon into smaller pieces, before presenting it to your axolotls. You may also consider removing the fatty skin, before presenting the salmon to your Axie.

If the salmon you are considering feeding your axolotl with is left over from your dinner table, and you used salt and spices while preparing it, then you shouldn’t feed your axolotl with it. That is because the salt and spices may be harmful to the axie.


Can Axolotls Eat Tuna?

Yes, it is possible for axolotls to eat tuna. You just want to be sure that the pieces of tuna your axie eats are small enough not to cause impaction. You may also want to be sure that there is no salt or spices in the tuna you present to your axolotl.


Can Axolotls Eat Goldfish?

As we said while answering the do axolotls eat fish question, axies can eat fishes that are small and slow moving. Goldfish fit that description. But because of the parasites and diseases that goldfish often have, they may not be the most ideal for axolotls. That is especially the case if they are feeder goldfish.

Again, remember what we said with regard to axolotl feeder fish diet: that feeder fish (including goldfish) can introduce nasty diseases and parasites to your axolotl.

If what you have are goldfish you have bred yourself, and which you are sure have no nasty diseases or parasites, you can certainly feed your axolotl on them.


Can Axolotl Eat Betta Fish?

Betta fish may be somewhat too big for the axolotl to eat comfortably. Furthermore, if what we are talking about is live betta fish, it may be too fierce for the axolotl to catch.

Remember, as we said while answering the do axolotls eat fish question, the fish that is eaten by an axolotl needs to be small enough, slow and not too fierce. Betta fish hardly fit that description. This means that they may not be ideal for axolotls.


Can Axolotls Eat Tiger Fish?

Axolotls may eat smaller tiger fish. But the bigger ones may put up too strong a fight to be eaten by the axies. Of course, if what we are referring to are dead tiger fish chopped into pieces that an axolotl can manage, then yes, the axie will be too happy to feed on them.


Can Axolotls Eat Tropical Fish?

Axolotls can generally eat smaller, slow moving tropical fish. But they may not be capable of eating the bigger, faster or fiercer tropical fish. This of course mainly applies in situations where it is the axolotls hunting for the fish by themselves.

But if we are looking at a situation where you have caught tropical fish, the dynamics are different. In this case, you can chop even a big tropical fish into small pieces, present them before your axie, and the axolotl will enjoy it.


Can Axolotls Eat Ghost Shrimp?

Yes, axolotls have the ability to eat ghost shrimp. Ideally, ghost shrimp are among the things you should be feeding your axolotl with on a regular basis. Axies really enjoy feeding on ghost shrimp.

And, the ghost shrimp have many of the nutrients that axolotls need. Therefore feeding your axie with ghost shrimp is truly beneficial.


Axolotls Compatible Fish Species

Minnows may be capable of coexisting with axolotls, at least for a while. Guppy fish are also compatible with axolotls, as are cory and otocinclus catfish.

The general rule of thumb, if you want to keep axolotls with fish is to ensure that the fish won’t feed on the axies. You also want to avoid keeping axolotls with fish that are likely to introduce parasites and/or diseases to them.


Final Verdict – Do Axolotls Eat Fish

Do Axolotls eat fish? Axolotls are capable of eating fish. Or to put it more accurately, axolotls are capable of eating certain types of fish. The fish that are eaten by axolotls need to be small in size, slow moving and not capable of defending themselves too fiercely.

Do axolotls eat fish
Do axolotls eat fish

If you keep axolotls, it is a good idea to feed them with fish regularly if you can. Just ensure that the fish you feed them with are not too big, not freeze dried and not salted or spiced.

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