Puppy Diarrhea At Night : 6 Menacing Reasons For Nighttime Diarrhea

Many people complain about puppy’s diarrhea at night as we know that dogs are very sensitive living things. When there is any change in their diet or environment, then dogs get issues related to health. It would be best if you did not give such a diet to dogs that are not good for dogs’ health.

Are you facing Puppy diarrhea at night problem? when there is something wrong in the diet of dogs, then dogs may get diarrhea. It can also be due to many other deeper issues like intestinal parasites. When there is the consumption of contaminated water by dogs, it may result in stomach issues due to coccidian, giardia, roundworm, and hookworm.

In this article, we will discuss why puppies get diarrhea at night, how to stop puppy diarrhea at night, what are the best home remedies in diarrhea conditions, and many other things related to these. Let’s dive into details of puppy diarrhea at night.

Puppy diarrhea at night
Puppy diarrhea at night


Does Overfeeding A Puppy Cause Loose Stools In The Night?

Yes, it is overfeeding a puppy that causes loose stools in the night. Puppy only eats that quantity that is okay for him. When you feed them forcefully, then they may get different stomach issues like loose stools. It is because the stomach is not suitable for the digestion of overeating. That is why they get gastrointestinal issues.


What Causes Puppy Diarrhea In The Middle Of The Night?

Puppies are susceptible to parasites. When they drink contaminated water from nearby places, they get parasites, and these parasites cause serious stomach infections in them. Some of the common parasites are giardia, whipworm, hookworm, and roundworm. Great Dane puppy diarrhea at night can also be due to the parasites.


Is It Normal For Puppies To Have Runny Poop In The Night?

No, it is not normal for puppies to have runny stools at nighttime. When there is something wrong with puppies, they will get serious issues, and you can see many health problems. If there is a mild infection, you can treat it at home, but if there is a severe infection, you should immediately consult with your vet as early as possible.


Why Does My Puppy Have Explosive Diarrhea In Nights?

If a puppy has nighttime diarrhea, then this can be because of intestinal parasites. Intestinal parasites can be due to the consumption of contaminated water. When there are parasites in the stomach of dogs, then you can see many health problems in dogs. The stomach does not properly works if there is the presence of parasites in the dog’s stomach.


When Should I Be Concerned About My Puppy’s Diarrhea?

In many cases, the diarrhea is not severe. But it can be severe because of many reasons. If the puppy has symptoms like tarry stools and black and bloody diarrhea, you should consult your vet.


Should I Starve My Puppy If He Has Diarrhea At Night?

Yes, you can starve your puppy if he has nighttime diarrhea. You should not give them food for about twelve hours. This is very important for a puppy because this will let your puppy clear everything from the intestinal tract, and it provides rest to the intestine of your dog.


What Home Remedy Can I Give My Puppy For Nighttime Diarrhea?

Puppy diarrhea at night only. What are the home remedies in this situation? The puppy only has diarrhea at night. You can give him plain cooked white rice, cooked and soft macaroni. There should be no salt in this recipe.  You can give yogurt to your puppy in nighttime diarrhea conditions. It contains a bacterium that is very good in the treatment of stomach infections.


What Do I Feed A Puppy With Nighttime Diarrhea?

It is the best thing to consult with your vet immediately. It is because home remedies cannot be good for dogs. Puppy has diarrhea at night, you can give them plain rice, and there should be no extra salt. Excess sodium consumption can also spoil the health of your dog. You can give them sugar-free puddings.

The puppy gets diarrhea at night. You should not feed them for about twelve hours to one day. This provides rest to the gut and intestines of dogs. Chances of healing will also be maximal. Don’t hold food for more than one day. It can make your dog lethargic, which is due to the lack of energy.

Keep in mind that there should be water near dogs, and that is easily accessible for them. In diarrhea, dogs may get dehydration that is due to the loose motions and vomiting. When there is no water near dogs, then it will increase the rate of dehydration. This can also be fatal for dogs.

If the dog doesn’t want to drink water, then you can offer him ice cubes. In this way, the dog will lick cubes and drink water. You should give them medicine for nighttime diarrhea, and for the oral medication, you can use a syringe.


4 Month Old Puppy Diarrhea At Night

Puppy vomiting and diarrhea at night at the age of four months can be due to drinking contaminated water. It would help if you used the crate to keep them in place when you are not present in the home. In your absence, your dog may drink or eat a thing that is not suitable for them. That is why they may get diarrhea at an early age.


5 Month Old Puppy Diarrhea At Night

When dogs are at an early age, then there is not a very strong immune system. When there is a weak immune system, the chances of getting health diseases will be more than a strong immune system. At this age, diarrhea can also be due to intestinal parasites.


7 Month Old Puppy Diarrhea At Night

If you see diarrhea conditions in your dogs after a diet change, you should not do that diet again. For introducing new things in dogs, you should use only a small amount of that food. If the dog is okay and there is no side effect, you can give them that diet.


8 Week Old Puppy Diarrhea At Night

Eight-week-old puppies can also get diarrhea because of the parasites. They may get parasites from different places where there is debris or other spoiled things. When there is the presence of parasites in dogs, then it results in nighttime diarrhea.

The puppy may get this issue because of stress. When there is stress on dogs, then there is no proper functioning of the digestive system. You should remove stress from your dogs and give them a cool and calm environment.


Golden Retriever Puppy Diarrhea At Night

Golden retrievers can also get diarrhea when you change the diet of your dogs. Dogs are very susceptible to minute changes in diet. Nighttime diarrhea can also be in this breed because of the presence of worms in the stomach.

Puppy diarrhea at night
Puppy diarrhea at night – nighttime diarrhea


Lab Puppy Diarrhea At Night

Labrador may get diarrhea because of the viral infection. When there is a viral infection, then dogs will not properly digest the food. Common viruses are coronavirus, Distemper, and Parvovirus, etc. You should immediately consult with your vet as early as possible.


Dog Diarrhea In Crate At Night

The puppy has diarrhea at night in the crate because of stress. Dogs that are not used to creating before and when you introduce new things like a crate get stressed. When there is stress on dogs, then the dog digestive system doesn’t work properly. Puppy teething diarrhea at night is also because of changes.


Dog Diarrhea Only In The Morning

There are many reasons for morning diarrhea like motility disorders, intestinal exudation, over secretion, osmotic imbalances, etc. When food molecules concentration is very high in the intestine, then there is an osmotic imbalance that can lead to diarrhea in dogs.


Dog Has Diarrhea And Drinking Lots Of Water

Dogs that are suffering from diarrhea may also drink plenty of water. It is because of dehydration. When there is a shortage of water due to vomiting and soft stools, then dogs want to drink plenty of water to make the water balance in the body. If dogs are not drinking water, you should immediately consult with your vet because low water concentration in the body can be fatal.


Why Does My Puppy Have Diarrhea All Night?

Why does my puppy have diarrhea at night? Many reasons can be there behind night time diarrhea. It is a condition that is very painful for both dogs and owners. Dogs refuse to eat and have frequent outside trips. You can also see the accidents in crates or in-home.

It is important to know the causes of diarrhea. It would be best if you took care of the things that are behind the causes of diarrhea. Following are the reasons behind nighttime diarrhea.



It would help if you gave your dog a diet that is not problematic for dogs. It is the best thing to consult with your vet to prescribe the diet for dogs. Vets see the complete medical history of dogs and then prescribe the medicine according to the size and weight of your dogs.

Many dogs are lactose intolerant. It means that dairy products are not okay for them because of a lack of enzymes. It would be best if you gave a diet that your vet recommends.


Bacterial Infection

Bacterial infection can also be the reason behind puppy diarrhea at night. When there is a weak immune system in dogs, dogs will get the issue, resulting in a severe infection that leads to stomach problems. You can see many symptoms like vomiting, fever, appetite loss, and bloody diarrhea in serious conditions.


Viral Infection

One of the most chronic causes of diarrhea is a viral infection, and it takes much time for recovery compared to the other infections. Distemper and Parvovirus are the most common viruses that are behind diarrhea. You should seek your vet for medication in case of viral infection because it can also be fatal if left unchecked.



When dogs eat things that are poisonous for dogs, then they may get diarrhea. When they live in the yard, then they may eat garbage or contaminated water. As a result, there are loose runny, watery stools and vomiting. It can also block the digestive canal. It would help if you kept them in a crate when you are not present in your home.



Parasites can also be the reason for puppy diarrhea at night. There is a weak immune system in puppies. When they get parasites, then the immune system is not strong enough to kill all parasites. This may result in diarrhea and become problematic for dogs.



Nighttime diarrhea can also be due to stress. When a dog is not familiar with things, it may get nervous, resulting in the dog’s stress. Nervousness can also be due to thunderstorms and lightning. Fireworks can also cause stress in dogs. You should remove stress from dogs. In this way, you will see the prominent working of the digestive system of dogs.


What To Do If Your Puppy Has Diarrhea In The Middle Of The Night?

The answer to this question depends upon the dog’s infection level. When there is very much infection and frequent vomiting and loose, watery motions, you should go for the vet because it can cause severe dehydration, and dehydration can also lead to the death of dogs. If there is not much infection, then you can use home remedies for the treatment of diarrhea.

Puppy diarrhea at night
Puppy diarrhea at night – nighttime diarrhea


Final Verdict – Puppy Diarrhea At Night – Nighttime Diarrhea

Many reasons include intestinal parasites, change in diet, bacterial infection, viral infection, ingestion of contaminated or poisonous things, stress, etc. diarrhea can be fatal if left unchecked. You should consult with your vet.

As a pet lover, ensure you learn more about your pets and give them a comfortable and happy life. Your furry friend is looking to enjoy their limited life with you always.

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