Are Hedgehogs Territorial? (9 Interesting Facts)

Petting a hedgehog is not less than any unique experience, not only is their routine unique but petting them itself is unique and many won’t take chances of having such exotic pets. However, those who do are often stuck due to a lack of information.

When researching hedgehog behavior, one common question that is often asked is if they are territorial.

Are hedgehogs territorial? No, hedgehogs are not territorial animals. Hedgehogs are not seen fighting each other for land. However, they are seen fighting each other sometimes, especially male hedgehogs over food, and partners.

Otherwise, in general, hedgehogs stay alone most of their life, so that would be a rare situation.

Because being territorial or not is so unique to pet animals like hedgehogs, information in regards to them is also very limited and owners are often seen questioning them. One of the main concerns that hedgehog owners have is knowing about their behavior.

Are hedgehogs territorial
Are Hedgehogs Territorial?


Are Hedgehogs Territorial?

Are hedgehogs territorial? Hedgehogs are not territorial. Though hedgehogs like to stay in their range of area, they won’t fight to defend their area.

During their lifetime Hedgehogs will stay and move from one place to another within a certain area. It is said that a hedgehog would stay in the range of 15-25 hectares and it wouldn’t be a rare situation to see two hedgehogs in my garden.


Are Hedgehogs Aggressive To Each Other?

A male hedgehog can be aggressive towards other male hedgehogs, females and baby hedgehogs. Hedgehogs like to stay alone during their lifetime, they will come in contact with other female hedgehogs only to mate. Otherwise, they will stay, wander, eat and sleep alone.


Will A Hedgehog Stay In My Garden?

No, a hedgehog won’t stay in a particular place for too long. A hedgehog will change its sleeping place and wandering place from time to time.

They will randomly wander everywhere they find safe. An exception can be that hedgehogs may come back to a particular place if they like that place.


Do Hedgehogs Stay In The Same Area?

Yes, a hedgehog will stay in the same area throughout its life. It is believed that hedgehogs will stay in an area of 15-25 hectares throughout their lives, revolving around those areas.


Do Hedgehogs Share Territory?

Hedgehogs aren’t territorial. However, they may fight with other hedgehogs but not particularly for territory. They may pass each other and may live in areas of each other without attacking each other, but they won’t fight over territory. They may fight over food, for the opposite sex, etc but hedgehogs can share territory.


Do Hedgehogs Fight To The Death?

Hedgehogs live their life alone and are often seen fighting when they come through each other. Hedgehogs can injure each other with their sharp spines. Though it isn’t seen many consider that a hedgehog may injure the other hedgehog enough to cause death.


Are My Hedgehogs Fighting Or Mating?

It can be difficult to understand if a Hedgehog is fighting or mating. The sounds of a hedgehog mating and a hedgehog fighting are almost similar and sometimes even the behavior is also similar.

Generally, an aggressive hedgehog will lower down its head and try to grunt, or cluck and charge at the other hedgehog’s flank, trying to knock them down. It is often confusing to understand if the hedgehogs are fighting or mating.

Normally, a hedgehog will try to push the other hedgehog and the other hedgehog will not try to push the first hedgehog and it will try to resist the push of the first Hedgehog.

But when hedgehogs are mating, the male hedgehog would be a little gentler and even female will be pushing the male hedgehog.

Furthermore, when they are mating, the male hedgehog will also try to get beneath the female hedgehog.

Another observation an owner can make would be the sound of females. When two hedgehogs are mating, the female hedgehog will huff a lot as the male circles around her but they may get quiet in front of the owner.


Are Male Hedgehogs Territorial?

No, despite living alone all their lives, male hedgehogs are not territorial, they won’t fight other hedgehogs for territory. However, male hedgehogs are seen fighting other hedgehogs. A male hedgehog can fight other male hedgehogs for food, partner but not for territory.


Are Hedgehogs Aggressive To Each Other?

Yes, hedgehogs can be aggressive towards each other. They are often seen fighting each other if they steal each other’s food or try to interrupt one another’s mating session. Hedgehogs are aggressive but this aggression isn’t too common because they live alone their whole life.


Are Hedgehogs Aggressive To Humans?

A wild hedgehog won’t be aggressive towards a human. A hedgehog likes to stay away from a company, so if they don’t like a human, they will most probably hide from them, curl up to avoid interaction or simply run away rather than harming the human.

Are hedgehogs territorial
Are Hedgehogs Territorial?


Are Male Hedgehogs Aggressive Towards Hoglets?

Yes, sometimes male hedgehogs can also become aggressive towards the hoglets. If the owner sees their pet hedgehog dominating the hoglets, they should be separated immediately. The dominating Hedgehog should be kept in a separate cage.


Why Is My Hedgehog Hissing?

A hedgehog will hiss to show their defensive side. They hiss to indicate that they are anxious or fearing something. This is a behavior that a hedgehog will show when scared rather than getting aggressive during such a situation.

If the owner has just adopted a hedgehog and if it is hissing, it is completely normal for hedgehogs to hiss when they are introduced to a new environment.

A hedgehog may hiss to show that they are annoyed at something. A hedgehog can be annoyed at a Hoglets, another male hedgehog, or their female partner’s hedgehog and even sometimes on the owner. Hissing is their way of saying that they don’t want the person or animal around them that is annoying them.

Additionally, a hedgehog would also hiss, if they are anxious about any danger like coming predators. If the owner is seeing their pet hedgehog hiss, they should observe what could be bothering them.

If the owner feels that their pet hedgehog isn’t comfortable around them and hiss when they get close, they should maintain a distance with their pet for some time and try to get close to their pet slowly in steps. It would worsen the case if the owner tries to force pick or touch their pet hedgehog.


What Are Different Hedgehog Personalities?

A hedgehog personality can differ from individual hedgehogs, while some might be social, friendly while others may not like the human company or they may have aggressive or introverted behavior.

The way and time the owner stays with their pet hedgehog will also determine how a hedgehog behaves.


What Is Male Vs Female Hedgehog Territorial Behavior?

Both male and female hedgehogs have a similar temperament. Neither of them is more Aggressive than the other. When it comes to being territorial, hedgehogs neither male nor female is territorial.

Hedgehogs don’t fight for space in the wild, a big reason for that is that they live alone most of their lives.


Why Does My Hedgehog Bites Foot?

A hedgehog will bite their own feet sometimes. It is an indication that they are stressed or anxious. This can be due to various factors included in the environment. One of the most common causes of this behavior is poor cage conditions.

Hedgehogs need quality terrariums with toys and stuff that can keep them equipped. This behavior is rarely seen in the wild but often seen in captivity.

Sometimes, Hedgehogs are even seen to bite their feet when they are bored and when there is nothing much to do in the cage. Eventually, to keep themselves busy, they will start biting their own feet.


How To Stop Hedgehog Biting Foot?

To stop a hedgehog from biting its feet, the owner should provide a good environment for their pet. The terrarium of the hedgehog should be vibrant enough to keep the hedgehog busy.

Toys, structures, rolling balls, pipes, mazes are some of the examples that an owner can add to the terrarium of a hedgehog to keep them equipped in exploring.


Can Hedgehogs Hurt You?

Yes, with their sharp quills, hedgehogs can hurt human hands. Though it may not be severe, it is recommended to be very careful with the hedgehog especially when the owner is holding the hedgehog for the very first time.

Sometimes, allergic owners often get hives after touching the hedgehog. So it is recommended to always wear gloves before handling a hedgehog. Wearing gloves will also prevent hedgehogs from smelling human scent.


Final Verdict – Are Hedgehogs Territorial

Are hedgehogs territorial? No, hedgehogs are not territorial animals. Hedgehogs are not seen fighting each other over land though, male hedgehogs can fight other hedgehogs for food and partner but they won’t fight for territory.

Are hedgehogs territorial
Are Hedgehogs Territorial?

A hedgehog mostly stays in a particular area and it is uncommon for hedgehogs to try to get into the land of others or even pass each other because they often wander alone.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hedgehog a good and comfortable life!

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