Axolotl Flapping Gills : Why Is Axolotl Flapping Gills? 7 Clear Facts

Petting axolotl is a great experience. Looking at a peaceful axolotl is surely pleasing to eyes. However many owners notice that sometimes their axolotls flap their gills and may wonder why axolotls flap their gills.

Axolotl flapping gills is a normal activity in most cases. By flapping their gills, axolotls try to get more oxygen. It is also considered as a lazy behavior of axolotls. However, If an axolotl is flapping its gills, with stress and if the owner observes a struggle, it can be possible that the axolotl is struggling to breathe. In that case, the owner should add an air pump and consult a vet, if required.

Axolotl flapping gills
Axolotl flapping gills


Do Axolotls Flap Their Gills?

Yes, many owners observe axolotls flapping their gills in the tank. They do so to get more oxygen. In most cases, there is nothing to worry about.


Why Is Axolotl Flapping Gills?

What does it mean when an axolotl flicks its gills? Axolotls flap their gills to intake more oxygen, which is considered normal for most of the axolotls. It is a kind of lazy behavior that axolotls perform. To avoid moving for oxygen, axolotls just flap their gills to get the oxygen.

It is a useful movement that provides movement in the water and provides more oxygen in the tank. However, excessive flapping may be a sign that the axolotl is struggling to get oxygen. Which should be ensured by giving an oxygen pump to the axolotl.


Why Is Axolotl Excessive Gill Flapping?

What does it mean when axolotls flap their gills excessively? The excessive flapping of gills can be a sign that axolotl isn’t getting enough oxygen. Though in most cases it is normal it can be a serious issue in tanks.

To check, if the axolotl is fine, the owner should check the body language of the axolotl. If the axolotl seems to be relaxed and fine, then there is nothing to worry about, however, if the axolotl is struggling, the owner should immediately make changes.


Why Do Axolotls Flap Their Gills?

Axolotls flap their gills to retain more oxygen. By flapping their gills, they create movement in the tank, which shifts the water and dissolved air, which helps them to get more oxygen without moving. Many consider it to be a lazy activity of axolotls.


How Do I Know If My Axolotl Is Stressed?

If an axolotl is lethargic, not moving a lot, lack of appetite, gills curled forward are all signs that the axolotl is stressed. The owner should try to understand why their pet is stressed and work on that.


Why Is My Axolotl Thrashing Around?

If the axolotl is thrashing, it is a sign of discomfort which can include digestion problems, irritation from an injury or gills etc. The owner should understand what is the problem with their pet and take advice from the vet accordingly because individual axolotls have different behavior patterns and there is no common answer to that.

Axolotl flapping gills
Axolotl flapping gills


Why Do Axolotls Gills Curl Forward?

In axolotls, gills curled forward means that the axolotl is stressed. Axolotl stressed gills can occur due to anything in their environment that is disturbing them, the owner should assess all factors including water, tank size, plants in the tank, tank mates, temperature etc, and make relevant changes.


Do Axolotls Gills Grow Back?

It depends on the health of axolotl. On average, axolotls can grow back their gills after axolotl gill deterioration however, if axolotl is unhealthy and doesn’t get the required nutrients, they may not be able to regenerate their gills.


Health Issue In Axolotl Flapping Gills

If axolotls are flapping their gills too much, it can be possible that axolotl is struggling to breathe. The owner makes sure there is enough oxygen present in the tank.


Final Verdict- Axolotl Flapping Gills

axolotl flapping gills can be considered as normal behavior. Axolotls are commonly seen flapping their gills to get more oxygen. However, when they are seen struggling and flapping too fast, it may be possible that they are not getting enough oxygen.

Axolotl flapping gills
Axolotl flapping gills

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet axolotl a good and comfortable life!

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