How Much Does An Axolotl Weigh? (7 Cool Weight Facts)

Axolotl is starting to have a lot of fans. Many people want to have an axolotl as their pet. Few requirements must be met to successfully care for a healthy axolotl with ideal body weight. Axolotls are critically endangered animals. You have to give them a comfortable place to live and watch over their growth.

How much does an axolotl weigh? Full-grown axolotls can reach 30cm or 12 inches and weigh between 60-250 grams, with the average axolotl size reaching 23cm or 9 inches. If they live in captivity with the owner providing regular food and adequate nutrition, their weight can reach 500 grams.

How much does an axolotl weigh
How much does an axolotl weigh?

Knowing the ideal weight of an axolotl will help you take care of the axolotl optimally. Let’s read this article to the end.


How Much Does An Axolotl Weigh?

Providing the best life for the axolotl is the goal of every owner. Many want to know the possible weight of the axolotl so that every owner can focus on feeding regularly and choosing the right food.

The axolotl weighs between 60-250 grams. It can be much greater if in captivity with regular meal times and a food menu that meets their nutritional needs.

Weighing axolotl should not be arbitrary. You cannot carelessly remove axolotls from the tank and leave them out of the water for long periods. If you want to measure their weight, you have to put them on the scale for a few seconds.

Do not leave the axolotl out of the water for too long. Although axolotls are salamanders, axolotls only breathe out of water for short periods. If their body dries up, they begin to lack air even though they use their lungs.


How to Measure Your Axolotl Weight With Its Age?

The usual way to measure is to look at the age of the length. But some look at how heavy the axolotl is to determine its age. Axolotls in captivity can weigh almost twice as much as when in the wild.

It is possible because axolotl in the wild is already challenging to get a clean habitat and easy access to food. Axolotls in captivity don’t have to think about surviving in a harsh environment. They can enjoy a life that is fully facilitated.

How much does an axolotl weigh? The only way to know the weight of an axolotl from its age is to wait for it to be full-grown. Axolotls will be fully-grown when they are one year old. If the average axolotl weighs between 60-250 grams, you can assume that a one-year-old axolotl weighs 250 grams.


How Much Does A Full Grown Axolotl Weigh?

If the average axolotl counts when full-grown can reach 250 grams, an axolotl that eats a lot and never leaves its food can weigh as much as 300 grams. If axolotls live from larvae to full-grown in captivity, then you can maximize their body weight.

How about axolotl weight in pounds? You can estimate the axolotl weight between 0.11-0.55 pounds. If your axolotl is healthy, and has excellent water requirements, there is never a problem with their diet, axolotl can weigh up to 0.66 pounds.

Why do we need to emphasize how much an axolotl weighs? Because axolotl weight is one of the main things that can be used as a reference to whether axolotls can achieve their life expectancy or not. Healthy or not axolotl can be seen from their desire to eat and ideal body weight.


How Fast Do Axolotls Grow?

Axolotls can become fast growers if they have a portion of adequate food, excellent water quality, and a comfortable environment. Axolotls can grow rapidly from early hatch to maturity. The diet of young axolotls includes a lot until they have a reduced feeding time as they progress to adulthood.

Young axolotls will be happy if given live food which is suitable for them to swallow. Axolotls do not have teeth that can tear their food. Baby brine shrimp or pieces of worms will be good to provide protein and vitamins for their growth.

How big do axolotls get? Axolotls can have 9 inches in length and 250 grams in weight. This figure is a reference to the ideal length and weight for axolotls that live in the wild or captivity.

How much does an axolotl weigh in the wild? We will rarely see axolotls in the wild because they are already critically endangered animals. You can estimate their weight to be between 60-220 grams in the wild.

We can assume their average weight can be smaller than the axolotl in captivity because of the limited availability of food.


How Big Are Axolotls?

Adult axolotls can measure up to 12 inches and weigh up to 250 grams. If they eat regularly and have no health problems, they can weigh more than that. Axolotls prefer to live alone. If you unite several axolotls in the same tank, you can see adult axolotls attack the smaller ones.

Although adult axolotls are not as aggressive as young axolotls, you can see this behavior sometimes occurs when one of them is stressed or hungry. See if there is a medium-size axolotl for sale for you to treat. If you can give axolotls a healthy life, you can gain axolotl’s weight.

How much does an axolotl weigh? You can expect axolotls with a standard weight in the pet store and not reaching 250 grams even though they are adults. It will be your job to take care of them by providing an adequate diet and nutrition according to their age.


How Much Does A Baby Axolotl Weigh?

The baby axolotl still has under an inch in size. We will not be able to estimate with certainty their weight when entering the baby’s axolotl life stage. What we need to know, baby axolotls will be interested in eating live foods. You can give food until they refuse the food you provide.

Baby axolotls need a diet of 3 times a day. The portion you give tries to be the same and give until they don’t want to accept more food. If they enter the juvenile state, their weight can only be measured and estimated between 50 grams or more for a good weight.

How much does an axolotl weigh? If you can treat juvenile axolotls to 10 ounces, you have entered the average weight of the axolotl. You can ensure the way you care for, and requirements for axolotl are met.


How Big Is A One Year Old Axolotl?

A one-year-old axolotl size can vary from 6-14 inches. At this age, the axolotl has entered a full-grown state. You can say that you have managed to treat axolotls to the maximum if their weight can reach 200 grams or as big as 250 grams.

Many find it impossible to have an axolotl weighing 300 grams, but it might be possible if their length is between 12-14 inches. The longer their body, the more visible and have a greater weight.

How much does an axolotl weigh? Normally, a one-year-old axolotl weighs around 200-220 grams. If more than that is still quite good, as long as you don’t overfeed too often.


How Much Does An Axolotl Increase In Weight Every Year?

The fastest axolotl development is after hatching until 1 year old or entering maturity. The average first-year weight of the axolotl is 60-250 grams depending on the environment, health, and other factors.

How much does an axolotl weigh? Axolotls can continue to grow to 500 grams by the time they are 3-5 years old, and start to stop gaining weight. Adult axolotls have a different diet from young axolotls. Adults only need to eat once every two or three days insufficient portions.

The average axolotl lifespan in the wild is 5-6 years, commensurate with the difficulty of surviving in polluted habitats and the difficulty of finding food to make ends meet.

Why are axolotl endangered? Many factors cause axolotls to become extinct, such as habitat loss, human development, and wastewater disposal. Axolotls are very sensitive to water conditions. If they cannot be in a habitat that can keep the water clean, it will shorten their life expectancy.

How much does an axolotl weigh
How much does an axolotl weigh?


How To Tell If Your Axolotl Is In The Right Weight?

The axolotl’s body weight can be distinguished by its length and gender. The female axolotl will be wider and the male axolotl slimmer.

The rule for determining whether the axolotl’s body weight is right or not is the shape of their head. If their head is as large as their body, then the axolotl is already at the appropriate weight.

How much does an axolotl weigh? The axolotl’s growth rate is adjusted according to their diet and water requirements. You can expect axolotls to weigh 200 grams or more by the time they are 1 year old. Axolotls can still grow larger over time if handled properly.


How To Identify Overweight Axolotls?

Axolotls will look like dwarfs if they are overweight. Their belly will be bigger than their head. It makes it more difficult for the axolotl to move and carry out its activities.

If the adult axolotl has begun to reduce its activity, the overweight axolotl will spend more time under the tank without swimming around and seem unresponsive.

Try to reduce their food portions, and allow the axolotl not to eat at its normal time. Give them time off to eat until their posture returns to normal.

How much does an axolotl weigh? Let’s say your axolotl is only 6 months old. If your axolotl weighs more than 300 grams, it will be considered overweight.


How To Weigh Your Axolotl?

There are several methods for measuring the weight of your axolotl. The table below is a few ways to measure axolotl’s weight.

Ruler methodWhen the axolotls rest vertically or horizontally, you can use the ruler to measure their size. This method is not 100% accurate, but you can estimate the weight of their size.
Plastic container with axolotl in itYou can take the axolotl out of the tank and put it in a plastic bag filled with water. After you measure the plastic containing the axolotl, you can return the axolotl to the tank and take the difference between the plastic containing only water and when the axolotl is in it.
Taking out the axolotlThis method is risky. Remove the axolotls from the tank and place them on the scale to calculate their exact weight.


How To Feed And Care To Make Axolotls Healthy?

Caring for an axolotl will be easy if you pay attention to water requirements, such as water hardness, ammonia level, and the amount of water. Axolotls will be easily stressed if they do not get an excellent water quality. They can refuse to eat, float, and are susceptible to disease.

Immediately clean the tank after the presence of uneaten food or axolotl’s waste. If left unchecked, ammonia levels will spike and be harmful to axolotls.

Axolotl feeding time is adjusted to their age. If you have an adult axolotl, you can feed it every two or three days. Juveniles need to eat twice a day, and baby axolotls can eat three times a day.


Final Verdict – How Much Does An Axolotl Weigh

The success or failure of caring for axolotls can be seen from their weight. One way to determine whether an axolotl already has an ideal body weight is from its body shape. If their head is the same size as their body, they have appropriate weight.

How much does an axolotl weigh
How much does an axolotl weigh? How much does an axolotl weigh in captivity? How much does an axolotl weigh in the wild?

A healthy axolotl weighs between 60-250 grams. They can develop to the adult stage and start to slow down as they get older. If you take care of them with a proper diet, you can have an axolotl weighing 500 grams.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet axolotl a good and comfortable life!

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