Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix : 3 Cool Traits, Temperament

The Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix is what you get when you breed a Bluetick Coonhound with a Labrador Retriever. It is typically a medium to large size dog, with a friendly personality, considerable intelligence and lots of energy.

The Bluetick Hound Lab Mix is without doubt one of the most fascinating dogs. In this article, you will find comprehensive information about the Bluetick Hound Lab Mix: including its appearance, temperament, care needs and how to acquire one.

We may also refer to it as a Coonhound Lab Mix, Blue Tick Lab Mix, Lab Coon dog mix or simply Lab Coonhound mix.

Blue tick hound lab mix
Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix

Since both its parents are medium to large size dogs, it is highly unlikely for the Coon Hound mix to be a small dog.

In most cases, this Labrador Coonhound mix turns out to be a medium size dog. But there are also cases in which the Lab and Coonhound mix dog turns out to be a decidedly big dog.

And since both its parents are intelligent dogs, the Blue Tick Hound and Lab Mix almost always has decent intelligence.

Further, given the fact that both its parents are high energy dogs, rarely does the Lab and Bluetick mix turn out to be a low energy dog.

Almost always, a Coonhound mixed with Lab will be a high energy dog.

These are important things to know for anyone who is considering owning a Bluetick Coonhound dog.


What Is A Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix?

As its name suggests, the Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix is the offspring from a Bluetick Coonhound and a Labrador Retriever.

Thus you get a Bluetick Coonhound to breed with a Lab, in order to get a Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix puppy.

The whole thing is similar to how mating a Treeing Walker with a Coonhound Lab Mix results in a Treeing Walker Coonhound Lab Mix.

It is also similar to how you can get a Bloodhound Bluetick mix by breeding a Bloodhound with a Blue Tick coonhound.

To use another example, it is similar to how breeding a Pitbull with a Blue Tick results in a Pitbull Blue Tick Hound mix.

Thus the Lab Hound mix we are focusing on is simply the offspring of a Blue Tick Coonhound and a Lab.

Sometimes, you may use a Blue Tick male parent and a Lab female, to get Bluetick Lab Mix puppies.

At other times, you may use a male Lab and a female Blue Tick Coon Hound, to get a Lab Blue Tick Hound mix.

If you hear of someone talking about a Lab Retriever Hound mix dog, they are referring to this same dog.

Even someone talking about a Coonhound Retriever Mix may be referring to this dog.

But in the latter case, the reference could also be to a Blue Tick Hound Golden Retriever mix…

Yet the Lab Hound mixes we are focusing on are specifically those that come from Labrador Retrievers and Bluetick Coonhounds.


How Does A Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix Look?

In terms of coat color, there are many possibilities. The Blue Tick parent’s coat is typically in mottled blue. And the Lab parent’s coat is usually in chocolate, black or yellow.

When the two mate, the offspring can be in a wide range of colors.

Sometimes, you find a black lab Blue Tick Hound mix. Such black Lab Blue Tick Hound mix puppies are quite common.

If you don’t find Bluetick Coonhound black Lab Mix puppies, you may find Coonhound yellow Lab Mix puppies.

Thus both the black Lab Coonhound mix puppy and the yellow one are quite common. The black Lab Hound mix seems to be particularly ubiquitous. Thus chances of finding a Blue Tick Hound black Lab Mix are quite high.

A tan Lab Hound mix is common too, as is a chocolate Lab Coonhound mix.

With regard to Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix size, these dogs tend to be either medium size or large.

Answering the how big do Coon Hound Lab Mix dogs get is as hard as answering the how big do lab Blue Heeler mixes get question. Since you are dealing with a mix rather than a purebred dog, you can’t give an exact answer.

What we can say about the Lab Hound mix size is that the dogs typically become medium size or large.

A full grown Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix is typically above 20 inches in height. Thus if you had the how big will a Lab Hound mix get question, that is the answer to it.

Thus it is highly unlikely to find a Lab Hound Mix full grown dog that is decidedly small.

Normally, a Hound dog Lab Mix will be a muscular, athletic dog.


How Is The Temperament Of A Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix?

In terms of Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix temperament, you should expect this to be a friendly, loyal and playful dog.

Since both its parents have pleasant temperaments, it is reasonable to expect the Coonhound Lab Mix temperament to be good too.

Are Lab Hound Mix good dogs? Much depends on what you mean by ‘good’. If you want high energy, playful and loyal dogs, then they are good in that regard.

And if you happen to look at Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix pictures, you will see that they are physically adorable dogs too.

Of course, you need to know that the actual personality that a mix dog has depends on which parent it takes after.

The whole thing is similar to if, say, we were dealing with a Blockhead Golden Retriever.

In that case, the Blockhead Golden Retriever characteristics would depend on which parent its takes after.

And that would be with respect to things like the Blockhead Golden Retriever intelligence and the Blockhead Golden Retriever trainability.

Even when assessing something like, say, the Boxer Lab Mix pros and cons, you have to consider both parents’ contributions.

A similar scenario plays out with regard to a Bluetick Dachshund mix, a Walker Lab Mix or a Bluetick Coonhound Pitbull mix.

So in any Blue Tick mix dog, the actual temperament depends on which parent it takes after.

And it also depends on what is a Bluetick Hound mixed with, to get the offspring.

All in all though, the Bluetick Coonhound mix temperament should be largely pleasant.

That is unless the Coonhound Lab Mix puppy happens to have very nasty puppyhood experiences, which mess up with its natural personality.

Blue tick hound lab mix
Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix


How Is The Trainability Of A Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix Dog?

The Bluetick Coonhound Lab Mix is the offspring of parents with quite high intelligence.

Therefore in most cases, the Coonhound and Lab Mix dog will also tend to be of high intelligence. And this in turn should translate into high trainability.

It is worth noting that none of the parents that give rise to the Blue Tick Lab Mix is particularly stubborn.

Therefore it is highly unlikely that Coonhound Lab Mix puppies would have stubbornness that affects training.

Of course, the care that the Bluetick mix puppies receive in their earliest days defines how they turn out intellectually.

And the exact manner in which the Blue Tick mix puppies are trained also influences the outcomes.

All in all, the natural Coonhound Lab Mix characteristics favor easy trainability.

But one needs to train the dog well, and from a very young age. Remember what we said while answering the how big does a Lab Hound Mix get question?

It can grow into a quite big dog. And without proper training, it can easily be unmanageable.

The training approach you may use is similar to the one you’d work with if, say, yours was a Bluetick Coonhound Golden Retriever mix.

You are training a potentially big dog: hence the need for things like very early obedience training.


How Are The Grooming Needs Of A Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix?

The Blue Tick Hound mix can turn out to have a dense, long coat. Or it can turn out to have a relatively thin, short coat. It all depends on which of the two parents it takes after.

Generally though, you need to be ready to be brushing the dog’s hair at least twice per week.

And you also need to be ready for at least monthly hair trimming sessions.

Further, you need to be ready for tasks like nail trimming and teeth brushing.

All in all, the Blue Tick Hound mix doesn’t have many special grooming needs.

The grooming you do for this dog will be similar to what you would need to do for an American English Coonhound Lab Mix or a Blue Tick Pit mix.

So just like a Bluetick Pit mix, the most important grooming that this dog requires is regular hair brushing.

And just like a Bluetick Coonhound Pit mix, the other key thing it requires is regular nail trimming.

Further, just like a Walker Hound Lab Mix it requires regular hair trimming. Walker Hound Lab Mix puppies shed considerably, just like Blue Tick Hound mix puppies.

That is why things like regular hair brushing and trimming are necessary.

If yours is a chocolate or Red Tick Blue Tick Hound mix, you may need to be washing it regularly. That is because this sort of color can attract dust too fast.

But you should resist the temptation to wash the dog too often. Otherwise you will strip its skin of oils it needs.


What Health Issues Is A Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix Prone To?

The health issues that a Blue Tick Hound mix is prone to may come from either parent.

So those could be things like hip dysplasia and ear issues from the Blue Tick parent.

And those could also be things like luxating patella and elbow dysplasia from its lab parent.

One key thing you need to do is ensure that the Lab Coonhound mix weight remains in a healthy range.

If you maintain a healthy dog weight, you avoid most of the special health problems the dog is prone to.


How To Acquire A Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix Dog

There are breeders who specialize in these sorts of designer dogs, and from whom you can get a Blue Tick Hound Lab.

So you start by finding a breeder with Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix puppies for sale.

Once you find a breeder with such Coonhound Lab Mix puppies for sale, you negotiate a reasonable price.

Then you review the dog carefully, and ultimately purchase it if it looks good enough.

The alternative to buying a Blue Tick Lab Mix dog is adopting: formally from a rescue charity or informally from another previous owner.


How Much Does A Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix Cost?

There are places you may find a Blue Tick Lab Mix going for as little as $700.

Then there are other places where the price of the Coonhound Lab Mix goes as high as $2000.

Perhaps a good place to start is by finding out how much does a purebred Bluetick Hound cost? The figure typically turns out to be in the $500 to $600 range.

Then research on how much a pure Lab costs. That typically turns out to be in the $800 to $1500 range.

Against that background, it is not unreasonable to expect Blue Tick Lab Mix puppies to be in the $700 to $2000 range.

Thus in most cases, if you find Lab Coonhound mix puppies for sale, the price should be in the $700 to $2000 range.


Final Verdict – Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix

The Bluetick Hound Lab Mix is the offspring you get when you breed a Bluetick Coonhound with a Labrador Retriever.

Blue tick hound lab mix
Blue Tick Hound Lab Mix

As such, the Blue Tick Lab Mix has some Coonhound qualities and some Lab qualities.

In most cases, the Blue Tick Lab Mix turns out to be either a medium size or large dog.

With regard to temperament, the Blue Tick Lab Mix tends to be a loyal, friendly, playful and high energy dog.

Typically, the Blue Tick Lab Mix will tend to be an intelligent, highly trainable dog.

The average price for a Blue Tick Lab Mix puppy is usually in the $700 to $2000 range.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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