Do Axolotls Sleep? (11 Interesting Axies Sleep Facts)

Axolotls are exotic pets that have many unique features. We can discuss many things such as their temperament or behavior, what is needed to care for an axolotl, and this time we will discuss one of the frequently asked questions.

Do axolotls sleep? Yes, axolotls do sleep. But their rest or sleeping behavior is not the same as humans. Axolotls do not have eyelids, so it is difficult to tell whether axolotls are sleeping or not because they can sleep with their eyes open.

Because this is interesting to discuss, let’s read this article to the end.

Do axolotls sleep
Do axolotls sleep


Do Axolotls Sleep?

There will be certain behavior when the axolotl is resting or sleeping. One of them will hide in caves or rock in your aquarium, and they will remain silent for quite a long time. Look at the parts of their gills that will only move slightly. Their colors will also be paler to make sure they are sleeping.

If there are no rocks or caves in your aquarium, they can sleep at the bottom of the tank and remain silent without any activity.

Pay attention to this behavior because even though their eyes are open, it doesn’t mean they are always active all the time. Do not disturb them while in this position so that the quality of their sleep is good.


Where Do Axolotls Sleep?

Axolotls can sleep anywhere in the tank, but mostly at the bottom of the tank. They will look for a suitable hiding place behind plants, under the caves, above rocks, or their favorite spot.

If your aquarium lacks any decorations, axolotls can sleep anywhere, such as next to the plant or above the substrate, staying in one position until they wake up.

Make a certain place for them to rest so as not to disturb the light or tank mates if the axolotl is in the same tank with other fish.


How Do Axolotls Sleep?

Axolotls sleep with their eyes open because they do not have eyelids. Axolotls don’t move much, and their gills only move a little during sleep. The color of axolotls will look paler, and it is normal when they sleep because their metabolism decreases.

They will look for their favorite spot before bed and stay silent until their bedtime is over. Pay attention to this behavior so that you get used to it and understand when the axolotl sleeps. Don’t disturb the axolotls while they sleep, so they don’t get stressed.


How Long Do Axolotls Sleep?

We must be able to observe regularly to find out how long the axolotl sleeps. Generally, axolotls sleep for several hours and are determined by several factors such as age, size, and health status.

The axolotl is likely to be sleeping in the night or the dark, and we can assume the axolotl sleeps around 8-11 a night. Keep doing observations to determine the exact time the axolotl sleeps because some axolotls are idle at night.

If you notice that an adult axolotl doesn’t move much at night and is a little paler in color, that’s a sign they’re starting to sleep.


Are Axolotls Nocturnal?

Axolotls are nocturnal and avoid the light. If the axolotl’s room is full of light, the axolotl will sleep less and be restless, which stresses the axolotl. Keep the axolotl tank away from a bright room and direct sunlight.

Only provide UV light with a dark color so that the axolotl is not disturbed by the light and makes it easier to rest. It is not uncommon for axolotls to sleep at night if they wish.


Do Axolotls Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

Yes, axolotls will sleep with their eyes open for the rest of their lives because axolotls don’t have eyelids to close their eyes at rest. It will be difficult if you only distinguish between sleeping axolotls or not through their eyes.

Only two things can be used as a reference when you see an axolotl sleeping or not. At first, you notice that the body color of axolotls will tend to be paler during sleep, and the movement of gills is less than when they are awake.

A more obvious sign is an axolotl that stays in one place for a long time or hides. Don’t startle them with loud noises or light that can disturb them because the axolotl will wake up.


Do Axolotls Sleep Upside Down?

Axolotls don’t sleep upside down because they just sit at the bottom of the tank and don’t do other activities. If you see axolotls sitting upside down, there’s a good chance they’re sick.

Axolotls sleep in their usual position like they are swimming in a tank, with their bodies mostly still and not moving their gills like when they are active.

Immediately check why the axolotl is upside down because they can do that during impaction or other diseases.


Do Axolotls Sleep At Night?

Axolotls are nocturnal, and they live in the wild more, hunting their prey at night. This will be different when the axolotl is in captivity because their habits will change according to their owner.

For example, if axolotls are fed more in the morning, their sleep time may shift due to a long habit. No wonder the axolotl sleeps at night in your aquarium. You can also notice whether they are more active during the day or at night.


Do Axolotls Float When They Sleep?

When sleeping, axolotls will not float and stay in position until they return to their activities. Check your water quality if the axolotl frequently floats, as it is a sign of deteriorating water quality.

Starting from floating and the tank has started to smell fishy, it’s time for you to change the water until the water level is within the acceptable range.

If you have a water filter in your tank, you only need to change 20% of the tank water once a week. But if the axolotl produces more waste, you can always check the water condition with a water test kit.

Do axolotls sleep
Do axolotls sleep


Do Axolotls Sleep In The Wild?

We can’t say for sure how the axolotl lives in the wild because we will rarely see it since the axolotl has become a critically endangered species. Of course, we know the axolotl still sleeps or rests. It’s just that the time will be more during the day.

Axolotls are nocturnal because they spend their nights in the wild looking for prey and eating it.

We know axolotls also need sleep just like other animals, but because living in the wild is much harder than in captivity, axolotls will always be awake if there are predators after them.


Do Axolotls Sleep Together?

Axolotls are not a friendly species, and they are better off living alone. If the axolotl has tank mates, they will hide in a quiet place where no one will disturb them, and they will stay there to rest.

No one can say for sure if many axolotls are in the same tank, they will sleep close together. We only know that each axolotl will look for his favorite spot and will stay in the position for the next few hours.

This can be a recommendation for you because axolotls can be more comfortable if they live alone in a tank. They will never get bored even if they are alone for a long time.


Do Axolotls Sleep Fast?

Since axolotls keep their eyes open during sleep, we can’t say for sure whether the time it takes them to sleep is short or long. We can only confirm that their activity begins to decrease when they sleep from their gills movement.

For sleep time, we can research how much the axolotl will sleep. In captivity, because you put it in a quiet place without any disturbance, the axolotl can sleep for up to several hours.

But for axolotls who live in the wild can sleep and wake up quickly if they feel there is a threat from predators that prey on them.


Do Axolotls Sleep Well?

We can see whether axolotls get a good quality of rest or not from the activities they do after waking up. Their response when given food or when swimming to and fro is a reference for axolotls who live healthily.

If we think that axolotls are sleeping, even though they are sick, we will see some signs such as refusing to eat, floating, or upside down. Axolotl after sleep will not do some of these things.

Axolotls in captivity can be guaranteed to sleep more comfortably than those living in the wild because, in the aquarium, there will be nothing serious to disturb their sleep.


Do Axolotls Sleep In Winter?

During winter, the axolotl will do less activity, the same as when you are fridging the axolotl to treat constipation or if the axolotl is sick.

Axolotl metabolism will decrease and make them sleep more in winter. Axolotls are aquatic pets that can withstand cold temperatures by reducing their activity and getting more rest.

In winter, you can see whether the axolotl is doing as much activity as usual or not because colder temperatures keep the axolotl from moving around much. To make sure the axolotls are okay, feed them normally and check their behavior when swimming around.


Do Axolotls Sleep More Than 8 Hours

When the axolotl is in captivity, and you set the night light, this is a sign that the axolotl will sleep at night for the time you set to keep them calm while in darkness.

Axolotls also need a dark room when they sleep because too much lighting will stress the axolotl. If you time the lights on the axolotl tank and leave it dim or off at night, the axolotl can sleep 8 hours or more.

If axolotls live in the wild, we cannot be sure whether axolotls sleep for 8 hours or more because, in the wild, they are more mobile and are nocturnal species.


Difference Between Axolotl Sick And Rest

Some things must be considered to distinguish between the condition of axolotls when they are sick and when they are sleeping. If you can’t tell the difference, it will be dangerous for your axolotl’s health. The table below is a list of some of the signs your axolotl is sick.

LethargyLack of energy and unresponsive.
Gills falling offAxolotl gills can fall off due to infection, bacteria, or bad water conditions.
Less appetiteAxolotls eat little or no food at all. Can occur because of constipation or impaction.
FloatingToo many air bubbles being eaten, or high ammonia levels in the tank.

If axolotls sleep, they are only inactive and can still carry on with their normal activities after that. Will not show other signs such as floating or refusing to eat.


Final Verdict – Do Axolotls Sleep

Axolotls are also animals that need time to rest. Although axolotls sleep differently from humans in that they don’t have eyelids to tell they are sleeping.

Do axolotls sleep
Do axolotls sleep

Some things that can be confirmed are that the axolotl has a paler color, and the gills move only slightly. Axolotls can hide or find the right spot for them to rest or sleep.

Do not disturb them with loud light or sound so that their sleep quality is good. If the axolotl is long in captivity, they will have a habit of sleeping at night if you set the tank at night in dark conditions.

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