Fried Axolotl : Are Axolotls Edible? Simple 5 Steps Recipe

Who doesn’t love a cute amphibian, the pink Mexican “walking fish?” Turning the pet into a dish may not be appetizing. But wait, if you have been to Mexico, you need not ask; are axolotls edible, because you have probably scoffed the lot. It is a staple dish to Aztec culture. Today, it is a snack for everybody in other parts of the world.

Are axolotls edible? Can you eat fried Axolotl? Yes, axolotls are edible, and eating them is common in restaurants of Asia, mostly in Japan where the Axolotl is considered a luxurious cuisine.

Are axolotls edible or not? We have just found out if axolotls can be safely eaten. Let’s go ahead to identify more breathtaking takeaways these amphibians possess that bewitched humans.

Fried axolotl
Fried Axolotl – Are Axolotls Edible


Are Axolotls Edible?

Yes, Axolotls are edible not only in North America but in other parts of Asia. Eaters say that they are a great dish to the extent that they do not require salt when served.

Even though they are edible, it is illegal to eat them in California. For other parts, you can eat them without worries. Please confirm with your local laws before poaching these detrimental amphibians.


What Does Axolotl Taste Like?

Among the eaters, fried axolotls are wholesomely taken, can be either boiled or deep-fried, and tastes like an eel or a white fish with a crunch. Although the taste is similar to a fish, there is no musty or fishy smell.

What do roasted axolotls taste like? The taste is just the same in whatever method you prepare. However, if you feel disturbed eating fishy kinds of meals, add lemon or soy sauce and enjoy. For fried axolotls, you don’t have to add spices but can add pepper and salt.


How To Serve Axolotls?

Of course, here is where the great deal is! How to prepare and serve fried axolotls preserving all the sweetness. This procedure is used by famous chefs in Osaka, Japan, one of the main locations where this don’t is served.

To be honest, you will need an expert cook. Chefs say that well-cooked axolotls are crunchy on the outer skin, neither too dry nor raw, and notably away from being overcooked.

Differently from other cooked meat, deep-fried axolotls retain their shape, from head to tail. So, there might be an interesting way to prepare and serve the magical salamander.

Axolotls are best served with appetizers. Have your pickles or bell peppers ready before anything else. Foodies say it hits differently when you eat it with chopsticks.

Axolotls are served whole, you’ll have the spine, eyes, and tails, but they taste great when served with another relish such as brown rice. 

Other foodies describe this snack as an epitome of voluptuous taste, especially when taken with beer. If you have prepared some cornmeal, the better.

Like most foods, it is a delicacy for all ages, but be keen to remove the bones when enjoying yourself with your kids. Bones are highly nutritious, and rich in calcium, and you can chew them down if you can.


Is It Illegal To Eat Axolotl?

Yes, but only in some parts of California, New Jersey, Virginia, and Maine. The law enforces the action to protect the endangered amphibian from extinction. But note that it is legal to consume them in most states.

To throw a little light; Interfering with animals of the same genus to axolotls is banned too. Therefore, do not get caught poaching animals of the Ambystoma genus.


Where Can I Get Axolotl Dish?

If you’re neither in Japan, Mexico, and China, it might be difficult to identify restaurants that prepare Axolotls. Axolotl dishes are widely available in Japanese restaurants such as Osaka and Yokohama. As gourmet food in Mexico, there are high chances of getting one in one of the elite hotels there.

Axolotls are popular among breeders and pet enthusiasts. You can visit reptiles and fish expos to find out more. If you need to prepare them by yourself, there are many tutorials you can get the cooking skills from. 

Unless you make an early appointment with your chef, you’ll seldom find Axolotl dishes in your local area unless you stay in Japan.


Do Chinese People Eat Axolotl?

Yes. Axolotls are nicknamed “dinosaur fish with six horns” in China. Since they are not poisonous, they are served in exclusive restaurants in the country. 


Can You Get Fried Axolotl In Japan?

Yes. Most hotels serve fried axolotls upon request where they consider them as gourmet delicacies. Foodies review axolotl dishes in Japan as the most interesting experiences for only $13.

Among Japanese hotels that can serve you fried axolotls are Takara Yuki Sakebou in Osaka and most restaurants in Yokohama. The friendly hotel staff and chefs will help you choose your order from some cute live amphibians. If you visit Japan, be curious to test this savory dish which has both overloads of cuteness and deliciousness.


How Many Axolotls Are Left In The World?

Less than 1200. Axolotls are critically endangered species with their population noting a decrease and fear of extinction in the newer future. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, their number is far much less in their natural habitat.

They are reducing, and that’s why the government is making efforts such as prohibiting poaching or consumption to conserve them.


Fried Axolotl Recipe – How To Cook Fried Axolotls?

Although I haven’t prepared them before personally, I luckily saw a recipe procedure from a Japanese chef. If you have your fresh axolotls ready; This is how to prepare fried axolotls

  • Make sure to remove the stomach intestinal organs by spreading the stomach open
  • If you have your spices ready, batter the axolotl fully
  • Put the axolotl in already melted and boiled fat or oil in a pan on the fire
  • Fry for around 30 minutes until the meat hardens and starts to feel crunchy.
  • Use your meshed spoon to hold the fried axolotls out of the pan ensuring oil trickles back to the pan

That’s all. Your dish is ready and can be served with a compliment to your wish.


Can All Axolotls Be Eaten?

We have already determined the correct answer for: are axolotls edible, it’s time to discover the right axolotls safe for consumption. Not all axolotls can be eaten, but the reason is surprisingly not what you think.

Firstly, you should not eat your axolotl pet because it would indicate inhumanity and hypocrisy – you can’t chow down a pet that you love.

If you eat axolotls from your aquarium, you might get ill. Aquariums have not undergone protective treatments against fatal bacteria such as Salmonella. In Japan, axolotls for consumption are well-vetted with all the necessary tests. 

Commercial axolotls might have been reared with antibiotics and medicines that are unsafe for humans. Besides, if you cannot perform all the necessary checkups, then it is unsafe for you to consume the amphibians.


Final Verdict On Fried Axolotl

So, are axolotls edible? Yes. If you’re strong enough to eat cute pets without losing your appetite, then promise yourself to feast on one.

Fried axolotl
Fried Axolotl – Are Axolotls Edible?

Axolotls are near extinct, so, I do not understand why they would interest you like a dish. I would suggest you get a tank from PetStore and get axolotls pets from breeders. That would help to protect them from being exhausted.

This is only if getting Axolotl is legal in your state. Being mythical creatures, they help actively in research.

If you’re a food enthusiast, why don’t you try this favorite dish today, and not tomorrow, because that is far away? Hope you enjoy it!

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