How Many Moss Balls Per Gallon? (7 Clear Tips)

Have you ever seen an aquarium with a green ball in it? If you don’t know what they are, it’s moss balls that are becoming popular among hobbyists to fill their tanks as an outstanding addition. A few moss balls make amazing decorations for your aquarium, but what is the optimum ratio?

How many moss balls per gallon do you need in your aquarium? The number of moss balls depends on the tank you use. Normally, you can put 1 to 3 moss balls per gallon. This soft and spongy ball will help you create a balanced aquascape if placed in the right amount.

If you don’t know about moss balls, you need to learn about them before putting them in a tank. Let’s read the details in this article.

How many moss balls per gallon
How many moss balls per gallon?


What Is A Moss Ball?

Moss balls are rare algae growth that forms balls with a soft texture like large green balls. There are many nicknames for this algae green ball, such as algae balls, marimo algae balls, marimo algae, Japanese moss balls, seaweed balls, cladophora balls, and marimo moss.

One name is associated with Japan because moss balls were first discovered in Lake Akan, Japan in the 1900s. Although originally found there, moss balls can be found around Australia, Iceland, Scotland, etc.

How does moss ball form? The strings of algae wives around themselves and roll around the lakes until they form spheres. In the wild, moss balls will grow slowly up to a few millimeters per year, supported by climate conditions.


Do Moss Balls Help Cycle A Tank?

Moss balls have nothing to do with the cycle, but they can help to absorb ammonia. The presence of moss balls can still help reduce the ammonia level in the tank even though the absorption level is minimal.

Everyone should know the two types of moss balls before placing them in the tank. The table below is the moss balls you should know.

Moss ballsExplanation
Marimo moss ballsCladophoraceae and is still part of the algae family. It forms naturally, easy to maintain and propagate.
Java moss ballsManufactured moss balls that have a core made of styrofoam. Hobbyists are trying to make their own Java moss balls although it’s a little difficult.
Artificial moss ballsFake moss balls that serve for decoration. Entirely made from plastic, cheaper, and zero maintaining effort.

Many compare Java moss balls Vs. marimo in terms of shape, but many prefer to get moss balls that are naturally round without being made by human hands.


How Long Do Moss Balls Live?

Moss balls can live for over a hundred years if you put the proper lighting in the tank. Don’t leave the moss balls in direct sunlight to avoid turning brown and getting damaged quickly. Many call moss ball pets because they can live for a long time with little care.

What do moss balls do? Moss balls absorb the pollutants in the tank and convert them into oxygen. Moss balls can also reduce nitrates and improve water quality.

Each hobbyist will measure how many moss balls per gallon suit the needs after using a filter.


Are Moss Balls Worth It?

Many benefits can be obtained when you have moss balls in the tank. One of them is preventing excess algae growth. Marimo will suck up undesirable algae, such as brown algae, which can be harmful to some live plants in the tank.

Do moss balls help with algae? Yes, you can control the growth of algae in the tank if you have moss balls. The collection of algae in the moss balls will reduce the presence of undesirable algae in the tank.

Putting how many moss balls per gallon is essential. If you put too many moss balls, there will be moss balls that turn brown due to shading one another.


Do Moss Balls Give Off Oxygen?

Moss balls are like any other plant. It can suck up CO2 and provide oxygen to the tank. Marimo balls will be an alternative for those who don’t like the noisy air stones in the tank. Moss balls can also absorb debris, phosphate, and ammonia at certain levels.

But you must know how many moss balls per gallon. It is because too much is also not good for your tank. The round shape can attract attention to fish and crustaceans in the tank.

You can see that some of your pets will surround the moss balls because they are curious and amazed at the new plant in the tank.


Can Moss Balls Kill Fish?

Moss balls can add up over time, and that can stress fish. Imagine if one tank could have a lot of moss balls that you previously only put a few in and didn’t interfere with fish activities.

Too many moss balls will cause one of the balls to rot, much like brown algae, which can be harmful to other plants in the tank. Fish are susceptible to ammonia poisoning from decaying moss balls.


How Many Moss Balls Per Gallon?

Moss balls can grow like any other plant. You have to provide a special space for moss balls. Try to put each moss ball in a different place. The rule of thumb is 1-3 moss balls per gallon. Don’t give too much space to the moss balls, and don’t quickly contaminate the tank.

There are several limiting factors that you should know about caring for moss balls. Some owners prefer to put moss balls in one corner of the tank in a row. Some put them in a stack, others put each ball in several different places.

How many moss balls per gallon
How many moss balls per gallon?


How Many Marimo Moss Balls Per Gallon?

Prepare a special place for marimo moss balls to grow and flourish. Putting too much will be bad for the environment, and there will be balls that don’t grow properly.

Marimo moss balls will be suitable if placed only 1-3 per gallon. If you are new to putting in moss balls, don’t put too many and see how it grows.

If you find it challenging to make marimo moss balls, look for marimo moss balls for sale which are usually sold in packages of 3 moss balls. This amount is also by the rule of thumb, which can put up to 3 moss balls per gallon.


Can You Have More Than One Moss Ball In A Tank?

One ball is enough to recognize how the moss ball is in the tank and see the fish’s reaction to it. If you feel like adding moss balls, you can add moss balls according to the rule of thumb, 1-3 moss balls per gallon.

You can analyze the moss balls when they are in the tank. If in the next few days there are no problems with the moss balls, you can keep the amount you have placed. Pay attention to every moss ball you have, and don’t let any 1 ball turn brown.

The brown color indicates the moss balls need a cooler place and a location with less light. Once it’s green again, you can put it into the tank again.


Can You Have Too Many Moss Balls In An Aquarium?

Moss balls can thrive like other plants if they have the right amount and space. You already know the rule of thumb of moss balls, and you are the one who determines whether or not there are too many moss balls in the tank.

You can put 3 times more than the rules and fill the tank with moss balls. But you will see the reaction of the moss balls that do not develop because they shade each other. Gradually the color of the moss balls becomes brown and will be harmful to ammonia or nitrates levels.

How many moss balls per gallon? Don’t put more than 3 moss balls per gallon, and you can calculate how much is right for your tank.


Do Marimo Moss Balls Multiply?

Yes, marimo balls can multiply slowly. Let it grow gradually, and you will see a bump growing on moss balls. Do not separate the moss balls manually because that could damage the moss balls or die.

Moss balls that have not developed will be the same as other plants. The color is changing and decaying over time. Caring for moss balls is not as challenging as other live plants. This plant only requires little maintenance and does not need too much light.


How Many Moss Balls In A 5 Gallon Tank?

A 5-gallon tank is large and can accommodate several types of fish. If we follow the rule of thumb, you can put at least 5 moss balls and a maximum of 15. Try not to put too many while watching whether each ball develops well.

How many moss balls are in a 5-gallon tank? You can put 8 moss balls in a 5-gallon tank with neither too much nor too little. That amount would be just right for placing moss balls on several sides of the tank or stacking them.


How Many Moss Balls In A 10 Gallon Tank?

A rectangular 10-gallon tank is usually for putting several fish that are quite large. You can put at least 10 moss balls if you follow the rule of thumb. There are several considerations for each owner. Putting a lot of moss balls in the tank will also affect whether or not the fish habitat is good.

If you think of the beauty in the tank, you can put between 8-13 moss balls. This amount is sufficient because it is neither too little nor too much. As long as you put the tank and not in direct sunlight, the moss balls can grow optimally.

Moss balls will do well in cold temperatures. Ensure you have fish that match the cool temperature.


How Many Marimo Moss Balls For 20 Gallon Tanks?

Try to see the floor space of your 20-gallon tank. If you can put 20 moss balls, try to arrange them neatly. Piles of moss balls should also not be arbitrary because if they are too close to each other, one of the balls will turn brown.

You can put up to 60 balls as long as you can arrange the moss balls properly and there is still space left. Remember to keep an eye on the progress of moss balls. Don’t put the maximum amount of moss balls to cope if they grow and multiply.

If you already know how many moss balls per gallon, now we have to learn about the benefits of marimo balls. The table below will show what are marimo balls benefits.

Sucks up nitratesAbsorbs less nitrates but is still a benefit to your tank’s ecosystem.
Provide oxygenJust like other plants, moss balls will suck up CO2 and provide oxygen.
Prevent excess algae growthSucks up the nutrients from undesirable algae and reduces any algae growing outside the moss balls.
Almost zero maintenanceOnly requires freshwater and a little light. You don’t need to give special food, because the waste from the tank can become food for moss balls.


Final Verdict – How Many Moss Balls Per Gallon

Putting moss balls is the same as putting live plants, but with a different shape in plants in general. Moss balls are green balls that arise from rare growth algae rolling due to water waves to form spheres.

Having moss balls in the tank can help oxygen production and reduce the growth of undesirable algae in the tank. It also participates in maintaining water quality.

How many moss balls per gallon
How many moss balls per gallon?

You should know the rule of thumb of the moss balls in the tank, between 1-3 moss balls per gallon. As long as there is an empty tank floor, you can place it according to the rules.

Don’t forget that moss balls can grow and multiply, even if they take a long time to grow. Don’t put the maximum amount, but put in enough while watching how the fish interact with the moss balls.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet axolotl a good and comfortable life!

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