Axolotl And Moss Ball In Aquarium : (9 Clear Facts)

The axolotl is a super unique aquatic pet. It’s a salamander that looks like a fish and is gaining popularity due to its critically endangered status.

Axolotls have many shapes and colors. When placing an axolotl in an aquarium, many wonder whether it is possible to put live plants into the tank like a moss ball.

How can axolotl and moss ball be in one tank? Moss balls or Marimo balls are one of the popular plants to be placed in the aquarium. Moss balls are safe for axolotls as long as the balls are larger than the axolotl’s head.

The axolotl can eat anything in its path, including moss balls. If there is too much-swallowing moss, the axolotl can suffocate or choke.

Axolotl and moss ball
Axolotl And Moss Ball

We need to know how essential the moss ball is to the axolotl and what size is the safe moss ball for the axolotl’s tank.


Do Moss Balls Produce Oxygen In Axolotl’s Tank?

Moss balls act like plants in general. It sucks up carbon dioxide and produces oxygen. Sometimes aquarium owners put air stones for oxygen circulation. But for decoration and oxygen supplier, you can put some Marimo moss balls.

Moss balls have other benefits to prevent excess algae growth. Algae can create an ammonia spike and are unhealthy for axolotls. If axolotls are in an aquarium with high ammonia levels, they can be stressed and get sick easily.


Are Moss Balls Good For Axolotls?

Moss balls are excellent for axolotl’s tanks to supply oxygen and reduce algae growth. Make sure you put the moss balls in a larger size than the axolotl’s head. Moss balls are not poisonous to axolotls but can be an issue if axolotls keep eating them at the same time.

Marimo balls are plants that require very little maintenance and are suitable for axolotl environments. The axolotl can’t directly face the sunlight. Even though the moss ball doesn’t get too much sunlight, this plant can still grow without problems.

The axolotl moss ball can be placed in brackish water according to the axolotl’s needs. If the Marimo moss ball starts to appear in brown spots, you need to add ocean salt until the moss ball turns green again.


Can I Put Moss In My Axolotl Tank?

Marimo balls are one of the easiest aquarium plants to care for and are the choice of many aquarium hobbyists. Marimo moss balls can be found in Japan’s Lake Akan and many lakes in Europe.

These spherical colonies are a combination of several layers of algae and can grow up to 30 cm in diameter. It will be nice if you put it in the axolotl tank, as long as the axolotl is smaller than the moss ball.

The advantage to caring for moss balls in axolotl tanks is that this plant requires low light and low maintenance.


How Do You Take Care Of The Moss Ball In The Axolotl Tank?

The axolotl and moss ball can get along because the Marimo moss ball does not require challenging maintenance. A moss ball in the axolotl tank does not make it difficult for the axolotl to swim or stress them out.

Moss ball is a slow-growth plant that prefers cold water between 18-24°C and can be kept in freshwater or brackish water aquariums. To keep the moss ball green, you need dechlorinated water. This plant is suitable for beginners who are still confused about how to care for aquarium plants.


Do Axolotls Like Moss Balls?

The axolotl won’t mind if you put some moss balls in the tank. Many axolotl owners don’t see the axolotl touching or standing on the moss ball, but axolotl can enjoy it with the moss ball texture which is soft to the touch and can move.

Axolotls like things that move. When the Marimo moss ball and axolotl are in the same place after moving, you will see the axolotl enjoy swimming around it.

One of the reasons why you should put big moss balls is because adult axolotls can rip the balls up and eat them. If you pay close attention, some of the moss balls eaten by axolotls will spit or come out in their poop.


Are Moss Balls Safe For Axolotls?

The Axolotl Marimo moss ball can be placed in the aquarium without any problems. Many say that the axolotl is like moss balls and swimming around it when moss balls move when touched. Moss balls can live in an axolotl environment with cold water and brackish water.

While other aquarium plants need a lot of sunlight, moss balls don’t need a lot of light and require very little maintenance. Watch as the color of the moss balls starts to brown. You have to give the treatment like a little ocean water to bring the color back.


Can You Keep Marimo Moss Balls With Axolotls?

The axolotl and moss ball can be in one tank if you can fulfill how to properly care for a moss ball. Although moss balls are simple plants, you must understand what benefits you can get. The table below is some of the benefits of Marimo moss ball axolotl.

How to care moss ballExplanation
Absorb nitratesMoss balls can absorb a little amount of nitrates to maintain the tank’s ecosystem.
Provide oxygenMoss balls suck up CO2 and release oxygen.
Prevent algae growthMoss balls suck up undesirable algae and prevent unwanted algae growing back.
A good harbor for beneficial bacteriaAssist in the water filter process in the tank by helping nitrogen cycle with colonized beneficial bacteria.
Axolotl and moss ball
Axolotl And Moss Ball In Aquarium


What Do Moss Balls Do For Axolotls?

There’s nothing the moss ball can do directly to the axolotl. Moss balls are suitable plants to be placed in an axolotl tank because they can survive in cold temperatures and only need a little light to keep growing.

The main benefit of moss balls is to reduce the growth of undesired algae so that it doesn’t cause an ammonia spike and to form a nitrogen cycle to keep it at a good level.


Is Axolotl Playing With A Moss Ball Safe?

Playing with moss balls is harmless if the axolotl just touches and swims around it. But if the axolotl begins to tear and eat the moss ball, there may be issues such as suffocation or choking due to too many moss balls accumulating in the axolotl’s throat. Sometimes the axolotl just bites it and spits it out, but not infrequently also wants to swallow it like eating.

Marimo moss balls are non-toxic, but dangerous if the axolotl is allowed to damage the moss ball and eat too much of it. Axolotls do not get any benefit when eating moss balls because axolotls need a lot of protein, not plant-based food.


Is Axolotl Sitting On Moss Ball Good?

Axolotls can sit, hold, or let the moss ball move around the tank. It’s a sign that axolotls enjoy playing with moss balls without causing any problems. Be careful when the axolotl sits on the moss ball because there is a possibility that the moss ball will be damaged and can be scattered everywhere.

If the algae are allowed to scatter and decay, the water in the tank will decrease in quality and raise the ammonia level.


Final Verdict – Axolotl And Moss Ball

Moss ball is an aquarium plant that is suitable for axolotl’s tank because it only requires a little light, can withstand cold temperatures between 18-24°C, can survive in brackish water, and has many benefits.

Axolotl and moss ball
Axolotl And Moss Ball In The Tank

The condition for placing moss balls is that they must exceed the axolotl’s head. If you put small moss balls, the axolotl can eat them and can cause issues like suffocation or choking. Moss balls can prevent excess algae growth and provide oxygen and are not poisonous to axolotls even though axolotls eat them accidentally.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet axolotl a good and comfortable life!

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