Ghost Tri Bully : Is A Ghost Merle Tri Bully Rare? 7 Cool Facts

Lately, within the dog lover circles, there has been great interest in ghost tri bullies. People have been seeking to know the defining features of the ghost tri bullies, their care needs and how they can be acquired. This article explores all these issues comprehensively.

The ghost tri bully dog has tan points set against a base color, alongside white markings. Thus it is a tricolor pattern (with 3 distinct colors).

The dog may, for instance, be referred to as a ghost merle tri bully if its coat has the merle pattern, with tan points and white markings.

There are people who find the ghost tri color pattern highly appealing, hence the growing popularity of this dog.

It is important to point out that the ghost tri bullies are American bullies in all respects. They just happen to have tan points against a base color, alongside white markings: thus making a 3-color layer.

Ghost tri bully
Ghost tri bully

You may therefore also refer to it as the ghost tri Pitbull or simply as the tri Pit bull. The tri Pitbulls in question here have all the qualities of an American pit bull. What sets them apart is their color pattern.

In practical terms, you can have a black ghost tri bully, a lilac ghost tri bully, a blue ghost tri bully, a blue fawn tri bully and so on. If there is a sable base, the dog may qualify to be termed as a reverse tri color bully.

In a white tri bully dog, you may end up with the tan points being obscured by the white color. That is why the white ghost tri bully presents some technical challenges. That is just like so-called champagne ghost tri bully and chocolate ghost tri bully patterns.


What Exactly Is A Ghost Tri Bully Dog?

One of the questions that arise frequently in American Bully forums is on exactly what is ghost tri color dog.

So, indeed, what is a ghost American Bully dog? It is simply an American bully that has tan points (on its coat) against a base color, as well as white markings.

When you visualize the tan points, base color and white markings, you see a ‘tri’ (3) color pattern. On account of the pattern some people may also refer to it as the tri-color Pitbull.

Depending on the base color, you may also get references like lilac tri Pitbull, tri blue bully, fawn tri color Pitbull or a fawn ghost tri bully dog and so on. Others are black tri Pitbull and grey tri color Pitbull.

People perceive colors in different ways. That is why you may even hear someone making reference to a ghost purple tri bully or ghost tan tri bully.

If there is the merle color pattern on the coat, we may refer to the dog as being a ghost merle tri bully. That is one of the rare tri color Pitbulls.

Indeed, it is on account of the relative rarity that the ghost merle tri bully dog attracts so much attention.

The same applies for the ghost lilac tri bully dog. Getting an ordinary lilac pit bull is challenging enough. How much more difficult is it likely to be, to get lilac tri color Pitbull puppies?

You find that it is generally more challenging than, say, getting black tri Pit puppies. The same also applies for the ghost brindle Pitbull (in tri color).

All in all, what defines tri color Pits (like the ghost tri color bully) is the presence of tan points, set against one or another base color, with white markings.


Ghost Tri Bully History

It would seem that the gene which gives rise to the tri color pattern in the ghost tri bully comes from crossing Smooth Fox Terriers with actual bulldogs. Apparently, this happened at some point in the 19th century.

Although people who bred dogs for show purposes didn’t favor the tri color pattern, it survived somehow. But the numbers remained low, hence its rarity.

Thus if, for instance, you own a ghost merle tri bully dog, this is how the tri-color pattern arose.

Today, the rarity of the tri color pattern is an advantage (for the people who breed them). On account of the rarity, you find that the ghost tri bully price is relatively high.

One only needs to research on how much do tri color Pitbulls cost to get an idea on the rates.

But even before you get to that point (of asking how much is a tri color bully worth), you need to be lucky enough to actually find any tri color Pitbulls puppies on sale.

There are times when it can be quite difficult to find a ghost tri color American bully up for sale.

Then should you find the tri colored Pitbull puppies, their price turns out to be quite hefty.

So the typically higher tri color Pitbull price is on account of these dogs’ relative rarity.

And all in all, the gene that is responsible for the tri color pattern in these dogs apparently came from crossing Smooth Fox Terriers with actual bulldogs.


Ghost Tri Bully Appearance

The defining feature for ghost tri bullies is the presence of tan points, against a base color, with white markings.

If you specifically have the ghost tan pattern, the dog qualifies for the ‘ghost tri color bully’ name.

And if you specifically have the tri merle pattern, we term the dog as a ghost merle tri bully.

A full grown ghost tri bully may be in the 17 to 21 inches range. That is with a weight in the 30 to 60 pounds range.

But if it happens to be a ghost tri bully xl dog: in which case it may be somewhat larger.

A ghost tri bully puppy may have one color pattern at birth, only for it to change slightly with time.

In all other respects, the ghost tri American bully is a regular American bully dog. What makes the tri ghost Pitbull different is only its coat color pattern.

Thus if we are making reference to an American Pit Bull Terrier tri color pattern only affects the coat appearance. But the dog is a regular American pit bull terrier in all other respects.


Ghost Tri Bully Personality And Temperament

The ghost tri bully dog will typically have a high level of loyalty and friendliness. But whereas it is friendly to humans, it can be somewhat aggressive to other dogs.

In terms of intelligence, this is one of the smartest dogs.

It is a lively dog, which requires a considerable level of mental stimulation and physical activity, to avoid boredom.


Ghost Tri Bully Training

For training of ghost tri bullies to be effective, it needs to start at an early age, with consistency.

Use of positive reinforcement rather than punishments tends to yield better results with these American bullies.

These are dogs that can at times be strong-willed: hence the need for proper obedience training from an early age.


Ghost Tri Bully Exercise Needs

Ideally, you should organize for around 60 minutes of exercise per day for your ghost tri bullies.

Admittedly, that can be one of the most challenging aspects of ghost tri bully care. But it is essential.

Walking and running is crucial. You therefore need to see to it that the dog gets to cover at least 16 miles in total weekly.


Ghost Tri Bully Grooming Needs

Thanks to the relatively short coats, ghost tri bullies don’t shed too much. Therefore once or twice a week brushing may be sufficient.

While dealing with the grooming aspect, you also need to consider nail trimming, as need arises.

It helps too to brush the dog’s teeth on a regular basis. This is because some of the plaque that builds up there may only be capable of coming out through brushing.

Ghost tri bully
Ghost tribully


Ghost Tri Bully Health Issues

One health problem that ghost tri bullies tend to struggle with is that of hip dysplasia. So this is something to be on the lookout for, especially as the dog ages.

Another health problem that ghost bullies tend to struggle with is that of allergies. The allergies that cause skin issues are particularly common and worrisome.

Ghost tri bullies are also prone to heart problems (congenital heart issues), as well as eye problems.

Then again, these are not issues that should get anyone to avoid ghost tri bullies: as they affect most other types of dogs to varying degrees.


Ghost Tri Bully Life Expectancy

If you get a ghost tri Pitbull puppy today, it is reasonable to expect it to live for up to 10 to 12 years.

Of course, how long a tri color dog, or any other dog actually lives depends on many factors. Those include how well you take care of it, as well as its genetic heritage.

Some of the things that can cause a dog’s demise, such as accidents, may not be entirely within your control.

All in all, with proper care, ghost tri bullies can usually live for between 10 and 12 years.


How To Get A Ghost Tri Bully Dog?

In practical terms, people seeking to acquire ghost tri-bullies can either buy them from breeders or adopt them from shelters.

There is also the option of breeding the ghost tri bullies, if you have what it takes.

Should you opt to breed them yourself, the key question would be, how do you get tri color in bully? And the answer is that you need to breed two dogs that have the (recessive) gene for the defining tan points, to get tri color in a bully.

What if you opt to buy from a breeder? You will need to start by finding one who is offering a ghost tri bully for sale.

How rare is a tri color Pitbull? The answer is that it is relatively rare. Therefore you may need to search quite far and long.

It can be even more challenging if, for instance, you insist on getting a ghost merle tri bully.

There are even times when you may not find any ghost merle tri bully for sale at all.

So you may find yourself having to compromise, and switch from the ghost merle tri bully to some other pattern.

For instance, you may need to stop insisting on a ghost merle tri bully, and perhaps be ready to also go for a black tri bully. Even then, that is assuming you find someone offering black tri Pitbull puppies at that point.

Whether you ultimately go for a ghost merle tri bully or anything else, the tri colored Pitbull price may turn out to be a sticking point. Ghost tri color Pitbulls generally don’t come cheap.

If you opt to get the dog from a rescue shelter, you would need to deal with all the ghost tri bully adoption process formalities.


Ghost Tri Bully Cost

The best quality ghost tri bullies may have a price in the $2,000 to $5,000 range. But it is also possible to find some with dubious bloodlines going for as ‘little’ as $500 to $800.

If you research on how much does a tri bully cost, those are generally the figures you get. Even if you research on how much does a tri color Pitbull cost, those are generally the rates you get.

On the whole, if you want a pattern that is very rare – like the ghost merle tri bully pattern – you may end up paying more.

But that is not guaranteed. You may still find even a black tri bully going more than a ghost merle tri bully in certain places.

Therefore the fact that something like the ghost merle tri bully is much rarer doesn’t always translate into it being more costly.


Final Verdict – Ghost Tri Bully

The ghost tri-bully is defined by the pattern on its coat color. In ghost tri bullies, you find tan points against one or another base color, with white markings.

Besides the coat color pattern, the ghost tri bullies are like other American bullies in all other respects.

Ghost tri bully
Ghost tri bully

Ghost tri bullies are highly intelligent, loyal, friendly and zestful dogs. They can, however, be somewhat aggressive towards other dogs.

You can buy a ghost tri-bully from a breeder. There is also the option of breeding the ghost tri bullies yourself, or adopting them from dog rescue shelters.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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