Are Huskies Good With Babies? Husky Safety Around Babies 5 Tips

Huskies are protective dogs, and they can become demanding when it comes to the attention they want from a person or a dog.

Are Huskies good with babies? Yes. They are great guard dogs as well as caring and loving family members. They will follow their owner around the house and do their best to protect them from any potential threats.

Huskies love cuddling with baby huskies, and they are always looking for ways to make your puppy or dog feel loved.

They love children just as much as anyone and are oftentimes the first dog in line when a child arrives at a new home. Before having Husky around the house, let’s get to know about Husky safety around babies to ensure your babies are safe with Husky.

Are huskies good with babies
are huskies good with babies


Husky Temperament – Are Huskies Good With Babies?

Huskies are known to be very dominant, and they can be aggressive to other dogs. A Husky baby also makes excellent family pets.

The Siberian Husky is an average medium-size working sled dog breed. The breed belongs to the Spitz breeds family. Baby huskies are easily recognizable by their double-layered, erect, triangular-shaped ears and a distinctive, hairless, square muzzled face.

All characteristics of the Siberian breed should be carefully considered when choosing a puppy. Are Huskies good with babies? Due to the Siberian Husky baby, friendly nature and loving nature are one of the best choices for a first-time owner.

Huskies are big babies, and it’s very loving, devoted, protective, and yet gentle with the family.

Are Huskies good with babies? Yes, Huskies are good with Babies, provided they are trained properly and understand what adverse effect it could bring if they attack owner or owner’s babies.


Has Huskies Ever Attacked Humans?

Based on the Husky temperament, Huskies or Husky baby do not usually attack humans. Husky will attack humans when they’re provoked or getting hit harshly by their owners. It’s an unusual thing if Siberian Huskies with a friendly temperament will attack humans for no reason.

If you want to familiarize your husky with babies, make sure you do training from baby huskies to get used to your children or babies.

Although we cannot eliminate the natural instinct from the Siberian Husky, we can train the baby Siberian Husky to be less aggressive than their prey drive.


Has A Husky Ever Killed Anyone?

According to Canine Journal dog bites in America from 2005 to 2017, the data shows that Siberian Husky has 13 recorded fatalities. When compared to other breeds, Husky has the lowest percentage with 3%. And the most fatality rate with 65% dog bites recorded fatalities is Pit-bull.

When compared to other breeds in the data, such as Pit-Bull, German Shepherd, American Bulldog, and Mastiff, the baby Siberian Husky is the smartest breed among others. This may vary if you’re picking up the runt of the litter.

They become aggressive easily because of lack of training or lack of attention to the dog owners.

The results of these data answer the question about “are huskies good with babies?” Because Huskies are less dangerous than other breeds.

When we have cute husky babies, of course, we will give the best training so that baby husky has a good temperament and does not attack their owners.


Do Huskies Kill Babies?

This is why it is so important to not leaving alone Siberian Husky with babies. There are many instances where Siberian Huskies killed babies, even if not intentionally.

One example of Husky hill and infant is in 2019 in Hall Country, Georgia. The Husky bit a 22-days-old baby on the head several times, and the baby died after getting serious injuries. The infant’s mother was home, but no one else but her and the baby.

When people ask about “are huskies good with babies?” Yes, if you are around and see every move of your Husky so that nothing fatal happens. Husky has a personality as a guarding dog so that when a baby sleeps or cries, the Husky instinct wants to care for that baby in their own way.

When viewed from the Canine Journal data, which shows 13 cases from 2005-2017, this is evidence that Huskies very rarely attack or even kills humans.


Husky Jealous Of Baby – What To Do?

Baby Huskies are jealous of the baby because they are confused about how to act towards the new baby because the baby is a new member of the family who has never existed before.

It’s different if there are new baby Siberian Huskies because they know that puppies are their new siblings, and they know what to do with newborn puppies.

When your Husky get jealous of your baby, there are things to do to avoid that.

Things to do – Are Huskies Good With BabiesExplanation
Ignore unwanted behaviorDo not react when your dog give signs to their jealousy like barks, paws at you, or howl
Include your baby in activitiesWhen you’re walking with your dog or playing with your dog, bring your new baby. This will help Husky to know that your baby is now part of their pack
Try basic commandsPractice basic directions with your Husky like stay, sit, come, and no. This will avoid the unacceptable behavior from your Husky
Give reward when your Husky doing a good thingGiving your Husky treat and attention to reinforce their idea that show your dog they’re still being loved even the newcomer is around

If you have done some of the things above, but baby Siberian Husky is still jealous of your baby, then you need to get help from a professional dog trainer.


Husky Attacks Child – What To Do?

This is a pervasive question besides “are huskies good with babies?” And some people have recently experienced baby Husky attacks on their children. Be aware that baby Siberian Husky is not a vicious animal, and it’s a rare occasion husky attack without reason.

Are Huskies good with babies? Yes, but when a Husky attack a child, he doesn’t understand why you aren’t letting him in. He doesn’t know that you don’t want him bothering other people because they might hurt him.

A Husky is a very active dog, which means he will need a lot of attention, including playtime with other dogs. Baby Husky also doesn’t realize that children have short attention spans, and he’ll tend to get in your way all the time.

Are huskies good with babies
are huskies good with babies – are huskies good with babies while playing


Safety Advice – Husky With Baby

Are Huskies good with babies? Yes, if you know the safety advice about Husky with baby at home. In many situations, the Husky safety around babies is looked upon as the family pet that will protect the baby and assure everyone that they are safe.

Husky sometimes treats newborn babies just like a newborn husky in their own way how to protect or care for it.

Taking safety advice on Husky baby at home should start the minute you bring your new baby home. Always keep a close eye on your Husky’s behavior with your baby.

You will want to recognize any signs that baby Siberian Husky is jealous or guarding your baby because they act as the leader of the pack.


How To Train Husky To Be Gentle With The Baby?

You have to teach your baby Husky to be gentle with the baby because you will want to establish just what your limits are when it comes to discipline. Are Huskies good with babies?

If you allow your Husky baby to keep touching the child, you will have to end the game because it is cruel and will confuse the puppy.

You should try to establish the rules of discipline first and then move on to more detailed training when trying to train huskies and babies to be gentle while around together.


Play More Baby Sounds For Husky To Sense

Using baby sounds for your Husky baby and letting your baby around with your Husky will help Husky sense better. This is another thing to do to answer the “are huskies good with babies?” Because Husky babys will learn better about the smell and the sound about the baby.

There are many ways to play baby sounds for Husky baby to help with separation anxiety and other problems. One of the easiest ways is to sing baby lullabies as your dog sleeps by his side. Many baby Huskies have trouble sleeping when a baby is present in the home.

When you walk, you can use the baby talk to turn on your dog’s high energy. If you have an energetic dog that loves to walk, you can still use the baby talk to help baby Husky relax. Simply begin talking quietly to your dog as Husky baby walks by your side.


Gate Training For Barrier Between Husky And Baby

Gate training for baby Siberian Husky can be a fun and exciting activity that all dog owners should participate in. Baby Huskies are very social animals and will bond with their family members, especially the children.

Be sure to use the same command each you used the gate to separate Husky puppies and babies. Repeat the process until he understands. Try to observe your baby Husky for signs that he may be trying to escape the area.

If you see him stretching or oddly moving his limbs, then you know he is trying to get out of the area. Are Hukies good with babies? Definitely, once they go through proper training methods like Gat training.

It is important to remain patient and give it to your dog at times. Also, remember that your dog may have its ideas about Husky safety around babies. So, do not try to force his way through. Give in to him but be firm and consistent.


Train Husky With Baby Clothes Before You Bring Newborn Home

Familiarize your Husky with the clothes or towels you used for your baby while still in the hospital. This will help Husky to know the smell of your baby before meeting the baby in person. A Husky newborn baby can get along if you already know the smell first.

This is another step to answer “are huskies good with babies?” with familiarizing the baby’s scent. Make sure you also spread the scent from your baby to the sofa, chair, carpet, and some other furniture so that your Husky recognizes your baby, not as a newcomer but already in your home before.


How To Introduce Baby And Husky For The First Time

You can easily introduce your baby to your scent by wearing gloves and carrying around a small spray bottle. You can also make your own fresher by spraying it all over the house when you take it out, so it smells like you and your family.

Baby Siberian Husky will have no problem when you show your baby to them because the scent is the same as yours. Same as my Pomeranian Husky with babies. The Husky already know my baby even it’s their first time to met each other and act like it’s family.

When you introduce your baby to your Husky, don’t bring your baby too close. Let your baby Huskies sniff the scent first, and let them get closer to your baby at a respectful distance.


Final Verdict – Are Huskies Good With Babies

Before bringing your newborn baby home to meet your Husky, there are a few things that need to be thought through. Bringing the new member of your family home is one of the most exciting and thrilling things you can do.

The most asked question about bringing a baby home for the first time is, “are huskies good with babies?” Because people worried about Husky will get aggressive toward the baby and do fatal things.

However, many things should be considered and discussed before making that final decision about newborn baby and baby Husky to answer the “are huskies good with babies?”.

Consider before you bring your newborn baby home to meet your baby Husky is how you will get the car ready for the baby. You may not be able to do all of this on your own. It is often helpful to enlist others’ help that you know or even work with when you are having a baby.

Are huskies good with babies
are huskies good with babies – are huskies good with babies newborn

Are Huskies good with babies? Yes, they are. Although Huskies bit babies and get into fatal conditions in the past, it is an extremely rare occurrence.

In 12 years, there were only 13 cases. It can be interpreted that Huskies are very safe for babies and children because Huskies also have a friendly temperament and good at guarding dogs.

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