Can Axolotl Eat Tilapia? (5 Important Facts)

The main thing that every pet owner always thinks about their pet is diet and nutrition. Finding out about diet amphibians such as the axolotl will be a challenge for beginners.

Some common foods that axolotls can feed are worms, crustaceans, insects, and small fish. What about tilapia?

Can axolotl eat tilapia? Tilapia is one of the freshwater fish that can be used as food for axolotls. It’s not recommended to give saltwater fish to axolotls because the minerals and salts in concentrations are not suitable for axolotls. Ensure to wash out the tilapia and cut them into small pieces until they are the right size for the axolotl’s mouth. Good size equivalent to fish pellets.

Can axolotl eat tilapia
Can Axolotl Eat Tilapia?

Discussing good food for axolotls will be a recommendation for you in providing healthy food and nutrition for your exotic pet. Let’s read this article to the end.


Can Axolotl Eat Tilapia?

Axolotls can eat tilapia, but you should know that tilapia fish can be found in saltwater or freshwater varieties. Ask local grocery stores for the tilapia you get, and ensure you only provide freshwater tilapia suitable for axolotl food.

Tilapia are common food for large predatory fish such as bichirs, gars, and Arowana, but there’s nothing wrong with giving them to axolotls.


How Much Tilapia Can You Feed Axolotls?

You can give the tilapia in one serving as long as the axolotl is still willing to accept it. The freshwater tilapia should be cut into small pieces like fish pellets and washed before entering the axolotl’s tank. Aim the small pieces of tilapia near the axolotl’s mouth. Keep giving it as long as the axolotl eats it.

If the axolotl is full, they will ignore the food you give them. Do not leave uneaten food at the bottom of the tank for a long time because it can cause an ammonia spike.


How Often To Feed Tilapia To Axolotls?

Each axolotl life stage has a different feeding schedule. Whatever food you give your axolotl, you must understand the time it takes for the axolotl to digest food so as not to overfeed. Providing freshwater tilapia, worms, or insects is a must but adhere to the feeding chart so that axolotls can get the right nutrients in each food. The table below is the axolotl feeding chart.

State of lifeFrequency
Hatchling2x per day
Baby2x per day
Juvenile1x per day
SubadultEvery other day
AdultEvery 2-3 days

You don’t have to use freshwater tilapia as the main diet and give it every time the axolotl eats. You can provide a variety of foods so that the axolotl can benefit from other types of protein.


Do Axolotls Get Impaction From Tilapia?

It depends on what type of tilapia you give the axolotl. If you provide a small tilapia that is not cut into small pieces and there is still bone inside, the axolotl can get impaction. It’s because a part of the tilapia body is stuck in the axolotl’s digestive system.

Don’t let the axolotl eat any food with bones because the axolotl’s digestive tract tries hard to ingest them. You can treat axolotl’s impaction by keeping the axolotl in the fridge until the axolotl expels the food. Impaction that is left unchecked can be fatal in most cases.


Can Axolotl Eat Dry Tilapia?

Axolotls prefer live foods to dry foods. If you want to give dry tilapia, ensure you place it near the axolotl’s mouth to entice them to eat. If the dry tilapia has fallen to the bottom of the tank, the axolotl doesn’t chase it.


Can Axolotls Eat Live Tilapia?

Giving live tilapia can cause issues for axolotls because tilapia is a fish that has a lot of bones. If you allow little live tilapia to be eaten by an adult axolotl, the axolotl can get impaction or choke. Ensure you provide live foods that do not have hard bones, such as insects, crustaceans, or other little live foods.

Live foods are easier for axolotls to accept because they prefer moving foods. Only adult axolotls can eat pellets or dried foods. We recommend that you give the tilapia meat in small pieces so that the axolotl is easier to eat.


Can Axolotl Eat Frozen Tilapia?

Frozen tilapia is fine if prepared the same way as fresh tilapia. You have to cut it into small pieces about the size of the axolotl’s mouth, so they don’t have a hard time eating it. Axolotls do not have strong teeth to tear their food, so you need food that the axolotl can swallow right away.

Can axolotl eat tilapia? Yes, axolotls can eat freshwater tilapia with appropriate portions and sizes according to their mouths.


Can Axolotls Eat Freeze Dried Tilapia?

Frozen tilapia strips are still excellent to give to axolotls. The nutrition is still okay even though the tilapia is frozen.

There are no particular issues when you give frozen dried tilapia as long as you serve it in small pieces according to the axolotl’s eating ability.


Can Baby Axolotls Eat Tilapia?

Baby axolotls are better-given baby brine shrimp than other types of food. Baby axolotls still need food in a small form that fits their nutritional needs and diet.

An alternative to baby brine shrimp is baby daphnia. Freshwater tilapia is not suitable for baby axolotls, although you can cut them into small pieces.

Can axolotl eat tilapia? Freshwater tilapia can be an excellent axolotl food if you prepare it in small pieces and no larger than fish pellets.

Can axolotl eat tilapia
Can Baby Axolotl Eat Tilapia?


Do Axolotls Eat Tilapia In The Wild?

The axolotl in the wild eats anything smaller than its mouth. Axolotls look for food that is easier to swallow because their teeth are unable to tear or scatter their food.

Axolotls are preyed upon by tilapia and perch as invasive species, and it is very rare to see axolotls eating tilapia in the wild.


What Are The Health Risks Of Eating Tilapia?

You can give health risks to axolotl if you give saltwater tilapia. This kind of tilapia traces salts and minerals that should not be given to axolotls in large quantities.

Axolotls require vitamin A and calcium, but should only be given as a rare treat. If you provide saltwater tilapia too often, it can make your axolotl prone to illness.

You should be able to tell the difference between freshwater and saltwater tilapia before buying it in grocery stores. Only freshwater tilapia is safe for axolotls and feed it to axolotls no larger than fish pellets.


How To Prevent Axolotls From Eating Tilapia Excessively?

If the axolotl lives in captivity, the owner has complete control over whatever food the axolotl eats. You have to determine what foods are suitable for axolotls to grow, and which ones are harmful to their health.

If you are afraid that your axolotl will eat too much freshwater tilapia, then you have to determine when the time is right to give tilapia. Provide other live foods, such as bloodworms, insects, daphnia, or brine shrimp.

The axolotl won’t eat the tilapia if you don’t feed it or don’t have the tilapia in the tank. Axolotls prefer to live alone in tanks as solitary animals.

If an axolotl has tankmates, there is a good chance that they will act aggressively when they are hungry.


Final Verdict – Can Axolotl Eat Tilapia

Tilapia is a fish that can be used as food for axolotls. You have to pay attention to which tilapia you give because only freshwater tilapia is safe for axolotls.

Can axolotl eat tilapia
Can Axolotl Eat Tilapia Daily?

Tilapia saltwater has traces of salts and minerals, which are not good for axolotl health. You can serve freshwater tilapia by cutting it into small pieces no larger than fish pellets.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet axolotl a good and comfortable life!

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